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What to do with toxic Friends

Updated on April 6, 2013

As we grow up, we have our friends, the ones that we trust and would probably like to hang out with when we can. Whether we have friends at work, school or even at church or any other places we have met others, we all seem to find someone who we can easily get along with. However, how trustworthy can our friends or group of friends be?

Is it easy for you to tell when someone is only using you to get their way for a while until they finally get what they want and leave you hurt? When we meet someone who likes what we like and understands what we go through, they can really become good friends or even best friends. But then we have those people who want to only become friends until they feel that they have gotten what they needed and they move on. They even try to make us feel bad about ourselves sometimes and they bring us down to the point where we really believe that they are there for us even if it is to only make us feel worse.

Then we have those friends who are secretly jealous at what we may have because they think it is better than what they may have. So they start to copy us or try to do better than us. Sometimes that is not always a good friendship, it is another way of having a toxic friend. Some women become friends with other ladies who end up betraying them by taking away that one person that they most loved or they talk behind their backs to others and start to turn other people against that one person who considers them their friend.

It is important to know who is really a good friend and who is a toxic friend because that can make our life either easy, hard, happy and or even frustrated. We need people who we know will be honest and trustworthy and that we can count on.


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