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What no one is telling you about lesbianism

Updated on September 16, 2015

How the society Views lesbianism

In the today’s world, issues pertaining Lesbianism bare significant weight in the society. Apparently, each society has an issue or two concerning lesbianism. When it comes to the religious view of the issue at hand, you are likely to note something different. Concisely, the religious society has often been on the frontline in dis-regarding the issue. In some societies e.g. in some African Societies including most of the Muslim religions, a woman is mostly supposed to assume the role of a house wife. In these societies, Lesbianism is highly disregarded because such an act is highly associated with defiance other than the much needed submissiveness. However, in certain societies Lesbianism is normal and there is a wide recognition of the lesbian societies. In such communities and societies the individuals are usually made to believe that the act is normal. For instance, certain movies, television and movies have been on the fore-front in promoting lesbianism acts.

How the psychiatrists view Lesbianism

According to psychiatrists and many other professionals related to this discipline, lesbianism is thought to be comparatively complicated than gayism. Some sources describe lesbianism as all women whose sexual urges and attractions are met by their fellow women. Some psychiatrists also view lesbianism as the motivation of adult life by certain preferential erotic desires to individuals of the same sex. Such sources don’t necessarily associate overt sexual relationships as the ultimate goal of lesbianism. Certain psychiatrists have also attempted to rubbish claims that lesbianism is a genetic lapse. Science matters but most of the time, these individuals have always “blamed it” on the gene for being lesbians (“there is nothing we can do about it we were born this way”). According to some psychiatriatists, a surface look at the science’s bid to explore the causes of lesbianism have some degree of incredibility. They maintain that such claims look more credible with the help of the media. Certain studies such as the twins study , The bailey Sister study, The finger-length study, The inner-ear study that often attribute genetics as the major cause of lesbianism have always been dispelled as the root cause of lesbianism as they harbor a significant number of flaws in them.

The real cause

Before a woman develops same-sex attractions, there is often a likely hood that she might have been exposed in one or more of some of the pre-condition factors. Most often, the pre-condition factors translate to trauma that makes a woman susceptible to lesbianism sometimes later in her life. Female lesbianism has very little to do with sex, usually it is driven by emotional, non-sexual relational deficits. As we examine the matter, there is a need to keep in mind that lesbianism entails a complex combination of factors which integrate to form the condition which could never be attributed to a single aspect. Some of the preconditioning factors such as physical trauma, conducive family environment, personal perceptions, unmeet relational needs, gender identification and even validation and so on may corrupt be a mar to a girl’s healthy view of womanhood. Physical trauma may translate to incest, rape, neglect or even sexual abuse. Emotional trauma may be linked to things such as abandonment, or even rejection while unmet may mean verbal abuse, poor nurturing efforts and so on.

Initially, the primary influence of a baby girl’s life and perception will more likely be shaped by her mother’s relationship with her. A mother’s primary bond with her daughter normally takes the role of a comforter, nurturer, and above all, the provider of all basic needs such as food, protection, safety, love and many others. A baby’s denial of these needs may have a certain degree of influence upon her future life (unintended). Precisely, separation, abandonment or rejection from primary care may impact negatively on her future.


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    • Joyette  Fabien profile image

      Joyette Fabien 

      3 years ago from Dominica

      Interesting perspective!


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