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Now what

Updated on August 17, 2016

I'm sitting here on the edge of my bed breathless. What just happened, how did this happen, where do I go from here I thought to myself. Shaking and crying, lost. The thoughts just kept swirling through my mind as I cling to my pillow crying uncontrollably. Let's go back to how I got here.

I was the typical rebellious teenager. Smoking, drinking, hoping from party to party like it was my job. I didn't care what my parents wanted. I only cared about what I wanted, what made me feel good. One summer I was 17 about to be 18 and at one of the many parties I attended I met a man. Yes, I say a man because I was only 17 about to be 18 and he was 28 years old. I am not sure what it was, but meeting him made me feel like I was the luckiest girl in the world. Out of all the pretty girls here he choose me. He wanted to talk to me. Later that night after a lot of talking, kissing and drinking we left and went to his place. I don't know if it was because I was an attention seeking naive teenager or had way too much to drink, but being there with him that night just seemed so magical. He kept telling me how beautiful I was and made me feel special. The next morning I woke up gathered all my clothing, wrote a cute little note with my number on it and left to return home. Of course as soon as I got home my euphoria quickly went away as I had my parents screaming at me because once again I stayed out all night long. Not like I cared . I wanted what I wanted and that was it. I took a shower, dolled myself up as I was going to attend yet another party that day. Spent all day drinking, smoking, laughing, bragging about my magical adventurous night. Talking as if I just won the lottery and in my young mind I felt like as I have.

The days went on, party after party. I soon became disappointed as the wonderful man who made me feel so special has seemed to disappeared. He never called me, wasn't at any of the parties, he was just gone. I tried to hold out hope that one day he would walk back in and just sweep me away again just like he did the very first time. Little did I know about the huge surprise I was about to get.

Today is the day. The day I finally turn 18. I bet you can imagine my excitement as I was now an adult and no longer had to deal with my parents. My birthday didn't go as planned as I was getting ready to attend a party I started getting horrible shooting pains through out my abdomen. I was trying to bear through it as it was my birthday, my day nothing was going to ruin that for me. I took a few more shots hoping that would help dull the pain, but it didn't. Finally I gave in and went to the emergency room. I sat there for what felt like an eternity while they performed test after test on me. Then my mother walked in and said "the doctor is about to come in and tell you what is going on" As she fought back tears she continued "I am right here by your side and just know everything will be alright" now I am scared. She was so upset, scared and worried, something major has to be wrong. So my mother and I sat there eagerly waiting for the doctor to come in. Finally a knock on the door and the doctor walks through. She looks at me very unemotional and says "I have received your test results and I need to inform you that you are currently 6 weeks pregnant and you are carrying twins" as soon as she said that she turned and walked out. I sat there speechless, in shock." What did she just say" I said to myself "this has to be a joke" I said to my mother. Nope, no joke. A few moments later a nurse came in with my discharge papers and a picture of the ultrasound they took when trying to see what was causing me pain. I sat there just looking at the picture. Finally I left, still numb with shock. My mother took me home and I went right up to my room.

That's how we got here. I am 18 and I just found out I was pregnant ........with twins. Now what, what do I do now?


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    • dashingscorpio profile image


      2 years ago

      I don't know if this is a fictional story or a real life one.

      "I was the typical rebellious teenager. Smoking, drinking, hoping from party to party like it was my job. I didn't care what my parents wanted."

      None of the above would be considered "typical" if your parents didn't allow it. There's no way my parents would have ever put up with that crap. Of course I came up during an era where parents would whip kids for getting out of line so by the time they were teenagers they either were ready to conform or they at least "acted" like they were conforming.

      Generally speaking most teens couldn't wait to either go away to college or get a job and move out of their parent's house back then.

      After six weeks of hard partying, drinking, and smoking one has to wonder just how healthy the pregnancy is.

      There are basically three options for a situation like this:

      1. Exercise your right of "choice" and have an abortion.

      2. Have the twins, pray they're healthy and put them up for adoption.

      3. Have the twins, pray they're healthy and start being a mother.

      Although it's all water under the bridge for you at this point it should be noted that sex without using condoms along with other birth control methods is never a good thing unless a woman intentionally wants to get pregnant. Men can vanish into thin air. A woman has to look out for herself.

      Either way becoming a teenage mother immediately ends a young person's time for reckless abandonment. From here on it's all about getting an education or job skill that will provide for the raising of your children.

      Bad choices often lead to having a hard stressful life.

      Best wishes!


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