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College Life: What to do on Love month when You are Single?

Updated on March 27, 2015

How to enjoy love month while single?

It's February. See those hateful red roses, balloons and chocolates. Your friend already changed his/her status at Facebook into 'In a Relationship with **** ****'. This is dreadful. It's like you wanted to strip off 'February' from your calendar.

February 14. What's so special with it? It's Independence Day- for us singles. I've already declared it effective today until the end of the month.

They call this season 'month of love'. Everyone is talking about their relationship with their girlfrien or boyfriend, posting pictures of them together (worse if they tag you to their photo), and sharing love quotes on newsfeed like crazy. Sweet. So why bother being bitter? It'll look uglier if you just ignore the season or stay at home watching 'The Walking Dead' all day long. Having no partner does not mean we cannot brag about love this month. Come on, get up! Make your day productive while ensuring it follows the trend. Yes, we singles have the right to brag about love and we will make sure we'll be more productive and happier than them!

Willingly spending our time with something or someone is an act of love- and this is the best way to express it. Don't waste time. Consider this list of people to spend your time with.

  1. Your Family. Your dad, mom, grandmother, grandpops- we'll never have replacement for them when they're gone (unlike girlfriend). Bitter relationship with them? This might be your chance to turn the situation around. Small acts of love such as dining with them, a radiant smile, or a hug might make a big difference. Give it a try. Watch movie with them at theaters or at least at home (try "Grace Cards", it's a great movie to watch with family.), what's important is you're doing it together. It's very moving when you remember you had happy memories with them and knowing that you had no regrets in spending your time with them. Book a vacation or organize a family reunion at home- it's worth trying.
  2. Your Friends. Your mom and dad booked a date... leave them alone! If family and relatives are not available, book a date with friends. It's not a very serious crime to go on a date with your (single) friends. Enjoy your youth with them at amusement parks, on a concert or at a baseball match. "Relationship is effectively buil through the stomach"- Filipinos always quote this if someone has a problem regarding relationship. 'Food trip' might also work and it's best done while discussing your highschool memories or future plans.
  3. People you don't know. This is weird but can be done. There are orphans, cancer patients, and homeless people out there (I'm not saying you must adopt a child, donate an organ or give away your house. Not all of us may be able to do these.). As I've said earlier, a sacrifice of time is a very effective manner of love. Children really appreciate it. People who has heart like these are in demand in our world today. The sad part is that victims are increasing in number but people who are willing to extend love are now 'endangered species'.
  4. God. This is always what I believe, that there is Someone stronger than us, higher than us, who is Almighty and at the same time, all-loving. The greatest love of all is found in Him and happy are those who have a relationship with Him. We already had relationship with our family and friends, maybe it's about time to kn ow Him more or at least seek Him.Personally, I was never been the same when I knew Him. My emptiness in life was filled! if things get noisier and louder and it's too much for us to bear, then it's a perfect time to sit still, turn the pages of your bible and discover what God is saying to you today. "Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all of these things shall be added to you."-Matthew6:33. My empty life turned into a life of lovewhen I discovered this truth which is mysterious, unexplainable by rational thinking but undeniably real and truein my life and many others. If you find trouble in reading the bible by yourself don't hesitate to talk with a Christian friend or a pastor. At Universities, campus ministries such as Intervarsity are on fire this month in bible studies and they have a lot of activities to be conducted (concerts, seminars, fellowships etc, but sure there is one that suits you). This month might be the best chance to discover God's Word. This is a part of our heart that can't be filled by anything or anyone- only God. God's love is overflowing and He alone is sufficient for you. He has a great plan for you. This might not be your Valentine's month because God is preparing the best man or woman for you. :)

Thank you for reading! I pray this article may help you. Would like to hear comments and suggestions from you. Please don't forget to share this blog to your friends. God bless!

"Make love be your great quest." 1Corinthians 14:1a

Make love be your great quest.

— 1Corinthians 14:1a


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