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What's wrong with a tomboy?

Updated on March 28, 2011

Not a stunner!

On holiday with an awesome tan.
On holiday with an awesome tan. | Source

We're not so bad!

I am writing this to get across a big deal for me. I grew up been a tomboy for most of my life, and am going to use most of these experiences for my blog.

A definition of a tomboy is a person who is a girl but acts and dresses like a boy. The main reason for this is because we want to be like boys, this may seem pretty obvious but just incase some people are baffled why we become tomboys, there's your reason.

Although most of us grow out of it sooner or later, we are still left with this roughness of a boy which you can see. For example I have pretty much grown out of it now but I still refuse to wear a skirt, frankly because you can't get use to the fact you're in one neither can anyone else. I discovered today that I have been wearing makeup for just one year and eight days now, which compared to a lot of girls isn't very long.

However when we are tomboys why do people react to it, is it because we're different just like for example, homsexuals, are they scared or maybe even threatened by us. Every time I see a tomboy I smile, because a lot of tomboys I have seen gorw up are pretty damn hot! Not saying I am though. My whole time being a tomboy I would get this weird reaction from other kids whilst interigating me up and down with their eyes. Some of the kids would ignore me or avoid me, however, I had a few of good friends that I still am friends with now.

Weird reactions I found were more with the girls, who would start to ignore me and sometimes talk about me behind my back. Whereas boys would come up to me a lot more and talk to me about sports and lesson, however they would still go out with the pretty girly, girls which they had nothing in common with. I think a lot of other current or past tomboys would find that to be a similar experience.

It all changed for me though when I got to year nine in secondary school. I started to wear makeup and wear girls clothing, girls who I didn't normally talk to started chatting to me more often and they all found me very funny. I'm like the class clown now, the one who makes everyone laugh and cheers up somebody on a bad day. I now talk to girls more than I do boys, I don't know why they don't talk to me very much anymore. Maybe it's because of my new image or something but I just don't have that natural flow of speech like I used to with them anymore.

I know hat this is about my experience as a tomboy, but a lot of current and past tomboys will probably have it similar to me and I hope that this story will help the popular girls get to know a shy, quiet, 'loser' tomboy and get to know them because I'm sure she'll like her.

P.S. Please leave comments about your experiences or what you think about this blog.

By Scarlet Bennett

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    • profile image

      lauren 5 years ago

      Thanks for posting this blog! it makes me feel like there are others who were/are tomboys and know how it felt to be a little different. im a tomboy and i have the same story as you, i hung around boys i wore guy stuff and a lot of the girls at my school would talk trash about me behind my back just because i was different.

    • profile image

      4 years ago

      I am a tomboy and have been for a long time and the girly girls are always taking about me and ignoring me but they got jealous when I started talking to and eventualy going out with the most popular guy in class and then they started hating on me even more until one day when the boy and I ran into the girls outside of school and they saw i was not joking about going out with him then they magicaly started being nice just so they could hang out with him

    • profile image

      Sam 3 years ago

      Why is being a tomboy so bad? I got so tired of people judging me, I removed my self from sports completely, just so I would look girly. (It didn't help. I just looked even more like a loser). Then I just stop caring what people thought. Bad choice. I started crying myself to sleep. No one wants to be around a tomboy. After all, don't all of them grow up to be transgender lesbians. Right? Wrong. My ,on was a tomboy. Although my dad has always supported me, my mom never really liked me. When O pretend to be girly, she shakes her head. When I'm a tomboy, she critisizes. I'm straight, and I love being a girl. I just want to be a girl that wears baggy clothes, has short hair, and plays football. But that's not right, is it?

    • scarlotty profile image

      Scarlet Bringuenti Bennett 3 years ago

      I'm now 17 and have grown out of my tomboy stage. However I still play football and still am free to talk about it with my friends who are all incredibly girly. I am definitely NOT a lesbian, but even if you are it shouldn't matter. The way I got around when at school was that I didn't care what people thought about me, and I knew who my real friends were as they did not judge. Now studying for A-levels I still play for my college and a club, with other girls who have gone through the same experience. Even if you are a tomboy, you should most definitely continue sports as it is where you'll find some of your closest friends. I really think you should stand strong against others, maybe try a few things that you wouldn't with your looks. This makes people recognise you and compliment you, gaining confidence and maybe new friends.

      Never change who you are, because if they like you for someone you're not then friends aren't worth having. And if anyone ever says something about you, never be afraid of telling them what's what. Especially if you're a tomboy... From what I've seen girls can't fight for shit.

    • scarlotty profile image

      Scarlet Bringuenti Bennett 3 years ago

      Being a tomboy makes you special from everyone else. It gives you something no girl really has and that is balls. Don't waste your time with them and create your own group who are nicer, smarter and more popular.

    • profile image

      Victoria Artemis 17 months ago

      I am a tomboy but still look like a girlry girl a perfect balance for me.

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