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When To Get Out Of A Relationship

Updated on October 26, 2009

Falling in love is a beautiful thing.We all live for that one day when we'll find that person that puts a silly grin on our face with just a simple hello and makes our hearts flatter with a flirty Tuesday afternoon text message.What nobody ever prepares for when this initial burst of lust passes is what to do when things go downhill -- and they almost always do.

When you get past the "newness" of a new relationship and get to see the other person's "true colors",when all those cute things he used to do are suddenly annoying,then you have to make a choice - you can either stick it out and learn to love your mate "as is" or you can decide to move on to greener pastures.

When deciding whether you should get out of a relationship,here are a few things you might want to consider:

  • Did he cheat?If he cheated leave...unless you're married to this person and you're both willing to get professional help to deal with this severe breach of trust,just pack your bags and go.
  • Is he abusive?If your man is physically,mentally and/or verbally abusive,leave.Each one of us deserves to be treated with respect and a man who is abusive clearly doesn't respect you and if he doesn't respect you,he definitely doesn't love you.
  • Does he have any addictions?If he does,is he willing to get help and actually deal with these addictions?If not,leave otherwise you will end up on a shrink's couch because you got caught up in his addiction web.
  • Is the relationship unfulfilling on any level?Are you feeling suffocated?Did you communicate all this to your partner?Did he listen and agree to work out a solution that would leave both of you feeling fulfilled?If he didn't,leave.Life is too short to be spent with an uncaring and unsupportive partner.
  • When you know deep down it will never work for whatever reason for example difference in lifestyle and beliefs.Don't drag it out,don't waste the other person's time,just do both of you a huge favor and leave.

This is just a tip of the iceberg.There is no magic handbook with a well written escape guide when it comes to getting out of a relationship.There are usually so many factors to consider and so many variables as every couple's situation is very different.Only you know whats best for your current situation but you also need to know that you do deserve the best life has to offer and that includes a drama and stress free loving relationship that makes you feel secure.If your relationship makes you feel very insecure,get out.

Where Is The Love?

Reality check - couples do grow apart,the real question is do you tough it out and try to re-establish the connection or do you get out of the relationship?
Reality check - couples do grow apart,the real question is do you tough it out and try to re-establish the connection or do you get out of the relationship?


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