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What men want from us, women? Results of the survey

Updated on August 11, 2010

If after the great sex your man lies with the arm behind his head, never ask him: “What do you think about, dear?” In this state even James Bond would lie, the best he would say would be – “Smoke”. So don’t be offended of the answer, because probably the answer would be not exactly what you would like to hear.

He, you and His Thoughts
From the perspective of women, men are totally illogical creatures. Just check women's magazines and what they say about how to keep a man. Half of the articles would advice you to let him know that he is a winner, a conqueror. The second half of the articles are describing the secret trick: “to keep a man on a short leash”. So , really what would be the key to keep a man close?

They want sex

A quarter of men surveyed put joys of the flesh in the first place. Without clarifying what is sex, how much sex and sex with whom. Nature played a cruel joke to humanity: its about the same number of boys and girls within the human population. At the same time men are often endowed with such a temperament, with which a woman is unable to cope. Say, if a man would get some cents each time he thinks about sex, in twenty years he would become a billionaire. With that much money he would gladly start a harem. Or two.

They want freedom

23% of the men said that the most thing they desire is. Married men want freedom from liabilities, single - from the need to prove to women that they are worthy of attention. Rich want freedom from thoughts that all women want from them is their money. Poor dream of financial independence. To the question "Why do you want freedom?" Man confidently replied: "To do what I want and when I want. In terms of comprehensive (women) language it is likely to mean: "To have sex around the clock”.

They want to be better than us

Almost every man is convinced that he is better than woman. For obvious reasons - because he is a man. I think every man secretly desires to be superior than a woman at least in some area. However, not all representatives of a stronger sex admitted this fact – only 20%. And they would prefer to call this something like: “high ambitions”, "self-esteem" and, in severe cases," the desire for personal growth. "

They want adventures

When they make their way through the dark labyrinths of computer games, slicing monsters in neat slices, they feel almost as happy as during sex. If this would be necessary, they would overcome any difficulties on the path to real or imaginary award. Be a winner, get the coveted prize - that's what makes 17% of respondents do strange things. We women can understand and appreciate it only in one case - when these battles are in our honor. Well, this is an advice for men: continue doing the things you do, but do not forget to dedicate your victories, poems and collections of matchboxes to us - your most important trophy!

They want stability

Strangely, some number of men, hinted, that they would like to create a family someday. There were only nine people out of hundreds of men of different ages. Are you already upset that this wish is in the end of “desire list” of men? Don’t be. First of all, these individuals are not yet married. Married men would not want to have what they have already. And now they want only freedom, or at least some married dating experience.

Men consider children as an addition to their beloved wives.
Oh, yes! And, man’s "stability" does not mean that the same woman will always be close. It only means that a woman who is beside him will remain faithful. Preferably, until his death.

And one more thing – seems like to men it is more important how they feel being (living with) close to a particular woman than how they themselves look and behave at that time.

And just a small PostScript:: Top 5 phrases that man would LOVE to hear from his woman

1. Dear, I thought that would be great if we would not wear close at home and start being naked. It is so natural.

2. Me and my friends have prepared a surprise for you! Girls, get undressed now!!

3. I like it so much when you're drunk ...

4. Hey, I feel bad, why did I make you work? You do not have to work, you can make much more money playing poker, right?.

5. I thought you might want to get some release outside home, Why don’t you have a one-night stand on the side?


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    • profile image

      Beth37 4 years ago

      Why is there a German economy lesson at the end of a German/English hub revealing results from an all-male survey possibly taken in 1972?

    • the-men-diet profile image

      the-men-diet 5 years ago from USA

      Interesting, this sounds like a survey that single boys took, not good hearted men. While I realize that good hearted men are not the majority out there these days I also realize there is a very large percentage of men out there that think in exactly this way, those are the ones I like to avoid because they are just plain selfish :( A good hub though because these views do fit quite a few men to the T, but not the ones that we really want or -should- want.

    • profile image

      tyncknorymn 5 years ago

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