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The Lies From Men That Women Genuinely Want To Hear

Updated on October 15, 2016

Women are always complaining about how much men lie to them. We hear lies about big things, and perhaps even worse, lies about little things where the truth wouldn't matter!

I'm not saying here that women don't lie to men either - because we do.

In fact, when you hear a woman say that she wants men to be one hundred percent honest about every little thing, whether she knows it or not, the woman is lying.

Women are insecure creatures, and we like to test our men to prove their loyalty.  Beware!

Here are some examples of when a man should definitely lie ... or at least twist the truth just a little ...

Does My Butt Look Big in This?

No matter how massively gi-normous her butt looks in it, you must never, ever say "Yes" ! If you are the man in her life, she is not asking you for a critique. She is telling you that she loves the outfit, thinks she looks great in it and intends to buy it or wear it. The same applies to any outfit questions. You need to let her know that you approve, even if you don't. Hopefully she has some good friends who will tell her the truth, but she doesn't need to hear it from you. Some people might suggest that you be tactful, and that you perhaps try to guide her into buying something more flattering. I disagree. If she has her heart set on an outfit, she will want you to like it, and if you don't she'll be hurt. Don't risk it as you can't win. "Does My Butt Look Big in This?". Just say "No".

There is an exception to this rule. Be honest if she asks about something that she can do something about right now. For example, if she asks "Have I got spinach stuck in my teeth?" or "Is my eye make up smudged?", tell her the truth. She might be a little embarrassed, but she will appreciate honesty when it is something that she can immediately fix!


Do You Fancy Any Other Women?

Do I really need to give advice on this one? It is perfectly normal and natural to have crushes on other people, even when you are in a healthy, happy, committed relationship. The question is therefore unfair, because it is loaded. You have to say "No", even if you have been flirting all week with someone at work ... even if you have a huge crush on a woman on the bus ... even if ... you get the picture? Secret fantasies and crushes are just that, secret. The time for honesty only arises if the crush turns into something more serious - like an affair, but normally crushes don't mean anything, and she has probably had crushes on other guys too.

I Know We Just Met, But Would You Like to Get Naked?

You wish, huh? Unfortunately for you, we are not going to ask you this question very often, if ever. We know that you think about sex more than we do. We know that you are looking at our breasts. We know what you want. It's just that we want something else first. We want to feel loved and cherished. To be blunt, on a primal level, we need to be sure that you are going to be a good provider for us and the children we create together. I don't mean that literally, of course ... well only just a little bit ... but we do need to feel that you care about us as people, not just as objects of desire. We would like you to still be there in the morning.

So, you need to lie to a certain extent, or you are not going to get anywhere. I am not saying lie to get laid - although unfortunately this works for many guys. I am simply saying that you need to keep the sexual pressure low key and the charm on full throttle when you meet someone that you truly find attractive. It will pay off in the long run.

What Are You Thinking About?

Pause before you answer. Where are you? What has just occurred? Who are you with? The wrong answer here could be relationship suicide.

In the height of passion, no woman wants to hear that you were thinking about anything except her. Problems at work, other women, last night's game, the need to fart ... nothing is acceptable, except thoughts of her. Lie.

When she is discussing her innermost thoughts, and you drift off, do not tell her that you were thinking about what you'd like for dinner ... tell her that you are thinking about what she is saying.

One more hint: if she asks, "What are you thinking about?", never reply, "Nothing". Although it is likely to be the true answer, women will not believe you and think that you are hiding something.

Make Her Feel Good

Women need to know that they are your priority.  You have the power to make us feel great!  We know that you can lie about where you were, who you were with, whether you remembered to lock the door, and a million other little things.  We are therefore disappointed when you feel that it's okay to lie when you know for a fact that our feelings will be hurt by the truth.

Lie to make us feel good, and we will love you for it.

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    • profile image

      dave 3 years ago

      First,there is NEVER a good reason to lie. I find it is much better to be honest than to be kind. It will eventually bite you in the backside. Rigorous honesty,no matter what!! If she does not like what you have to say,she'll get over it! Women do send a lot of mixed messages,though. Example;they want men to be more sensitive,but of course,only TO THEM,not others,not even to their own feelings. Second,a women will say,"talk to me,talk to me, but don't you dare tell her something she does not want to hear. Then she'll give you the hand. This,of course,is assuming you can even get a word in sideways without being interrupted,or being told you're wrong,before you have even finished what you were going to say. Then,of course she will turn around and say exactly the same thing you said. After all,it sounds so much better coming out of her face.

    • profile image

      LiarLiar 4 years ago

      Pretty impressed to see this was written by a woman. Considering its written about telling lies, its very honest. If truth be told I do lie and I don't feel bad about it if my reason for lying is good. The points brought up here about when its okay to lie are pretty valid not just for men but for everyone. I also lie to get out of trouble. I know its wrong but I do it. I think all men lie to get out of trouble, so I don't feel that bad about it, but I don't think my girlfriend would be very happy if she caught me out.