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What to do when others make fun of you? Learn how to stop others from making fun of you

Updated on April 30, 2012

"My friends make fun of me at school. What do I do?" "My colleagues at work mock me" "The guy sitting behind me in college always laughs at me" If such thoughts are bothering you, read on to learn how to stop others from making fun of you. There is a fine line between friendly banter and obsessive bullying. So make sure that your friends don't cross this line when their habit of making fun of you turns into something that haunts you for the rest of your life.

Did you hear someone trying to mock you behind your back? Just ignore it and pretend to be busy. Lady Gaga wouldn't have been the superstar she is today had she listened to her critics intently.
Did you hear someone trying to mock you behind your back? Just ignore it and pretend to be busy. Lady Gaga wouldn't have been the superstar she is today had she listened to her critics intently. | Source

1) Take out the element of surprise - Pretend to be busy

You know what takes 'fun' out of making fun of someone? When they don't hear you. That's exactly what you need to do, except you are on the receiving end here. When your friends make fun of you, just pretend that you didn't hear them at all and act busy, even if you are not. And after a few moments, you can look into their eyes and ask "What did you say?" As the element of impromptu laughter is taken out from the equation, chances are that your friend's attempt of making fun of you will fail.

2) Be zen - Act as if they don't exist and continue doing what you are doing

Do you know what drives your friends to make fun of you? Their mocking habit feeds on your reaction. When you get pissed off or when you get annoyed, it fuels their need to make fun of you. On the other hand, if you hold a poker face and hide your emotions when you are made fun of, the fuel that feeds their addiction is no longer there.

Remember how Hyde from That 70's Show teaches Jackie the art of being zen? That's exactly what you need to be. Master the art of saying 'Whatever' and show your tormentors that their words don't penetrate your skin. Your nonchalant attitude towards them should give out the signal "I don't care what you say" loud and clear.

Ask your best mate to help you fend off people trying to mock you - by laughing at them with you.
Ask your best mate to help you fend off people trying to mock you - by laughing at them with you. | Source

3) Laugh with your wing man - The jokes' on them

If you and your wingman laugh at the guys who are making fun of you, the jokes' on them. This is the easiest trick to master when you want to learn how to make fun of the guys who are making fun of you. Confused? Read on.

A wing man is your best friend who always sticks by you, no matter what. If you think that there are people around you who will mock you, keep your best friend by your side. When someone passes a comment in an attempt to ridicule you, simply look at your wing man and laugh out loud. Make sure that your wing man laughs too. The folks who tried to make fun of you will not know what hit them. They will be left dazed with the thought "We made fun of him/her. What in the world makes him/her laugh?" Suddenly, the tables have turned and the jokes' on them.

4) Know everyone's weakness and use it to your advantage

Without exception, everyone has a weak point. Even Obama has a weakness. Your job is to remember everyone's weakness and use it to your advantage when your friends make fun of you. It sounds malicious, but it really isn't. If someone is hell bent on trying to mock you, you should too use all possible and peaceful ways to fend them off. And if it calls for you to be on their side and vice versa, so be it.

For example, there is a guy in your class who always tries to make fun of the fact that you are never selected in the high school football team. While that may be true, it may also be a fact that he can never get more than a D on his report card. Remember this and the next time he mocks you for not making the final list, just say something on the lines of "Yeah. And that comes from the mouth of someone who can't even get a C. Are you sure you didn't skip a grade, or two?" Make sure you laugh out loud after saying that.

2nd example, there is a girl in your class who makes fun of you for having a lot of pimples on your face. While that may be true, it may also be a fact that her previous boyfriend dumped her. So your line of defense should be something like "Hey I have my pimples. But at least I don't get dumped by guys"

These were just examples. You can use this trick in college, at your workplace or when you are just hanging out with your friends. However you should remember that it may cause confrontation and should be used when all other sane attempts fail to stop others from taking you for granted. After all, when you mock them, you too are wasting your time and energy by stooping to their dirty levels. But then again, you have to do what you have to do.

If you think that someone special is unknowingly making fun of you, talk to him/her about it.
If you think that someone special is unknowingly making fun of you, talk to him/her about it. | Source

5) Talk to that person in private

Sometimes, and rarely it may be the case that someone who you really like hanging out with may be inadvertently making fun of you by passing remarks that you find insulting. If you really care about that person and see yourself being good friends with him/her, you should pull them aside and speak your mind out. Tell them that you don't appreciate being mocked in front of others and that you would like him/her to avoid passing those comments.

If that person really cares about maintaining a good relationship with you, chances are that he/she will stop making fun of you. And if the insulting comments don't stop, well, you always have the other tips in this post to fall back on.

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    • profile image

      Tom Hellert 

      7 years ago

      oh ro your right - it sucked but i know i was mentally tougher than a lot of these kids are today- the teasing also sharpened my rapier quick fire wit. at wor where kids are all over - and when they try to "verbally diss" each other...i find them lame- maybe its my age now or experience but- i stand there and listen and when they kid/diss each other their skin is too thin- two comments and then it comes to physicalities- they just don't makem as thick skinned as they used to. so things affect the youth much quicker....

      "back in my day..." man am I getting old...


    • Robwrite profile image


      7 years ago from Oviedo, FL

      It's a tough thing for kids to be able to handle being ridiculed. I had to deal with it a lot back then. People used to tell me just to laugh and act like it didn't bother me but that didn't stop it. Some of your advice is good.

      Very useful hub.


    • ishwaryaa22 profile image

      Ishwaryaa Dhandapani 

      7 years ago from Chennai, India

      A well-written hub! The points are very helpful. One should ignore many those who mock him/her and carry on their work. If the mocking gets more and more worse, one can take action in a diplomatic manner. Well-done!

      Thanks for SHARING. Useful & Interesting. Voted up.

    • tom hellert profile image

      tom hellert 

      7 years ago from home


      I went to high school before all the anti-bullying stuff popped up out of no where- and I would say there is another o[ption for CERTAIN people....

      5. Fight fire with fire I got really really good at firing back I could fire back the insults as fast as they could shoot em...Sarcasim was my sword and my middle finger my nd an explitive about their mom or sexual orientation shield 9we were 14-16 what do you expect...Luckily that part of my mind has not been destroyed .. Working with teens now...I find their verbal jousting skills severely dull and depleted... like shooting fish in a barrel with a machinegun...



    • profile image


      7 years ago

      I really like the advice you gave here..."Act as if they don't exist and continue doing what you are doing"! That can be helpful to me!

      Voted up!

    • Lady Guinevere profile image

      Debra Allen 

      7 years ago from West By God

      You have been hit by the Promoting Fairy and your article will be put on all kinds of places on the Internet!

      Great article!


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