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What to buy for my girlfriend as a nice gift?

Updated on October 15, 2014

Gift ideas for your girlfriend or wife

What I’ve tried to do in this hub is put together some ideas, of gifts for that special lady. Once again as I have stated in my other hubs, what may be appreciated by one woman may not by another, there just gift ideas. You have to use your own research to figure out what she likes. Just see me as a MUSE giving you some inspiration on what to by her for a gift.

I understand that a lot of us don’t have money to burn, and in this credit crunch it’s hard to find pennies to scrape together, but not everything costs a lot of money and some of the most thoughtful, special gifts are more about time and thought opposed to cold hard cash.

I’ve devised the list into sections, so we have an under £10 section for budget gifts and then a £10 - £50 for the more expensive gifts for that special lady in your life. If this list helps inspire one man out there, and helps him impress his lady then it was worth my time writing it. All ladies like gifts; it’s a way of showing her you care, that you were thinking about her, and that you appreciate her. We aren’t all shallow and we don’t all ask for a lot, just be thoughtful and creative :D Here’s the list guys, feel free to comment at the bottom if you have any other gift ideas.

Coloured candles: - The perfect accessory for her bedroom, also setting romantic moods. These are of little cost and are pretty.

 Sudoku cube:- All the rage at the moment, although I’m so useless at these, I know a lot of women are spending hours passing time doing these in the newspapers, if your lady friend is one of these Sudoku addicts, it’s a way to show her you take note of what she does.

Sweets: - I love sweets, and there’s nothing more “sweet” than when your man comes home with a packet of sweets to say he cares, a cheap gift but effective if your girl has a sweet tooth

A heart shaped hand warmer:- Maybe your girl lives in a cold place, or its the winter, does she have to stand at a bus stop in the morning and wait for that LATE bus, what a way to keep her warm when she’s away from you and to show her that she holds your heart in her hand

Make your own story book (maybe it’s a fantasy story about how you met) :- Buy a nice book, and write a story, start with once upon a time to make it a fairy tale, maybe write about how you met etc, spend some time drawing pictures to go with it, even if it is just stick men it’s the thought that really counts

Make her a personalised CD:-We all can say so much with song lyrics, choose your songs carefully, so they mean something, listen to the lyrics. If you’re feeling extra nice maybe add a picture to the case and give it a bit of romantic decor

Naughty board game? What a way to get what you want boys! Don’t buy her this if you’re in the pre dating stage. She may think you’re after one thing; this can create some fun for you both and show her you find her really sexy!

The Genie head massager:-All the rage, one of amazons top selling products. Perfect stress relief for that hard working special girl, you could go all out and use it on her, let her relax!

Good old fashioned Rose: - Single roses will never get boring, and if you’re flush a bunch with maybe a different coloured one in the middle accompanied with a little poem will go down a treat. As I’m writing this I’m remembering reading somewhere to buy a bunch of roses, with an artifcial rose in the middle, accompanied with the note “My love will only fade when the rose in the middle wilts”

 £10 – £50 Gift ideas for that special lady

Slanky – Sleeved blanket, double slanket: - Wow these have hit the world by storm, and to think I’ve always thought about this as an idea as I’m sure you all have! These are blankets with sleeves and reading reviews women LOVE them, they love to snuggle up on the settee

Perfume:- Most perfumes are set between the £10 -£50 price range, so if you’re looking to spend this much, perfume is a perfect gift, ok it’s not the most original or thoughtful gift, but again if you’re using your listening and detective skills she will appreciate that you notice what her favourite perfumes are!

Collectables: - Ok that sounds a little vague but what I mean is if you know she collects maybe a certain type of teddy bear, or maybe some limited edition ornaments then it’s always nice to add to this collection for her, take your time to make sure you purchase a collectable gift she doesn’t already have.


CD’s DVD’s:- Always a nice little gift, you can also buy some of these for the under £10 budget. A lovely way to show her you listen and have taken note of what she likes and what she wants, pick her favourite artists new release or maybe a film she wants to see. A nice excuse to have a cuddle on the sofa and watch together

Jewellery :- In the £10 - £50 price range you can get some really nice jewellery, be it a necklace, a bracelet,  if she has piercings buy accordingly to where these are maybe a new bellybutton bar? We love jewellery we can’t have enough. Check to see what her preferences are silver, gold. Swarovski crystals are in-expensive but look nice.

Manicure\Pedicure vouchers: - You can purchase these buy walking into most beauty shops, and paying over the counter, a nice excuse for her to be pampered and some women haven’t got the time or money to be able to spend on self pampering. Always a nice gesture gift for that special lady.

Beauty gift set: - Nail files, Tweezers, scissors, clippers and much more in a beauty gift set a nice thoughtful gesture for an addition to her beauty supplies. Girls can never get enough of this stuff

New release novel or book: - If you have taken note’s boys like I mentioned in my previous hub, then you will have noticed her preference in books, or maybe she is on a course at university or college and needs a book to help her along with her studies. A lot of girls love to read do your research and you can’t go wrong with this as a gift idea.

Clothes, shoes, accessories: - If your well in touch with your feminine side and you know what size she is exactly, please don’t buy her a bigger size, or even a smaller size both could be seen differently! Maybe she has pointed something out to you that she really liked, you may want to return to purchase it for her to show her you listened on that window shopping date (yeah I’m sure you did) Little accessories and shoes I love shoes, just be careful and keep the receipt just in case!

Personalized anything: - Ok again rather vague but there’s just so much you can have engraved, your possibilities are endless. She could be an artist, so you can have some personalized pencils? You could have some jewellery engraved, you could have a dog collar for her precious pet dog engraved...catch my drift the lists are endless. Choose according to the girl!


Well there it is guys just some gift ideas for you to play with and change according to the special lady in your life, please feel free to comment and add other ideas you may have. Follow my hubs also as there will be other guides and ideas in the near future! Hope this has helped, and if you haven't already read my other hubs...


Jaz x


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    • JasminRace profile image

      Jasmin 5 years ago from United Kingdom

      So sorry about the 2 year late reply! Lol I had a lot on and gave up for a while. I'm back now. That's really sweet, and yes a little something on the first date is a lovely gesture. Sending a gift to her work is also a lovely gesture, don't overdo it though....just a bunch of flowers is enough. x

    • profile image

      American Tiger 7 years ago

      Excellent stuff, Jas. When, in the relationship, would you recommend giving the first gift? Should I bring something on the first date? Should I send a gift to her work?

    • profile image

      Discount Codes 7 years ago

      I like your article.It's inspiring and it gives lot's of ideas for gift to your someone special.