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What to Prepare Before Your Marriage

Updated on July 9, 2013
Wedding rings (photo credit:
Wedding rings (photo credit: | Source

It is out of the question that most, if not all, couples in this world would want to get married in the end with their loved one. After all, what’s the point of a relationship or love if it cannot last and grow to a marriage? However, marriage is not a simple thing yet it doesn’t really have to be that complicated, either. It’s just that couples will have to prepare properly before their marriage finally comes.

Prepare for the Wedding Day

Speaking of preparing for marriage, one of the very first things to prepare is perhaps the wedding day. This is the point at which you and your significant other start to tie the knot and live together as husband and wife, isn’t it?

Now, one of many things that often happen to couples when they plan for their wedding day is that they come across what people usually call the pre-wedding jitters. Honestly, those jitters are actually not something to worry about. Instead, just take it easy and don’t let those jitters affect your health or body condition in any way. Remember, your health is also one of the most important things to maintain if you really are going to get married. Now that you can handle your pre-wedding jitters, it’s time to start planning on the more crucial thing, the budget.

Plan Your Budget

Let’s face it, budget matters. Without a proper budget plan, you may end up ruining your wedding ceremony. By thinking of carefully planned budget, you will know which venue is more suitable for you to hold your wedding ceremony, to begin with.

In addition to that, by planning your budget carefully, you will know what things you are supposed to buy – like wedding rings, trousseau, and so on – and what you shouldn’t even think about. Keep in mind that couples that are getting married are often tempted to buy stuffs that they won’t actually even touch at all after their wedding ceremony.

Yet, if you think you are not capable enough of handling all those tasks, you may as well want to consider hiring a wedding planner. Again, with a carefully planned budget, this shouldn’t be too much of a problem for you and your future life partner.

Wedding insurance (photo credit:
Wedding insurance (photo credit: | Source

Get Insurance. Wait, what?

Yes, you heard it right. Yes, I admit that it isn’t really that nice or romantic to speak of such a thing, it’s marriage we’re talking about here. Nonetheless, it’s always a rule of thumb to get prepared as you can’t guarantee what will happen to your wedding party. With a proper insurance plan, your mind will be at ease in case something goes wrong with the party.

Who Will Attend to Your Party?

Now that you’ve planned your budget and insured your wedding ceremony, what else should you do? It is your list of guests that's to come next, just who is it that will be attending to your party? Will you want to invite just about everyone in the neighborhood besides your blood relatives? Or, do you prefer a rather private ceremony? Either way, remember that your guest list will be highly influenced by the budget you have planned earlier.

It’s Never Too Early to Send out Invitations

So, your D-day is still months away and you think it’ll be too early for you to start sending out your wedding invitations? Well, you’d better think again. The sooner you tell your guests-to-be when your wedding day will take place, the more assured you can be that they will have the date reserved for you.

Of course, to forget is human, which means, your prospective guests may forget about your wedding ceremony when the day finally comes. Therefore, it is best to send out another set of invitations when your D-day is already getting pretty close, like, in a week’s time, just as a reminder.

However, it’s always up to you whether you want to send out your invitations twice or once only. Let’s also not forget that a couple set of wedding invitations require a different budget compared to that of a one-time-only invitation set.

Take Care of How You Look

Come on, it’s more than possible that your wedding ceremony will happen only once in a lifetime. With that being said, there’s nothing wrong with paying more attention to your appearance. Your hairdo, for one, is of utmost importance. Obviously, you won’t want to look weird with a hairdo that is not well prepared in advance, will you? Therefore, it’s advisable to book your hairdo as early as possible. Remember that popular saloons are often pretty occupied that you shouldn’t count on booking when the time window is getting narrower.

Now, this is for women only. For your D-day, you may want to have some nail art done. Only, keep in mind that it’s best for you to book your manicure pedicure services early on. This way, you can try out first which nail art will suit you best for your wedding ceremony.

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The D-Day

How do you want your wedding ceremony to be? Do you want it to be fun for everyone? Well, I bet you do. Unfortunately, you can’t control how receptive your guests will be. So, one of your best bet is probably to be attentive to whatever happens during your ceremony.

Beyond the Wedding Itself

Now that you’ve finally gotten married, you should know that it isn’t just your wedding day that matters. What really matters is the life beyond it. Getting married to someone means committing to him or her for the rest of your life. Yes, some married couples do break up halfway in their marriage but surely you won’t want that to happen to your marriage as well, right? That said, I would like to remind you and your partner to learn to understand each other even harder than you’ve done all along. Do that and I wish you and your partner a happy and harmonious marriage life full of love ever after.


Now, this is one of the moments that every couple will be waiting for the most when they talk about getting married. As this is the seemingly perfect moment for you to spend some time alone with your partner, you will want to make the best out of it. Therefore, it’s a good idea to book your travel package early. This way, you can make sure that you will have a relaxing instead of a rushed holiday. Remember that going on a honeymoon may involve things like preparing for your passport or even renewing it besides other stuffs that may turn out to be quite a nuisance, well, that’s if you aren’t prepared enough, of course.


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