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What would you do getting a rejection from a girl when you ask her out?

Updated on May 2, 2011

It’s sometimes really embarrassing to get a rejection from a girl when you ask her out, which you have been planning for a long time. It actually takes lot of courage for a man to initiate a request like that. When you are declined, it is very hard to gear up your courage again to pursue another relationship like that.
This kind of incident always happens and you should know it is common for a woman to reject. It is kind of funny when this happens to you, but you should never be discouraged. The thing is how to do with the rejection? Do nothing but accept or give it a little more push? Most of these will have two choices: continue to persist, pestering the woman for a long time or assume that there will be no chances for him.
Actually neither choice is the right one. If you persist too hard, it makes the relationship kind of weird. If you assume that there is never a chance with her, that will become your experience and you can never get her. Take on a right attitude toward the incident is the key of success of the relationship. You should ask yourself a question: why I was rejected? Finding the causes is the right way. Saying no to you doesn’t mean she will reject you forever. Also saying no does not mean that she is testing your patience and courage.
Is it a right way you take when approaching her? Or did you make her feel awkward or uncomfortable? If she was too busy or her mind is occupied by something, you should never date her because most of the time they will reject you. Besides, you shouldn’t set your eye on just one woman, there are so many single, attractive, pretty women out there and the more experiences you get with women, you might get a chance to hook up the woman you originally eye on.
So you should open up your mind with the rejection, don’t be too depressed or discouraged by that. On the other hand, take it just like an experience and you will able to understand women’s mind better, which increases the success rate of your relationship.


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