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When to Let Go of a Crush

Updated on September 29, 2014

Having a crush on someone is a wonderful feeling. You can't stop smiling and you are always thinking of that special person. Anything and everything reminds you of your crush. Then something happens that makes having a crush not so good.

We can't control who we have feelings for. Some people do not return the love and it ends up with us getting our hearts broken.

If a guy is not giving you the time of day just walk away. Do you want to be with someone who will not give you a chance? If a guy makes you feel that if you are not good enough, you should not be with him.

You could do anything and everything but if the feeling is not there, it is not there. You cannot make someone love you. All it will do is end up in heartbreak and exhustion.

It hurts when we feel second to that person. They pay more attention to someone else than they do to us. That is when you have to move on.

Sometimes we fall for people who are bad for us. We have to know when the time comes to walk away.

Just because you love someone does not mean that you should be with them. Know your worth and focus on someone who will give you a chance. The worst thing you could do is go after someone who cannot appreciate you.

There is a right person for everybody. It is all about timing. When you least expect it you will find that special someone. For everyone who won't give you the chance, you are one step closer to the one who loves you unconditionally.

Have you ever loved someone who never gave you a chance?

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    • Jpanaro982 profile image

      Jpanaro982 3 years ago from Eastchester

      Hang in there it takes time finding the right person. There is a right person for everybody

    • profile image

      PDGG 3 years ago

      I've been in this situation more than my fair share. I'm in it right now actually. It sucks so bad. I just don't have luck when it comes to romantic love. I've decided to let him go (again) and try to move on. It's not easy, I see him every day at work and he's just such an awesome man. But he has no idea I am in love with him, (for about 3 years now) and he is unavailable anyway. Thank you for your words. I know I deserve someone who loves me, too. I just don't know where he is and if we will ever find each other. Oh well. I just have to keep smiling. :)