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What Do Men Think About Beauty?

Updated on July 29, 2013
Birth of Venus- Botticelli
Birth of Venus- Botticelli

Women have cared what men think about them from the dawn of time. I have always noticed that women see beauty in other women and it many times seems somewhat different that what a man might find attractive. My husband and I regularly talk about who is pretty and who is not that we know. I was surprised that a woman I find very husband thought was flat out ugly! Why did he think this? He said,"Her face is weird." Not all men prefer the same body type either. Most women want to look tall, lean, and willowy like a model; many men find this about as attractive as a beam of wood. It is quite confusing if you are trying to make yourself your best self for a man. A woman friend won't apparently see you in the way a man would. How do you know what men find truly attractive?

Aphrodite of Rhodes

One of my favorite statues. Rhodes, Greece.
One of my favorite statues. Rhodes, Greece. | Source
Typical thin-framed model type
Typical thin-framed model type | Source

Favorite Body Type

It appears that many men enjoy women with a fuller figure. Like Sir Mix-a-Lot would say,"Cosmo says you're fat; I ain't down with that." This simply means that what is fat to most women, men find incredibly attractive. A quick perusal of any men's magazines from Playboy to Maxim reveals that men delight in luscious curves. This is the majority of men; however, there are some that love the tall and willowy look as well. Check out any athlete who usually hooks up with a model or actress. David Beckham and his wife are a prime example. In studies, men chose women with big breasts and wide hips, preferring a small waist in between. It is thought that unconsciously they are choosing based on fertility, as hourglass shaped women tend to have less fertility problems than women with apple-shaped bodies.

Most are familiar with men's supposed fixation on certain body parts such as legs, hips, or even tiny feet. History has shown us that society in China even went so far as to bind baby's feet to make them unnaturally and painfully smaller to appeal to men. Again, smaller feet may indicate a higher estrogen level, so this is an interesting parallel. It is no surprise that most men polled tend to be interested in chest area first and then the rear end, although many men are interested in backs, necks, ears, and so on.

Favorite Body Type in Women (Poll for Men)

Men, What is Your Favorite Body Type in Women?

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Beautiful Bodies

I love this image because all 3 bodies are attractive, yet each is different.
I love this image because all 3 bodies are attractive, yet each is different.

Favorite Women's Body Part

What is Your Favorite Body Part on a Woman?

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The Golden Ratio for the Human Face

Facial Features Preferred

Back to the beautiful friend of mine that my husband said her face was odd. She did have a wide, square jaw. There is a basis in scientific studies on which features men find attractive. Symmetry was the most important. It is thought that a symmetrical face suggests health in a possible mate. In fact, also desired were high cheekbones, big eyes, and a thin jaw. When I was a sorority in college, fraternities would host swaps, or mixers, to meet the newest members. We girls noticed immediately that there were certain girls who got attention right away. The boys were drawn to them. As many of the girls were from different parts of the region, it was a little jarring to see someone you thought was average-looking get the cutest boys. Why was she getting all the attention? She's symmetrical!

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What do you find attractive?

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    • DemiMonde profile image

      Demi 3 years ago from Mobile, Alabama

      Wow, I really appreciate that! And needed to hear that!

    • kenneth avery profile image

      Kenneth Avery 3 years ago from Hamilton, Alabama


      This is an excellent piece of writing. To be totally-honest, it can easily be described as amazing.

      I loved every word. Graphics were superb. This hub was helpful, informative and I found it very interesting.

      Voted up and all the choices because you deserve it.

      You have such a gift for writing. Keep writing no matter what.


      Kenneth Avery, Hamilton, Alabama

    • DemiMonde profile image

      Demi 5 years ago from Mobile, Alabama

      Thanks Dotty! I agree- I think the confidence I have now that I am older is a plus for sure!

    • dotty1 profile image

      dotty1 5 years ago from In my world

      Really interesting hub ,,,, Ive had my boyfreind disagree with me also when I have said I think someone is attractive ... but I guess it is a good thing we all like different forms... I voted for the cheekbones in your poll as i love good bone structure in the face, but i think big eyes are also a winner.... It is interesting about men preferring the fuller figure too as when young us girls are younger we worry about our weights and now older I think to myself " gorden bennet what on earth why was I worried "

    • DemiMonde profile image

      Demi 5 years ago from Mobile, Alabama

      Thanks, anupma!

    • anupma profile image

      Dr Anupma Srivastava 5 years ago from India

      Awesome hub!

    • DemiMonde profile image

      Demi 5 years ago from Mobile, Alabama

      I know, I searched and searched to find more useable info. There is more I may add but that's the basic gist: Symmetry. Big butts. LOL. I'm too scared to submit my face to the Golden Ratio. Haha!

    • tillsontitan profile image

      Mary Craig 5 years ago from New York

      Interesting insights but left me wanting more! I know I'm in trouble 'cause my tooth ratio is waaay out of whack.