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When it Comes To Breaking Up Do Women Need To Man Up? Why Do Women Fall So Hard?

Updated on October 12, 2015


Some women and men have described their break up similar to a death in the family. All of their hopes and dreams were embedded in this relationship.

They did everything ‘Cosmo magazine’ told them to do and yet, they are still single.They did everything their mother told them to do and yet, they have a trail of broken promises and, a naked ring finger.How you deal with your emotions, could be the root of the problem.

This article is about how to overcome a bad break up and move on with the power of forgiveness and grace.

Why Do Women Fall So Hard?

The Side Effects Caused By Breaking Up.

Oh Yes, the wonderful world of chocolate , it eases the pain, and also packs on the calories. Some women blame their weight gain on their breakup.

It's his entire fault! if he would've stayed with you; you would have left that box of Ben & Jerry's chocolate fudge brownie ice cream alone. Your breakup, is the reason why you tore through that box of chocolate like mad wolverine.

Why do women turn to chocolate or food after a break up?

"Emotional eating is eating for reasons other than hunger," says Jane Jakubczak, a registered dietitian at the University of Maryland. "Instead of the physical symptom of hunger initiating the eating, an emotion triggers the eating."

Food fills a void that cannot be sealed by man or materialistic value and so does substance abuse.

Breakups prompt a hunger inside. Most women search to find a quick solution to heal the nagging pain of rejection.

Don't Wilt Away

Wilted flower
Wilted flower | Source

Don't Do This After A Break Up Ladies

1. Tell everyone you know and just met about it that will listen, everybody already knows...Stop! Get A Hold Of Yourself Woman!

2. One box of ice cream is okay within your comfort zone, two boxes, is a major no- no.

3. Please don’t drink...constantly. Not only could you suffer from a horrible hangover the next morning but, you could be an angry drunk, which will only make matters worse.

4. Please don't cry forever. How long is forever? If your Ex has moved on, married and started a family, this is a clear sign that you have mourned too- long

This Is Forever...

What Upsets Women the Most about Breaking Up Is The Way That it All Went Down...

The way we broke up, Is the agonizing thought which seems to baffle most women. In many cases some women feel as if they did everything right. They cooked for the man cleaned for the guy; they acted like the perfect wife material, what went wrong? Why did he break up with me over dinner, at our favorite restaurant, via email or text message?

Women, these are guys that we are dealing with, most of them do not know the proper way to break up with a woman.

Ignoring The Signs Only Leads To Fighting, & Living Together While Dating Can Lead To More Heartache

Most women choose to ignore the signs; however ignoring difference within a marriage can be hard to do if you are living together.

Marriage therapist who suggest that couples refrain from living together when dating, are providing the best advice, due to the fact that if the relationship does not work out, they can easily back away from problem.

A Break Up Is Harder To Overcome If You're Living Together

It's Not Going To Work Out Folks

The Drama Behind The Breakup

The Pain Behind The Breakup (Sex and the city) Big And Carrie Break Up

Why Does It Appear That Men Move On Faster After A Breakup Verses Women?

There are advantages to being a man, they don't have that time of month, and most men know how to move on mentally after a break up.

Some women, have learned to deal with their PMS problems for the most part, but that moving on part after a breakup, many women have not mastered this hurdle.

It appears as if men have harem of women to choose from. A man can seemingly be a hundred years old and still land gorgeous woman. And if a man has enough charm and money, they can have a wife and a mistress too.

This unfair notion bothers women, to the point in which some discouraged women begin to ponder about the woman that may have taken her place. An evil envy against the imagined other- woman, could occur if the wound of rejection does not fully heal after a breakup.

It would appear that men have a stronger support system than women. They have friends that help them shrug off a breakup. However I do feel that some men may feel the same pain, which is not expressed through emotion.

This Is Why Guys Get Over Breakups Quicker Than Women, Learn How To Man Up Ladies!

Yet, It Seems That Most Women Have An Annoying Circle of Fiends That Don't Make Them Feel Good About Being Single...Again.

It's Over Now It's Time To Move On...But How?


Seek Helpful Advice

Some doctor's call it the cold turkey method.

One day you're thinking about the breakup and the next day your doing everything in your power to stop thinking about it. Most men are great at the cold turnkey method.

If the breakup has taken years out of your life, consider talking to a relationship therapist. Grief could set in and even anger if the breakup had to do with deception. This can also be a crisis in some cases, if a wedding was to take place and now everything has been called off, you could be dealing with trust issues.

There is nothing wrong with seeing a faithful therapist over your breakup. By seeking out professional counseling, this could give your friends and family a break.

Everyone needs a good friend, who is respectful and loyal towards what your are going through. Make sure to surround yourself with people who are not reluctant to reveal their hardships or weakness as well. Stay close to friends that care unconditionally about your pain. Also embrace friendships that promote grace and forgiveness.

Grace: The love and mercy given to us by God, because God desires us to have it, not because of anything we have done to earn it"

If you don't believe in God, take time out to discover the Master of unconditional love. Talk to other believers that have moved on through the grace of God.

Forgiveness: Just because you forgive someone, does not mean that you should let your guard down. Forgive- and move on. Free yourself from the bondage of hurt emotions. By changing your lifestyle. Create new circumstances for yourself through constant prayer.

Love Yourself! Faithful Love Will Seek Out An Honest Relationship


Take Time Out To Love Yourself

I Know there may be women out there wondering, "What the heck does that mean? Love yourself?"

After a breakup you may feel unloved. Replace that negative feeling by loving yourself. If you have to look outside yourself to find love, the problem could be that "you", are having a hard time being true to yourself. What value can you possible add to a relationship, if you don't respect yourself?

take a break from dating spend time with yourself. Create the desire to want to date again.

Sure you may say, “I'm tired of spending time with myself, that's why I got/had a boyfriend.” Ladies you should never get tired of spending time with yourself. Trust me, by the time you do find the right guy, and you have kids. you will be begging for some alone time. Look at this period in your life, as alone time. And if your kids are all grown and you desire to find the right guy, find spiritual healing through church and quality friendships before you date again.

Now I understand that there are some bad circumstances out there. The guy promised that he would marry you, and then he ran off and married another woman either half your age. or perhaps he ran off with a dude.

Perhaps you were engaged and he was never ready or fully committed. Well the ball is still in your court. Sometimes you have to find out what is unacceptable in a relationship, to help prepare you- for what is acceptable.

You got to crawl before you walk. And if you've been crawling for a long time, don't give up. This means that the guy in store for you, is worth the journey.

Emunah La-Paz

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