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What's With Women And Flowers?

Updated on May 22, 2013

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Why Send Flowers to a Woman?

To most men buying flowers maybe a waste of money afterall, flowers just easily wither. But there are things that a man should know about the value of giving a woman flowers, if not always, at least, once in a while or during special occasions.

Women in general like flowers.

Flower is a sign of romance, love, and care. A woman indeed feels special when someone gives her flowers.

Flower lifts a woman's mood.

Flowers are like aphrodisiacs and some types are great mood lifters with their alluring and appealing scents. Roses and jasmines are good choices of flowers if you want to raise your partner's pheromones.

Flower makes her happier.

If a woman can see fresh flowers on the bedside table when she wakes up in the morning, she seems to be in a better mood. If you give someone flowers, all the stresses and anxieties will seem lighten up.

She views you as impressive and smart.

Choosing the right type of flowers and bouquet on a specific occasion shows that you have dedicated your time and effort in giving her the perfect intangible gift.

So, why not start sending your woman flowers. It’s not necessarily the bouquet one for special occasions but a single flower on a random day could mean everything to her for that moment.


Types of Flowers Women Love

It is more elegant and generous to send bouquet of flowers to your beloved than just a single stem. This list will give you ideas on what types of flowers most women like during special occasions.

Red Roses

The traditional type and the most common one. Women love red roses, they are always romantic. She will surely love it more if it comes in one dozen or two-dozen bouquets.

Rainbow Roses

It’s the variety that makes it so enticing and appealing. This bouquet of multi-colored roses is best for your woman with dynamic and versatile personality.

White Lilies with Red Tulips

Express your devotion for her with a bouquet combination of white lilies and red tulips.

Stargazer Lilies with Blue Iris

This may not be as romantic as you think but this can surely melt the heart of a woman. With the joyful combination of stargazer lilies and blue iris, this bouquet not only will make her happy but feel valued too.

Pink roses with Fresh Carnations

This is ideal for a young love or can be given to your beloved mom or grandmother. This bouquet is so feminine, soft and fresh.

Spring Pink Tulips and Daisy Poms

Give it to your secret crush and make never forget about you again. This bouquet is so delicate which expresses admiration and care.


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