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What Sports Groupies Seek

Updated on May 25, 2010

Just as with movie stars and rock stars, there are women in the world today that hang around sports celebrities with the sole intent to grab one for their own.

So let’s clarify the term “Groupie.”

This is not a women who meets a professional athlete through friends, family, at church, or at a picnic and they start dating, not because of what he does, or how much money he makes, but because she is attracted to him and they get along. As hard as it is too imagine with all of the news stories about professional athletes and their infidelity these days, there are a lot of athletes who do live normal trusting and fruitful lives with their significant others.

A “groupie” on the other hand is a woman who will sleep with the player, married or not, just because he is who he is, and does what he does.

A “groupie” will look up the player’s salary on the internet and use this as a reason to go after them, and will be able to the player’s salary, but not his batting average, yards per carry or points per game.

A “groupie” likes the athlete for his looks and his svelte body and cares nothing about his actual personality.

A “groupie” will go to a game in five inch heels and con her way into the family section in order to get acquainted with an athlete’s friends and family just to get her foot in the door. 

A “groupie” knows nothing about the sport itself, but she can name the top ten highest paid players in the game.

A “groupie” will show up to all of the athlete hosted parties, and she will drive over 300 miles in order to get there.

A “groupie” is only interested in the player’s income, good looks, great body, and wants to find a rich man to latch on to in order to become financially secure, or because they want fame by association or both.

Most of these women have displayed no interest in sports what-so-ever. They only want the money and the notoriety of being there.   


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