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What makes you worth it

Updated on October 28, 2009


What makes you that special lady?


I don’t mean to offend. On second thought I do mean to offend your senses.

What makes you so hot?

Your overpriced fashions?

Your vehicle?

Your expensive layers of makeup?

Your need to be in the “right scene” and the “right places”?

Your looks?

Your body?


Guess what? You will never be the hottest woman alive. If he loves your looks, guess what 10 minutes later a woman will walk in with a more exotic or hotter look. Then what are you going to do? Are you anything besides what you present on the outside?


I wrote this when I was viewing a show and thought how terrible it would be for women to believe that one day they could sleep their way into money, fame, and wealth.  These women that achieve these goals are nothing more than lottery ticket holders who hit the big payout.  We all know how many people play the lottery and how many actually win.  Chances are slim to none, right?


I’m saying this because while you are waiting for “Captain Save a Ho” how about learning a trade, skill, or obtaining an education that will allow you to achieve financial stability and wealth. How about having some money in one of the bags that you carry?  How about not waiting to sleep with/charm the next man to get a bill paid? If you earned your own you might actually love and respect the woman in the mirror instead of trying to cover up who you really are with expensive jewelry and make up.  The portrait of Dorian Gray was an old school film that really portrait how great someone can look on the outside, but how ugly their soul can be on the inside. 


An old episode of the series “The Game” had the funniest but greatest scene. One of the pro football players entertained a woman for the night. In the morning he called for his assistant to provide her with her gift bag so she could get out. When she wouldn’t go he had security remove her and reminded her of a disclaimer she signed stating no overnight stays.  It was funny to me because how many women think they can sleep their way into money.  There are some men who are smart enough to read your actions and treat you accordingly.  Would their reactions be different if you valued yourself and held yourself in such high regard that you didn’t give yourself so easily?  How would that change the response?


This behavior is not just for the rats but it includes those who are educated, career minded, church going, and the likes of everyone.  How would things changed if we stopped trying to sleep our way into prosperity?  Men would love a woman they could respect but it’s too bad that we refuse to be that great woman who our ancestors once were.


Food for thought.


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