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What to Do When Your Boyfriend Cheats on You

Updated on June 4, 2014

What to do when a Boyfriend Cheats On You

What to do when a Boyfriend Cheats On You
What to do when a Boyfriend Cheats On You | Source

Boyfriend Problems?

If your boyfriend is cheating on you leave him high and dry and don’t look back, is what I read about and what I have learned, You have to wake up and realize he is just getting notches on the bed with as many girls he can make it with. I would call him a pick up artist, though I have studied them, and they are not cruel, at least they inform the girl that’s what they are if you’re a true PUA. Your boyfriend will possibly marry you if you allow such a situation to take place and he does not stop, so leave him, your too good and it matters not what you look like , it will cause you worse pain to stay in a abusive relationship than to be single .

Being single means you have the right to play the field and just because you may want to sleep around , is your business now, and you have no worries about being married because you will find that special man that will treat you well, the only problem is your attracted to this type of individual, usually called the Bad boy, he is well built and a safe guy to be around, you feel comfort in knowing that your protected, yet he sleeps around on you, if he could just keep his penis in his pants he would make the best husband and no you cannot change this kind of guy.

What to do when a Boyfriend Cheats On You

You’re in a position your boyfriend cheats on you with other girls and he admits it, and you keep taking him back. There has got to be a stop to the insanity he is taking you through or is it you taking yourself through this. First ask the question why am I taking him back? Answers could be he makes me feel like a women when he is with me, he makes me secure, he is able to make good money on his job so he will be security if I marry him. He is the only one who truly loves me and therefore I will let him grow up and out of this problem, because he will,wrong.

I use to work at a call center with a whole lot of women and I enjoyed seeing these pretty women come in all dressed up and though , most were married , they knew they could talk to me, and having a psychology degree didn’t help matters much. I was the guy these ladies came to with these kinds of issues with their spouse or their boyfriends, and I usually helped all I could.

Change is something you will have to do with him, not him changing, he will not change his ways this is how he is, and will be until he either catches a disease and brings it back home to you, or really gets his but kicked bad by someone else, this type of man is out for the kill, so to speak. Your his girlfriend and he will admit this, and he will admit it to the other women, he is proud to have a women that lets him sleep around. So stop the insanity there is no love he is in it for the lust. The next guy that comes into your life, maybe meet him at someplace different than a bar, go to church possibly and join a singles group , your too good for the guy who plays the field and there are plenty of us good guys that do not hurt women on purpose.

To sum this up a boyfriend that cheats is a boyfriend that will hit and abuse you till you are either hurt physically or mentally, so get out of the relationship and don’t even explain to him why. Throw out his clothes and burn them so he can’t get them, He did you wrong for too long and you need to end with a bang. That does not mean to sleep around on him as he did you that makes you just as guilty, blow this man off, and cut the rope, and enjoy a guy that treats women with respect. We are out there, were just a bit hard to find.


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    • tomy101 profile image

      Christopher Hyer 3 years ago from Midland, Texas

      Glad this helps a bit...

    • profile image

      Trully 5 years ago

      Tnx 4 da advise im calling it a quitz nw enough is enough

    • profile image

      Winnie 5 years ago

      Thnx 4de advise bt problem is ijst cnt let hm go wat shuld ido;-(

    • profile image

      Lanie 5 years ago

      This is a great advice. . God bless

    • profile image

      Anya 5 years ago

      Thankyou for the advise it helps a lot.. Enough it's enough.

    • profile image

      This is an eye opener. 5 years ago

      Omg I see much clearer

    • lori warren profile image

      lori warren 6 years ago from pasadena

      That depends