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Causing Dilemmas

Updated on January 15, 2015

Another friend another problem

Since the new year has arrived it has been going off with a bang already. My close male friend gave me a call to talk about everything that is going on with him. I haven't talk to him in a while since he has been in a serious relationship (which is understandable) but we still make time to catch up. I often joke about how one day I will write a book loosely based on his many experiences. We often joke and rag on one another because some of the things he goes through will actually make for a crazy guy show.

After many failed relationships of him looking for Ms. Right I was glad he finally settled down with someone he seems to care about. The truth is my friend is a good guy and father but his past luck with women was sadly hilarious. A year ago when I was over his house visiting he let me hear his voice-mail where this crazy sounding girl in a high pitch voice was telling him that she loves him. Now he knows I am going to rag hard on him but he gets me so its cool. Anyway this was a girl he picked up off of one of those phone chat lines. When he met her in person he told me that he was going through a sexual frustration and basically he picked her up for sex. There is nothing wrong with that if you are grown but he described to me how the sex date went that night. It started off by him picking her up at a shelter. Again nothing wrong with that but my mind is very imaginative. When he picked her up they went back to his place, talked for a bit where she told him that she had a boyfriend that lived in a shelter around the corner from where she lived.

At this moment I had to stop my friend and ask him why was she in a shelter and he told me the conversation didn't get that far. So they had sex and my guy friend told me how he had to do her from behind because she was so ugly. In his exact words, "She was a BMW." Known as body made wrong but he was so sexually frustrated at the time because he had no girlfriends around or talking to any women for over two months. Hearing the background of this sex-ship and listening to her voice saying she loves him was too funny. It's not the first time he has shared with me his intimate details.

Getting back to our catch up conversation he told me that he was thinking about proposing to his girlfriend he just needed to buy her a nice ring. I was happy for him because for three years I have listened to him go on and on about wanting a wife. My friend is the type of guy that just wants a monogamous relationship instead of whoring around with a lot of women. Some how throughout all of the craziness he manages to finally get the girl. Often I would tell him how I got a money pool going on his relationships because he literally went through a lot of women.

So if he is proposing to his girlfriend then what is the problem you may ask? Well his past caught up with him by dropping by his house unannounced. Did I mention that his girlfriend moved in with him about four months ago but she was at work when the guest came by. It was one of his old flames that he was crazy about but the ex was still hung up on her old Bo so she couldn't commit to him. My friend went so far to actually beg her to come back but she turned him down. Now she had just took a chance and showed up at his door a year later. This could only be trouble. Having moved on completely as he put it he wasn't going to let the woman in but she begged to talk to him and unlike her he didn't turn her down.

When he let her inside he told her upfront that he had someone he was serious about in his life while bluntly asking her what did she want. The ex girlfriend told him that she missed him hoping he would want to be with her again. At this point a butted in and told my friend you put her out right. Then he continued telling me how she had on a very tight dress underneath her coat that she took off inside of his home not wearing any underwear. I stopped my friend again and in a judgmental fashion criticized the woman for showing up without any panties. She must have really thought she had my friend still wrapped around her finger.

He told me that he asked her to leave because she was coming on to him but he admitted that he was still attracted. The minute he said that I interrupted by asking did you sleep with her? After a thirty second awkward pause then he answered no. I told him that I was so proud of him because he has had a problem with infidelity. Then he quickly blurted out he let her give him fellatio. I just shook my head on the other end of the phone because now he may possibly lose the woman he was going to propose to for a moment of weakness. He asked me should he tell his girlfriend and honestly I couldn't give him an answer. On one hand he wants to come clean with hopes that they can salvage their relationship. On the other hand he let another woman who he was crazy about at one time touch his stud with her tongue. I don't see a woman being so quick to forgive under those circumstances.

To lighten up the mood I sent my friend a you tube clip telling him he may have to learn how to give instead of receive first if he decides to tell his girlfriend. My friend laughed after watching the clip but he came back down to the reality that he may lose his woman.

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    • Dr Billy Kidd profile image

      Dr Billy Kidd 3 years ago from Sydney, Australia

      This friend of yours has only crazy relationship skills. Stupid stuff is his specialty. And it sounds like he's about 13 years old. Tell him to get a life and think about how to have a relationship, maybe 5 years from now.