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When an ex friend goes after your guy

Updated on April 13, 2015

It hurts when another girl is around your guy. It hurts even more when it is someone you know. What if it someone who you used to be friends with and now you are enimies with?

Some girls may tell their friends "Oh that guy is not for you," or give you reasons why you should not be with that guy. The minute you stop being friends with that girl she swoops in and makes a move towards your guy. You feel hurt and betrayed. She said how he was not for you. Was she lying the whole time you were friends with her?

Some girls do it and it hurts. You want to get so mad and scream. You want to go up to the girl and fight with her. You are also scared that the guy will go with her and forget about you. As hard as this sounds and easier said than done he is not worth it. Any guy who is into you and cares about you will not be strayed away easily. When a guy loves you he is focused on you and only you. Any guy who is not is not worth your time.

This could leave you feeling on edge and so insecure. When you develop friendship with other girls in the future and they warn you about a guy you like, you will be scared that they are trying to make a move on that guy. Just because this girl betrayed you does not mean that all girls will. Friends look out for their friends and warn them of getting hurt.

People may make you feel that you should not get upset. They will remind you how you are not friends with this girl anymore so it does not matter. It hurts and it will make you feel vulnerable. You have every right to get upset.

When you are alone cry it out. Vent to people you could trust, write in your journal and do whatever you can to get your feelings off your chest. Don't let these feelings bottle up. The worst thing you could do is have your feelings bottled up. If you do there will come a time when all of those feelings will explode. The minute you get your feelings off your chest the better you will feel.

Your ex friend wants you to get upset. She wants to see you fail. If you go after her she will get her satisfaction. Ignoring someone is hard to do and you have every right to stand up for yourself. Whatever you do, do not let her win. Be the bigger person. She did something low and whatever you do make sure you do not do anything that will make you feel even lower.

Know that there are better guys out there. There is a guy out there who will want to be with you. If this guy strays let him. He was not worth your time anyway. You will meet a guy who you can trust and who will stick by your side through thick and thin. You deserve to be with a guy who does not give into temptation that easily.

Be confident. Know you are worth so much more. Know that you could meet a guy who adores you and wants to be with you and only you. Do not let this girl get the best of you. Yes, she did something horrible but he is just one guy. There are a million of guys in the world and there is a guy out there who will be the one. The guy who is the one will do anything not to lose you and he will not risk what he has with you.

You are an amazing person. She did you a favor. You do not want to be with a guy like this. This girl has to deal with karma one day. The way she made a pass at your guy is the same thing that another girl will do to her. If he forgot about you to this girl, then he will forget about her to someone else. You might not see it right away, but you will eventually. Then you will be with someone new who adores you and you could have the last laugh.

Have you ever had an ex friend try to steal your guy before?

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