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What's Driving the Transgendered Movement and Why

Updated on January 30, 2019
RJ Schwartz profile image

Our world is full of amazing things, and researching them is almost as fun as writing about them

May 13th, 2016 was the day when everything changed. On that day, former President Barack Obama told school districts across the nation that from that day forward, students who considered themselves transgendered were permitted to use the restroom of their choice. He made this change without passing a single law or changing a single school charter, rather instead using the overreaching power of the Federal Government to plant the seeds of fear into any school considering non-compliance. His administration quietly but forcefully made the veiled threat that Federal funding was tied to following this new proclamation. It amounted to simple extortion, yet schools felt helpless to fight against the powerful administration, especially one with armies of Social Justice Lawyer’s in their employments.

One state chose to step up and fight the battle and when North Carolina passed a state law which prohibited individuals of any age or stature from using a public restroom which didn’t match their biological sex, the nation turned their eyes to Washington to gauge the reaction. As expected, the White House immediately deemed this to be a Civil Rights violation and had former Attorney General Loretta Lynch and the weight of the Justice Department go after them. In a series of strategic moves, the LGBTQ and Social Justice communities pushed businesses and event organizers to boycott the state. Dozens of businesses pushed for the law to be repealed under heavy pressure from those against it. Several businesses changed plans to expand their operations in the state, attention-seeking celebrities spoke long and loudly about it and multiple entertainment events were cancelled and artists virtue-signaled to their fans.

Right versus Left or Something More

Since the initial salvo fired by former President Obama and the high-profile story of former Olympian Bruce Jenner transitioning, the transgendered movement has grown rapidly, not only in the United States, but throughout much of Europe and other nations. Also, the number of genders has grown; recent internet searches identify 112 separate genders as of early 2019. The list is fairly exhaustive, but appears to still be growing. One question that no one seems to be able to answer is why. Unlike many other movements, transgenderism doesn’t seem to have a real spokesperson. Historically, there have been individuals who pushed for transgendered rights dating back into the 1950’s, but they were very limited in their success.

Deep Dive to Search for Understanding

Looking deeper into the movement we can identify several things which might be indicators of why the movement is growing. Most of the people identifying as one of the 112 genders are young; some are elementary school aged. The world’s youth are the most self-absorbed and attention focused generation the globe has ever seen. They have been told since birth that they can be whatever they choose to be – this was meant to mean something altogether different than what actually emerged. Technological advancements and global access to jobs, skills, and education were supposed to offer the youth the opportunity to do anything they wanted. It wasn’t about changing biology. What everyone failed to see was how important emotions are to this generation; perhaps more important than anything else.

When Emotions Outweigh Scientific Facts

While biological sex is based on logical and scientifically documented measurements (DNA, chromosomes, hormones, and anatomy) the new social constructs of gender are based on feelings. Most people who now identify as transgender cite that they didn’t feel right as their biological sex. This feeling is known by the Psychological and Medical community as Gender Dysphoria, which is defined as a deep and abiding discomfort over one's assigned birth sex and their psychological emotional experience of gender. The cause for Dysphoria is unknown at this time, but many in the research community have connected it to the brain-sex theory. It’s also unknown what the longer-term effects of transitioning will be, especially since individuals who surgically transition are required to take hormones and other drugs for the remainder of their lives. It’s understood right now that these puberty-blocking drugs and other hormones are carcinogenic and potentially toxic, yet it’s unlikely that medical practitioners who are performing gender reassignment surgeries are fully informing their patients of the risks. It’s likely they are afraid of any negative publicity which would be associated with being “against” this “new normal.”

Rather than counsel our youth on acceptance of their bodies, kids today are given the option to make permanent changes. What’s odd is that most kids can’t decide on where they want to attend college, or not attend what they want to do as an occupation when they grow up, or even what they want to do next week. How can we expect them to make a decision of this magnitude at such a young age? It’s obvious that someone or some organization is influencing them. Historically, 70-80% of people who experienced gender dysphoria grew out of it. Also those who have had the surgery have a suicide rate that is twenty times what people who aren’t transgendered have. And yet, the movement keeps surging forward. We are now seeing pressure put on the medical community that basically amounts to a gag order.

When in Doubt, Follow the Money

As a brief summary, we have Psychologists and Psychiatrists with tied hands on trying to stop young people from shifting into this lifestyle, we have the media, the government, and several high profile organizations that support LGBTQ rights all aligned with the same message. Religious leaders have basically kept quiet, even though this seems to go against everything they teach. Usually when we come to an impasse where “we the people” are no longer allowed to question something without facing the wrath of the combined Social Justice engine, it’s because some organization or person with extremely deep pockets is calling the shots from the shadows. In this case, following the money leads us to the “usual suspects,” namely the drug companies.

Are the Drug Companies Behind It?

The surgeries cost anywhere between thirty thousand and forty thousand dollars; some websites claim it only costs ten thousand dollars, but they aren’t able to prove that. That’s a fixed cost, but the real money comes from a lifetime of drug-dependency. It’s very expensive. Many websites that support the process will tell you differently, or that insurance will cover the costs, but that isn’t the case. Hormones therapy (designed to stop the effects of puberty completely) costs about $1,500 per year, plus the cost of a monthly doctor’s visit, plus the cost of the monthly testing that is required . Those costs will continue for the rest of a person’s life. There’s still more. When transitioning from a man to a woman, most individuals will require facial feminization surgery, which amounts to reconstructive surgery. This procedure can cost anywhere between twenty-five thousand to sixty thousand dollars. Breast augmentation for women transitioning to men costs between five thousand and ten thousand dollars.

Each of these surgeries and procedures requires a lot of medication; pain medication, antibiotics, anesthesia, hormones, and many other drugs. The final costs are staggering. Once an individual starts the process, it’s like a bank machine with unlimited funds for the drug manufacturers. These people are struggling with acceptance and appearance is the most important way they can get acceptance. If they can blend in with the sex they ultimately want to be, it’s considered successful. But unfortunately it’s usually not the case and the person needs to make multiple visits for plastic surgery to change the size of their buttocks, calves, or to have liposuction or other body sculpting processes done. This amounts to more money for the drug companies and less regard for the patient.


Now we can circle back to the original question and with more clarity, can see who is driving the push for growth in the transgendered community. Look at the politicians who support transgenderism and correlate it with how large the campaign donations they get from major drug companies. You’ll be shocked, but not surprised. If the politicians are behind it, then it’s easy to get their associated media outlets to champion it. Once the media takes the bait and gins up the emotions of America, they can then export it to the rest of the world. Lawmakers pass the laws that disallow questioning the entire process and Social Justice Warriors blindly support them on the streets. The only real player with a vested interest in the entire process is the LGBTQ community. They have been fighting an uphill battle for decades to strengthen their cause and reduce violence against LGBTQ people. Unfortunately they are being used by big-Pharma as pawns on a global battlefield for money and power.

© 2019 Ralph Schwartz


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  • tsadjatko profile image

    The Logician 

    19 months ago from now on

    Oh Yeah!

    What she said!

  • fpherj48 profile image


    19 months ago from Carson City

    Finding this excellent article seems quite timely for me. Very recently I had a healthy discussion with an HP friend, via email, on this very topic, Ralph. Since we share close to identical opinions, it was just a matter of purging to one another, all the many things we're literally threatened against, should we DARE speak (or write) publicly about. Kudos to you, dear Sir.

    I do hope you are wrong about the possibility of being attacked for this article. It simply shouldn't occur. Those on the "other" side of this controversial issue may not hold a monopoly on our freedom of speech. Period, The End.

    The usual buzz-words may be used: You know, Homophobic, religious nut case, brazenly political INcorrectness. all the names they use to attempt to shame any who do not bow to their demands and delusions. Somehow, I believe most individuals who have strong convictions, can tolerate a little name-calling.

    I've come to terms with this and so much more, in my old age. In this country, to be precise, it's clear we have rights and freedoms galore (with limits and laws, of course)...Thus, do as you "please," be whom you "must" be according to how you FEEL......cast all other things to the wind. I only ask that you respect my views, opinions and beliefs, as well. Understand that because I have not only a heart, body and soul, I'm equipped with an excellent brain. I do not, will not, swallow utter insanity as the "norm." Please have the dignity to keep your sex life within the confines of your personal life, regardless of your gender identity. What makes anyone think that others want to hear about such an intimate segment of your life? I can assure you, I do NOT. Should you CHOOSE to kill the fully formed, living, kicking infant in your womb, Hey, The Prince of Darkness, Andrew Cuomo (playing God) has now given you the legal (?) right to do this. You may not assume that I and millions of others will refrain from knowing you are a murderer.....of your own child. That's just the way it is. Choose your actions....accept the reactions. I will not state my position nor publicly shame you in any way. But fair warning: Don't ASK me. I speak truth and if you ask I WILL tell you. Peace, Paula

  • abwilliams profile image

    A B Williams 

    19 months ago from Central Florida

    ….and don't forget turtle hatchlings!

    This subject came up today on Rush's show.

    The means and measures to which the protectors of turtle eggs will go; involves closing off areas of public beaches in order to protect the precious eggs, it involves strict guidelines for night lighting (ahead of and during the 'hatching' season) and if these areas are breached or if these guidelines aren't followed to a tee...there are serious consequences; including fines and/or jail time for intruding humans.

    I love a baby turtle as much as the next person, I'd never intentionally do them harm, but the day has come when they are more valued than a human life and that's just crazy!

    Nowadays, if a child can survive their mother's womb, they're next faced with the leftist agenda of having them all confused about their sexual identity before they can even freakin' recite the alphabet.

    I can't think of a worse abuser of the human body, mind and spirit than the leftist, progressive, agenda-driven, liberal "statist".

  • RJ Schwartz profile imageAUTHOR

    Ralph Schwartz 

    19 months ago from Idaho Falls, Idaho

    The people who are championing this cause are likely atheist, or one of the older religions which is polytheistic. In their eyes, sadly, government is what they worship (statists are what some call them) and Biblical laws or beliefs do not apply to them. Some are Muslim also, but they follow such an outdated medieval system, that they've perverted what "God" actually stands for and replaced it with pedophilia, child brides, horrible treatment of women, and violence.

    Think about this - Liberals value the spotted eagle, illegal immigrants, or so-called endangered salmon more than they do human life.....I bet if babies voted Democrat, no one would be able to get an abortion

  • abwilliams profile image

    A B Williams 

    19 months ago from Central Florida

    Hi Ralph, great job on this, per usual.

    My take on this particular subject and the other subject 'in the news'...abortion on demand...God isn't a part of the equation.

    Those pushing these crazy agendas, which are blowing the minds of those that cannot comprehend justification of any of this, don't want God to be a part of the equation.

    If possible and if God doesn't have his fill will get much worse, before it gets better.

  • RJ Schwartz profile imageAUTHOR

    Ralph Schwartz 

    19 months ago from Idaho Falls, Idaho

    A lot of people are trapped in a cycle and aren't exposed to the big picture of what's really happening - they listen to politicians who campaign on "identity" issues rather than real issues

  • tsadjatko profile image

    The Logician 

    19 months ago from now on

    I can understand - they are deluded! There is only one reason blacks vote predominantly Democrat when history shows the Democrats are the racists who have done nothing for them - same with illegals, any minority they target has a delusion that the Democrats and media feed because deluded people are easily indoctrinated to become a group of useful idiots for the left.

    It is always hard to understand the actions of deluded people, isn't it Ralph?

  • RJ Schwartz profile imageAUTHOR

    Ralph Schwartz 

    19 months ago from Idaho Falls, Idaho

    Thanks - I agree that so many minorities are being used but I can’t understand why they keep voting Democrat

  • RJ Schwartz profile imageAUTHOR

    Ralph Schwartz 

    19 months ago from Idaho Falls, Idaho

    Right? Big Pharma seems to be behind everything nowadays - thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts

  • tsadjatko profile image

    The Logician 

    19 months ago from now on

    Great article Ralph. It is no surprise however that a group of delusional people are co-opted by the left to further their agendas, it is the modus operandi of the left to use any and all minorities in such a way.

    That's right, I said transgenders are delusional and this Medical Doctor explains exactly what that means.

  • MizBejabbers profile image

    Doris James MizBejabbers 

    19 months ago from Beautiful South

    You've given me food for thought, Ralph. It had never dawned on me that Big Pharma was the push behind this movement, but that makes sense. I've read where some people have blamed the wrong type of nurturing as small children for gender dysphoria, but that can't be true. If it were, there are too many girls in my generation who grew up in the 50s being told that their daddies really wanted a boy when they were born. Seems like the camaraderie these male survivors of WWII found during the war made them want sons they could have as hunting, fishing and sports companions. Well, guess what...a lot of us girls survived that without losing our femininity or wanting to become a transgender.

  • RJ Schwartz profile imageAUTHOR

    Ralph Schwartz 

    19 months ago from Idaho Falls, Idaho

    The left controls the media, television, the internet, and just about every other form of news aside from AM radio (and they are trying to get it too) plus the schools and universities - seems no matter how hard we fight to return to common sense, they keep thwarting it. I'm tired of everything getting hijacked and repurposed as a symbol of their attempted oppression.

    Now we have a Congresswoman who is loudly saying that emotions override facts - she'll probably be in line for the Presidency with the sheeple youth carrying her water.

  • WillStarr profile image


    19 months ago from Phoenix, Arizona

    The progressive socialist left controls the argument by controlling language. Ever wonder why and how 'gender' came to replace 'sex' when referring to humans? It's simple enough. There are only two sexes, but, as you pointed out, Ralph, there are well over one hundred 'genders'. That way, the language is no longer limited to male and female. The latest language demand is that we eliminate pronouns altogether so that we don't offend anyone.

    This is a splendid article on a growing problem, Ralph, and I'm sure it will one day be banned by the progressive socialist Politburo. That's where we are headed.

  • RJ Schwartz profile imageAUTHOR

    Ralph Schwartz 

    19 months ago from Idaho Falls, Idaho

    Thanks for the support Mike - I have been pondering this for some time and finally stepped up to write about it. I'm fairly certain that I'll be attacked by someone (probably many people) and earnings from HP will likely be disabled as well, but so be it.

    So many people go through life not realizing that Big Pharma is pulling the strings of our politicians - after all curing a disease isn't good for the bottom line and having the nation addicted to something means revenue and profits that will go on for years and years.

  • Readmikenow profile image


    19 months ago

    "While biological sex is based on logical and scientifically documented measurements (DNA, chromosomes, hormones, and anatomy) the new social constructs of gender are based on feelings."

    Ralph, you are spot on with this one. I am someone who believes there is only biological gender and that feeling only show a psychological disorder called gender dysphoria.

    I also believe your statement "being used by big-Pharma as pawns" is an excellent assessment of the situation.

    Excellent article.


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