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What makes a relationship successful?

Updated on February 10, 2012

There are so many things that has to be put into a relationship to make it successful and a one that will last. It seems that relationships are not as they used to be in years before. What my parentst used to do or even your parents may have done while they were getting to know each other seems to have changed now.

Most of the time the teens like to just hook up and then see how the relationship will go from there. They don't go straight to dating like they used to do in the years or generations before. What happened to wanting to get to know each other better? Can you really get to know someone really good in just one night or two and say that he or she is the love your life or your soul mate for life? To some, they can say yes but to others they may say they need more time to really get to know someone.

For me, I really have to get to know someone before knowing that I want to be with that person. I don't like to feel rushed into a relationship after just one date. Who does? What qualities do you find important when it comes to starting a relationship? I can say that one quality is good communication between each other, just getting to talk with each other and knowing what each other may like, what their hobbies may be and what they like to do.

Another quality that is important in a relationship is trust between each other. Just knowing that you cant trust and be there for each other is something that make a relationship successful. Along with trust comes caring for that person and being there for them when they are needed.

There are times when one gets a feeling when meeting someone and they say that is the one for me because it is love at first sight. There are those who believe in love at first sight and those that say that it comes with time. It would really have to depend on that person. How do you know it is love at first sight? Do you get butterflies in your stomach? Or is it just that one look he she gives you when you guys are just looking at each other.

Relationships may have their ups and downs but when successful they can go far. It takes two to make a relationship strong and better.


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