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When We Break

Updated on July 1, 2013
Abandoned from Claudia
Abandoned from Claudia


By Tony DeLorger © 2010

She stood before the mirror, struggling with herself,

Lost in the thought that no man would be interested.

Abandoned, rejected and without the rejuvenation of youth,

She saw only the lines of weathered life, and the pain of loneliness.

Meticulously she applied her makeup, there were standards,

And at least she retained her composure, her dignity.

But healing was so far away, and a bruised soul was no easy fix.

The sadness in her faded eyes, seemed to drag her down,

Remind her of what he did.

Then she teared up, unable to stave off the welling emotion.

Her frail hand shook ever so gently as she masterfully added lipstick,

Rubbed her lips together and looked down pensively.

The hurt just seemed to rise like waves within her, over and over.

But there was a house to maintain and kids to care for,

So she straightened up and pursed her lips determinedly,

Making a silent pact, resolving to survive.

The world seemed dark and inhospitable now,

But one day it would look different, she would be different,


fear from Kirotea
fear from Kirotea
Sleeping from Tony Alter
Sleeping from Tony Alter

From the Darkness Comes

By Tony DeLorger © 2010

Tired and desperate fears, clinging haplessly to escape.

Uninspired wretched fears, refused dying, ever waiting.

Seething vengeful fears bound for flight, beneath skin and trying.

To chart a course, to wield its gnarled intent and take the reins,

and to unleash insidious plans of decimation.

Clothless, unperceivable spectre within, knotted flesh and carnal sin,

remove clawed fingers from me, and tempt not this world of will.

Instead release me and face the darkness of your womb,

never to twist me out and drag me into the void of dark misplace.

Leave me in my mortal husk to hone life, as I will,

and to suffer the designs of my indiscretions, without your hold.

Long have you torn my weary flesh, as you emerge from my darkness.

I wish now the peace that possibility proffers,

without your malevolent whispers, and silence stare.

Leave me sleep a tranquil slumber, unclothed by murky hues,

and open my eyes at morning’s break, dispelled of my one true foe.

Fear- release me?


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