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What to Do When The Wrong Person Loves You

Updated on January 19, 2010

What to Do When The Wrong Person Loves You


Have you ever wondered to yourself why the one person you just happen to fall in love with doesn’t feel the same about you? And of course there is always the person who you really don’t care too much for. The one who is hopelessly in love with you, who will worship the very ground you walk on, go to the ends of the earth to please you if that is what you really want, but no matter how much you try, you just cant bring yourself to feel for this person. I guess that old adage is true. You know, the one that older folks tend to say, “its not who you love, but who loves you".  When you think about it, it is so true. The person who will give of himself completely to you and not hurt you,He will always ensure that your needs/wants are met,treat you exactly how you would want the guy who you are in love with to treat you. But you know what, life is not fair and this will not happen with the guy you love. You would be very lucky if you get even a small portion of this treatment. And this, all because he knows that you love him. So it is never really here or there for him how he treats you, because deep down inside he thinks you are not going anywhere. It makes you just want to settle and be with the one who really loves you. The flip side to this, however is, are you going to be truly happy? Is this what you really want? Someone who is always at your beck and call? Maybe for some people it will work, while for others, they want a challenge. They want someone who keeps them on their toes. Someone who is very independent and has a mind of their own.  Someone who does not depend on you to dictate to them what to do.

Most people will just give in and be with the person who loves them. They feel secure in this environment, knowing they won’t be in need of anything, and then they start to hope and pray, that one day you will wake up and find yourself falling in love with this person who you thought you could never love. I believe true love is out there. We all have our soul mates. Some people find it whilst others spend a lifetime trying to find it but never do. When you find your soul mate you will know. No one can describe what its going to be like. Well, except for those who have already found it. So, when you do, hold on to it and never let go. It is the most beautiful thing in the world to love and be loved in the return.



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    • beautifulspring profile image

      beautifulspring 8 years ago

      Thank you simpleandtasty,i intend to produce more heartfelt post.Glad you enjoyed

    • profile image

      simpleandtasty 8 years ago

      woow that is good and it seems heart felt. I hope to see more of your work