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What makes YOU special and unique

Updated on April 30, 2017

Special and unique, but not plain.

Many think that just because they don't have an outstanding talent, that only they're good at, or some physical or mental feature that distinguish them in the crowd, means that they're plain people. That they just mingle in the crowd without really leaving a remarkable print behind them.

The truth is, and no matter how much it seems true and unchangeable, you are your own person. A special and unique human being.

This may seem like an everyday quote but you can't ignore the fact that the way you're born, the way you grew up, the way you do the things you do whether it's eating or prefering some specific kind of food or studying or sleeping..., your beliefs, your limits, your standards, the unique combination that resulted the way you pysicallly look, and all those circumstances that built and shaped your personality, have your own print in it.

All that and more, show that you can never be a plain person because simply, the depth of your being, from day 1 in your mother's womb to now, speaks a different and one of a kind story. Don't accept being told that you are a loser or a boring person or whatever negativity spoken by all those around you, to stop you from believing in yourself and feeling worthy. Not being good at something or not having something easily found as special and awesome, don't mean that you don't have one. For example, Einstein wasn't good at all when it came to studies, but did that stop him from changing the whole basics of physics and taking them to a whole new level ?

Not telling you that you are the next Einstein, only trying to show you that once you believe in yourself and hold on tight to your dreams and goals, even if they get critisized negatively by others, you can reach the better version of the YOU that you're seeking for. You can upgrade the actual version of who you are.

It is never too late for a human being to turn the page and start writing their story the way they imagine it to be. Everyday is a blank page made only for you to rewrite your life and erase all the negativity and bad aura glooming your life. Everyday is a free access to finding your special feature. Just lay down for three minutes, close your eyes and think of all the things you do that others don't. And don't limit your imagination in a city or a state or a country. Think of the billion of human beings that exist in the whole world. You WILL find that your story is one of a kind.


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