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When I Love You Goes Wrong

Updated on October 9, 2009

What To Look For


Sometimes dating can take a twisted turn due to the fact that one person’s affections or words can be misleading for the other.  The number one rule in relationships whether dating or casual sex is never be misleading, you must be open and honest. Many situations of such have occurred in which the friendship that you two initially had immediately sours. People in general will say whatever they need to in order to gets what they want from you; if you’re smart you’re going to see this coming. Truth be told many people are just plain psycho without reason, you don’t know everything about a person so why would you tell someone you love them just to get them in bed then months later end up with a stalker. If you do this it’s at your own risk just know that the risks can sometimes be extremely high.  Examples of previous relationships are detailed, I have held back real names because they are true stories, enjoy this hub.

    Angela and Brad had been dating for almost a month; she had a problem when it came to relationships because of issues from her past.  Angela was not very trusting or open with anyone, Brad could since that something wasn’t right with her because they had not done what he was used to in previous relationships with women which were having sex. Angela had stated that she wished to remain a virgin until marriage or at least until she found the right person, Brad played on this to make her think he was in fact that right person. Angela still insisted on taking things slower, then Brad struck up an idea to get her to let go, he told her the three words all women dream of hearing sometimes even if it’s not true “I love you’.   Now Angela had it in her head that he did love her because this is what she craved for a long time, so she put her fears aside proceeding to take their dating to the next step by having sex with him. Of course what others call dating she calls a relationship, what others call having sex she calls making love. Angela had a misunderstanding of what everything meant when it came to people in her life so relationships or dating wouldn’t be any different for clingy people like her.  After the sex started Brad started spending less time with her then eventually stopped seeing her altogether, but she didn’t stop seeing him. Angela stalked him making him look like the terrible mistreating boyfriend every time she got, she felt she had been wronged which in a way she had. I don’t think Brad should have played the I Love you game on anyone, yet alone on the already weak minded Angela.

     Carl had been in a relationship with Kelly for four months, it was a good relationship. Carl was a much focused individual, Kelly was a party girl but very smart also very attractive. Kelly played on Carl’s kindness every chance she got to get what she wanted from him. Kelly began using her I love you mind games early on in the relationship immediately having Carl at her beck n call for everything he could or would give her.  When Kelly found the bigger n better bank to hook up with she immediately dumped Carl who in turn got rid of Kelly in his own way permanently leaving him to spend years in jail.

     Now you have an idea of how using those simple words falsely could take a turn for the worst, these are not the worst cases that have come from this but if you value your life or stand for anything good you should at least think twice about doing that.

     Love should never be a means of getting someone to do something for you or being able to take advantage of someone. What you are doing is playing with your life and that of the other persons. 

Everyone needs love with few really knowing what it is but it’s those few confused people who will do anything to keep it once they feel they have it even if you don’t want to be kept.  Have you ever heard of someone having a child with someone intentionally just to keep that person in their life? It happens every day but in the end with those situations it’s the innocent child who ends up hurt because they’ve been used as a pawn in a sick game.  If you have friends that do this or consider this talk to them to let them know it’s not okay, let them know of the future problems that will surely arise because once you bring children into the situation that will make the situation permanent no matter how you two feel about the other. I Love You is serious business when it comes to matters of the heart.


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