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He No Longer Cares About You IF...

Updated on February 21, 2011

1. He Seems Hung Up On His Past

 We all have a past. But why would God allow us to move forward in time, if He wanted us stuck on our history. If your guy is still bent on a girl different than the one in your mirror, it's time to start questioning his feeling for you.

2. He's Constantly Picking Fights

We all expect a little nit picking and arguments every now and again but when the yelling match becomes the constant everyday re-run, it's time to begin re-evaluating the relationship.

3. It Becomes All About Him

Okay I'm an advocate for self love and affirmation but when it gets to be just about pleasing his interests instead of yours, and you feel like the puppy left out in the rain during the storm, honey something is definitely not cooking right.

4. He Performs the Disappering Act

A relationship involves two people. But in some instances, it can feel like the other party decided to hitch-hike to another town flagging the first pretty face he/she sees. So what do you do when you feel like you're the only one trying to keep the relationship alive? You have two choices: you can either struggle upstream to survive until your partner gets a couple hits to the noggin to get the point and join you, or you kill it, pay your respects to the good times and move on. Choice is all yours. 

5. Sure, I'll Have Boring and Rushed Sex At Table 2 Please!

If the sex gets stale, dry, selfish, boring, routine, or reaches drought mode, it's certainly time to begin questioning what's going on. That is of course, his situation is medical, no offense intended.

6. He Has No Regard For Your Feelings

Relationships are cool because you have two people acting as one unit. It's great to have the differences of two people come together to make beautiful music for the future. But if he gets to a point where your feelings or opinions no longer play a part in anything involving the two of you - and that pretty much means everything - start looking for a lifeline cause you're starting to lose him.

7. Puts You Down Like Dirt, But Expects You To Stick Like Mud

 There something about respect and boundaries that play a part in all women's lives. That means that there is a certain boundary and limit we have already set that triggers exactly how much disrespect we can take before we strike. The crazy thing about women is we don't play fair. We hit you where it hurts and we know exactly where that spot is and precisely how to get there.

8. Oh It's Good For You, But Not For Me.

 Funny how when a guy does something, it's alright. No one in the world can get mad at him cause he's justified. He's a man and no one but a man knows what a man goes through. Spare me. Really. So when it comes down to the woman treating the man the exact same way, then his whole world is rocked. He never pictured it. It took him totally by surprise. Who would have thought, his woman treated him this way. Treat the woman how you want to be treated guys, that's if you really care about her.  

9. Nothing You Do Is Good Enough

Ever when out of your way to dress really hot for your guy? What about do something special like prepare a tantilizing dinner or setting up something romantic? Ever had that deed go unappreciated and nearly spat upon with disdain and negativity? Then you know what it feels like to do everything know to do to please your man, and still end up alone at the end of the day. All the more reason for you to move on.

10. No Talks Of The Future

 So at some point we all get a little jaded about our future. Life is unpredictable in that way. But when you've been with your man for while and it seems as though he's un-interested in what the future will be like between the two of you, it could be he isn't anticipating one. I'm just saying.

11. Your Best Friend Is Your Best Enemy

 Hostility and unforgiveness can lie deep and dormant at the heart of any person. It can allow two best friends who love each other, to turn into people who wish they never met. Once he gets to the point where he's unwilling to forgive and let go of your imperfections, steer clear.

12. He's Willing To See You At Your Worse, To Get To His Best

 I'm all for women working and taking care of their families. But far too often, the guy is at home doing nothing to contribute to bills or house-work, demands money, time, good sex, and a super hottie on his arm to flash to the fellas while giving you grief, heartache, and drama.

13. Lies More Times Than He Says Your Name

 Men have really mastered the art of lying haven't they. The odd part is that as much as they get caught lying, it doesn't keep them from doing it.

14. Makes A Career Out Of Begging

 Sometimes we really feel sorry for them don't we ladies. They look so pitiful begging for us to take them back and promising to change. We should really feel sorry for ourselves because we take them back only to realize the promises were stellar award winning lies.

15. How Dare You Put Your Hands On Me?

 No man should ever hit a woman. There are times when men should defend themselves against abusive women but the man should never be the initiator. If you create excuses for this type of behavior, do more than just leave. Get help.

16. He's Already Committed.

 Guys if you are married, though you nickname this unhappy, living with another woman who deems you as her man, or casually seeing someone else off and on, then this classifies as a prior commitment to a relationship, despite the type or condition. If you're low class enough to want another woman added to your notch, have the decency to be upfront about it.

17. Loves to Run His Mouth, But Then Excuses It By Saying "I Didn't Mean It".

 Words hurt. They also indicate an accurate picture of what we're feeling. If a man has told you time and time again, he doesn't care about you, called you names, and even revealed how much he doesn't love you, don't second guess it when he rants he didn't mean it later. Take it for what it is and use it as wisdom to heal yourself and start a new life with him cut out.


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    • profile image

      Syahira 3 years ago

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    • profile image

      Amanda 3 years ago

      i have 4 mew primes. 1 gegnar prime, absol prime, zekrom full art, reshiram full art, almost every legend piece, 2 yanmega primes, umbreon prime,electrode prime scizor prim, 3 houndoom prime,tyranitar prime, slowking prime, 2 celebi prime, espeon prime, shiny jirachi, shiny deoxs, ursaring prime,and pikachu ultra rare from black and white.

    • DDE profile image

      Devika Primić 5 years ago from Dubrovnik, Croatia

      Valuable points to keep in mind thanks for the helpful Hub

    • profile image

      JJ 5 years ago

      Come on, you forgot the fact that most men now don't look for a future because the divorce laws will kick our a$$ in family court. Also, we will only see our kids IF you allow us too. It is too easy for a woman to get everything, and remove us from our "family life" as you call it.

      Face it, once the male pill is forced through the FDA, and that is what will have to happen; then men will have no reason to commit. The FDA has shot down numerous options men would have had for the past forty years.

      If you want a real relationship, then take yourr stranglehold of relationships, the marital home, and raising kids. It will be best for all of us.

      If not, don't complain!