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Happiness and freedom after marriage? Is it possible? What can you do to make it happen?

Updated on March 26, 2013

What women can do to enjoy freedom even after marriage?

In this era of independence and high technology, many women do enjoy freedom and right to make their own decisions after marriage. However, in some cases, where the husband is wealthy, famous, good looking or the age difference is too big, the relationship might be tilted to one side. In psychology, this type of adult interaction is called parent-child relationship. One partner, usually the husband behaves like a parent where as the other partner is expected to behave like a child. The wife listens and obey every word where as the husband is autocratic and domineering. This relationship tends to work on surface level but internally, the wife might start feeling like prisoner. All the comforts and luxuries of the world cannot replace the need of human being to be free and authentic.

How can women enjoy good marriage and freedom at the same time? How can they be authentic, listening to their own voice and still maintaining good and happy relationships with their partner. Is it possible? Yes, there are few choices that women in any marriage can make, that can make a difference in the long lasting freedom that they can enjoy later. Here, are the few suggestions:

1. Good social support system. Society is very important for growth and isolation is disastrous. Each woman can make a choice to network and develop good relationships. It can start as a small step, like talking to neighbors, meeting colleagues for dinner or even talking to other parents while your children are playing. It is good to have strong, trustworthy relationships. Parents, relatives can also be part of good social support system. This helps women to have freedom to express themselves beyond their marriage and have a good anchor in case of adversity.

2. Financial Independence. Many women after marriage and children, let their career or money making skills take a backstage. The key to life is balance. Financial independence is very important and it is very essential to maintain it. Even if husband is high income earner, it is still good to earn your own money. It can save lot of trouble and keep you prepared in case difficult times do come. Most important, it provides you a place to express your creativity, freedom to make your own choices and fulfill your dreams.

3. Spirituality. Connecting to God is a great way to enjoy richness of life. It helps you to be free of attachments and fears. Spirituality can help to maintain a balanced perspective of life and remove over dependency on spouse. It can help to meet emotional needs and let you become source of great strength and love. Ultimately, it gives you the freedom to be yourself and to express yourself as unique individual irrespective of people's expectation.

4. Self-identity. It is important for women to continue nourishing themselves even after marriage. Many women focus on partner and children so much, that they forget their own existence. Finally, they are resentful as nobody takes care of them. It is best to take small steps for yourself and to continue looking after yourself. It can be in terms of hobbies or any way that provides you a way to express your creativity and ideas. This provides freedom and happiness.

These are simple strategies that women can take to continue enjoying freedom and happiness after marriage. Have a happy married life with freedom and fun!


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    • Ruchi Urvashi profile image

      Ruchi Urvashi 5 years ago from Singapore

      Hi Relationshipc, thanks for your feedback. Yes, marriage can be happy and joyful as we take steps to maintain our freedom and authenticity.

    • Relationshipc profile image

      Kari 5 years ago from Alberta, Canada

      Marriage doesn't equate unhappiness. At least it shouldn't.

      Although, I do know that my best friend (very religious) got in a relationship with a jerk who dictated what she could or couldn't do. After years of unhappiness, she finally got out of the marriage and is not in another marriage that makes her happy.