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When It's Time to Put a Good Friend in the Past

Updated on January 12, 2015

It's great when you have someone you are good friends with. You fee like you could tell each other everything and anything. You are inseperable. Sometimes there comes a point when you have to put that good friend in the past.

Sometimes good friendships go sour. All of a sudden out of the blue two good friends have a falling out. It could be because of guys or something is said and done that is hurting.

If you have a friend who is all of a sudden negative and never keeps their word then it is time to move on from that friend. If you would bend over backwards for your friend you should get the same in return. Friendships are just ike relationships. They are a two way street. One persons should not put in more work than the other person. A good friend will make you a prioirty and not an option.

Having a friend who always bails and is never stable is hurting and dissapointing. As much as you care about your friend it is better that you go your seperate ways. Would you really want to be around someone who always dissapoints you? Do you want to be around someone you know you could never count on? Save yourself the hurt and find someone who will be there for you through thick and thin.

If your good friend all of a sudden starts giving you bad advice or discourage you from what you really want that is when you know you should cut the ties. Friends support each other and encourage the other person to go after what they want. You do not want to have a friend who is constantly trying to bring you down.

If lately you feel that your friend is steering you wrong that is when you should go your seperate ways. Friends look out and protect each other. It is important to think for yourself but also important to surround yourself with good people. If your friend tells you give a guy a chance and he is trouble then break away. A good friend would be worried if you hang out with a guy who is bad news because they know that he could drag you down with him.

A friend wants the best for you. If you want a nice guy and your friend tells you not to go out with a guy because he is too nice than that is a sign to watch out for. Friends should want to see their friends happy and with someone who treats them with love and respect.

A good friend will give you the freedom for you to make your own decision. They will not control you. They will warn you but they will not tell you who to talk to. They will not rub your past hurts in your face. If the guy you like never gave you a chance and you mention him they won't keep telling you that you never went out. You were in the situation and you knew what happened. You should not be reminded of all your hurts and pains in life. Your friend should encourage you to move on and focus on brighter and better days ahead.

A good friend will comfort you if you get hurt. They won't say "I told you so," or make things awkward.

If you feel that you and your friend are growing distant maybe it is a good thing. You will have time to reflect on how much you want this friend around. You could look back and see weather or not this friend is really good for you. If you have a feeling that this friend lately has been causing you nohing but grief maybe it s time to cut the cord and look for a better friend.

It could be had to move on after so much histroy with each other. You could always care for your friend and keep that friend in your heart. People come into our lifes for a reason and a season. Once that season is over it is important to let go, move on and keep the memories of them in your heart.

Do you have a friend who it is time to go your seperate ways with?

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