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When something is on Your Mind-Bothering Your Emotions You Cannot Switch Off

Updated on June 19, 2012

Here's How To Switch Off From Any Emotional Problem!

By Dale Ovenstone 2012

Mind chatter, mind clatter, defeat the enemy within!

Are you sometimes feeling depressed, sad, maybe lonely, extremely angry, or even cheated, or is there another notion bothering you that is so strong, you just can’t seem to switch off?

Within this article are a few small & simple insights I want to share with you that are the first steps to clearing your mind for a restful life & a good nights sleep but more so, inside this new book ‘When something is on Your Mind-Bothering Your Emotions You Cannot Switch Off’ I share with you the 'end all' solution which, with a little practice, will actually aid you in ‘clearing out your mind junk once & for all so that you may fully function adequately during your daily tasks thus, realize yourself a good night’s sleep! & more importantly, FREE YOURSELF from these very negative thought chains so that you can become strong emotionally, once again!’

In fact, the technique I’m about to share is so simple it is extremely highly effective, I practice the methods myself in times of need & so do others, successfully, once I show them how to correct themselves within their mindful emotions so now, as I see so much emotional turmoil everywhere I go, I would love to share with you just a sample from this new ‘self help’ book titled ‘When something is on Your Mind-Bothering Your Emotions You Cannot Switch Off’ enabling you to get back on track, although, it may take a little practice & perseverance for you to master the full technique covered inside the book, but, never give up, these are emotional exercises you practice all by yourself so keep adhering to these methods because I'm sure, there is hope for you too!


Read on. Enjoy.

When something troubles you, your first sign, or automatic response inclination is, your mind just cannot rest; you can’t sleep at all as you should do, your emotions & your daily activities become total turmoil, & so in other words, you just cannot function as you should do as a calm & capable human being because no matter how hard you try, you can’t switch off from the problem.

& why we behave this way is quite normal human behavior, focusing on, or should I say ‘drawn to’ our very emotional problem which is most forefront on our mind.

Often, you know very well what this problem that pesters you is, but other times, you just can’t seem to put your finger on it but you do know, deep inside, something, in your mind, just doesn’t feel right, or just has to be sorted out.

& mainly, these bad vibes manifest within relationship problems, family issues, also business deals or work situations besides many other aspects of your life too.

Thus, a cycle begins, a highly negative vibe, carrying itself around & around directly from your very mind, which affects you emotionally & physically, daily, & nightly, maybe affecting everyone close to you or around you, affecting your living experiences & the quality of your well being, your sleep, your health & even your spiritual soul are deeply affected too.

Thus, you open up the flood gates, which could even encourage depression to manifest its ugly head!


Problem 1: Because, you are constantly drawn to that very thought that is bothering you, (& it is always seems a negative one) yes, you are DRAWN to this problem, emotionally, mentally, encouraging FOCUS, encouraging you to constantly THINK ABOUT IT, valuable ATTENTION encourages you to try to work it all out inside your head, draining your resources, hoping to resolve your turmoil because, you focus so much onto this problem. You are thus drawn to it so there must be a way for you to come to terms with what is bothering you so you try to work it out the way you THINK you know how to, in your head, in your mind!

But, this 'forced' way of dealing with such emotional situations is highly dangerous to both your health & your quality of life. In fact, what you are really doing is, stoking up your emotion & blocking your (positive) outcome, whilst creating more of the same, negativity!

Thus, you encourage your own negative emotion(s)! You will get the same as!

All will become clear to you as you read onwards.

Problem 2: Also, say you just don’t understand what your problem is right now, but you feel, on a higher sense, an emotional feeling, something is just not right within your life at this very time but you just can't pinpoint what it is, this will be your intuition trying to tell you something, so take heed to this hidden message from above for you must act upon what your 6th sense it telling you!

Your intuition is there for a reason! Mainly, it could even be a warning for you to adhere to, for the best for you in the long term providing you directions & choices even though, right now, it just doesn’t seem to make sense & you need a ‘sure’ answer to go by.

But really, both these problems highlighted above can be resolved slowly but surely once you know how to, also, to follow all of what I’m going to share with you inside the book will not only free your mind but, will actually encourage your abilities of nurturing your 6th sense (your intuition) which will be your friend for life once you understand the principles & practices you therefore take ensuring, you make the right decisions in the future & follow your hearts direction & desires & not what your ego tells you to do.

So how do we go about dealing with these mental & emotional mishaps & blockages?

I thought you’d never ask.

Well, within ‘When something is on Your Mind-Bothering Your Emotions You Cannot Switch Off’ I provide unto you the ‘end all’ solution ‘that will finally put your mind to rest’ but, you would be wise to attempt these two scenarios outlined below, first.


Here are just 2 ways to do this:


Go somewhere, a quiet secluded place you can actually, shout out your emotions & your anger as loud & for as long as you can! When you do, you can feel the diminish of old stale negativity leaving your body from your breath, breath in deep after each shout & feel the power of ‘new’ bright positive ions flooding your whole body! This helps a great deal when there is something negative on your mind but the effects may be short lasting.

2: As your emotions seem bottled up, try talking, confiding in another that is trust worthy, who you feel comfortable with & whom you know you can open up enabling you to tell all your problems to. Get it off your chest!

Now, these two scenarios will help somewhat but later on, when you are all alone, you may still be suffering your emotional turmoil so now, I would like to share with you just a section of your solution.

Here it is:

First step:

GET OUT OF YOUR HEAD! Your head is where your ego is at! Whereas, your decisions & actions are constraint by these very thoughts, from your ego, this is not where wise choices are performed!

Get out of your head! Simple really, there is a little more involved to this action but, your mind constantly focuses on your problem therefore, you must divert your attention by focusing away from your mind. From your troubles & there is a highly effective way for you to achieve all of this quite easily so I encourage you to take action, not tomorrow, but right now.

Inside ‘When something is on Your Mind-Bothering Your Emotions You Cannot Switch Off’ you will find the practical steps outlined to do just this, getting out of your head, DROPPING YOUR EGO enabling you to forget your negatives, instead, enabling your mind to install new positives all by themselves, with the very solutions that only YOU are seeking to become uncovered, enabling you to define your own personal answer on a truer & open spiritualist level, & thus, to take appropriate ‘correct’ action so that you can begin to live your life to the fullest whilst becoming the calmest & happiest you can ever be.

I want to help you, I been in your position so you have the choice to either purchase this book or, I can give you a copy as I am giving just a few away, all I ask in return is that you would leave me your honest opinion, on Amazon, where the book is on offer, also, I would really appreciate for you to leave a comment right here beneath this article letting others know, after, giving you a copy of ‘When something is on Your Mind-Bothering Your Emotions You Cannot Switch Off’ absolutely free with the sincere notion that it will help you out, coming to terms with your turmoil's & how to deal with each one once & for all.

Interested, just sign into hubpages via my link below (if you are not yet a member) contact me from my profile page on hubpages by sending me a private message, telling me why you would like this book, I will therefore take heed of your plight & send you a copy via your email address.

Regards Dale Ovenstone 2012


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    • Inspired to write profile imageAUTHOR

      Dale J Ovenstone 

      6 years ago from Wales UK

      Thank you for commenting yssubramanyam, too many times, folk will act on the wrong decision.

      Regards Dale

    • yssubramanyam profile image


      6 years ago from india, nellore. andhrapradesh

      lif eis with full of emotions, but ,emotional life is baseless. people do say that weak area and strong area of our way of living. i call it as human tendency to invent or cultivate opposites. negativity can be called as less positivity or more inclusiveness. never promise , when you are under over joy, at the same time , do not take a decicion under tentioned /preoccupied mind. excellent hub. i love it.


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