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Finding the Courage to Love Again

Updated on July 14, 2020
Pam Morris profile image

Writing is my passion. I have an undying thirst and quest in the field of writing. Some eat, drink, or use drugs when stressed; I write.

If you’ve experienced a broken heart, you understand it is not a pleasant feeling. While you can't coerce someone to fall in love with you, “Love is one of the most ardent emotions known to humans.”

The dilemma in almost every relationship is, few men will admit they desire to find that one special woman to love and be his partner. Most males hide their feeling and avoid a relationship to prevent getting hurt. And some fail to commit because they WANT to live up to the society that believes all men want a different woman every night.

Men need specific things from a woman to commit, but it comes automatically for a woman once she spends time with a guy she attractive to. And it very easy to commit once she’s been intimate with the right man. Relationship experts conclude that deep down men WANT to be in a committed relationship as much as women do, but fail to commit because they don’t want to come across as 'soft,' seem 'thirsty', or appear 'destitute' to a woman.

Maybe it seems as if a commitment is something males are not capable of, naturally some are not but of course... it’s NOT TRUE of all men. It takes a special woman to assist a man to invest in a relationship, especially one who never shares a connection. Commitment is something that ANYONE can choose to make, but what every woman needs to understand when it comes to males and commitment, not all men can commit.

It’s tough for males to commit, some is the bad boy who’s never been in a committed relationship, and the guy that is getting out of a nasty break-up unable to commit again. There are a few men that can be the man of any woman’s dreams, someone a woman can date for years and get him to commit to dream about her all night during bedtime.

A woman can be relatively far into her life before she securely identifies how to be in a place where she can have the courage to commit to a powerful attraction and personal attachment.

To yield to emotion and feel the joy that comes from the courage to say, ‘I Love You,’ a journey into self-awareness that opens the heart to the vulnerabilities integrated into the look of possibilities, a course that can genuinely transform a woman’s life to the potential where she can live freely again.

When you embrace the love life has to offer, you can achieve and accomplish appreciation ​in both your personal and professional life. Love and courage, two relevant quotes, To love and be loved is to feel the sun from both sides.” — David Viscott. and “Staying vulnerable is a risk we have to take if we want to experience connection.” — Brene Brown.

Sometimes courage is the quiet voice articulating to you speaking, ‘I will love again.’ Vulnerability is courage in you but, your life’s mission should be to understand and learn how to express yourself fearlessly. Vulnerability is not weakness, it helps you accept ways to love yourself more, place you on a journey that can bring you face to face with ‘One’ to “surrender” whole-hearted that your life is radically transformed into a haven of delight so you can love again.

When a woman gets hurt, she puts up a big brick wall and a “do not enter” sign — but until she is healed as far as loving a man, it will be like walking into a roadway blocked by a construction zone that states messy and dangerous.

When she has an urge to be loved, she only put up walls to keep the wrong guy out, but when the right man comes along, he gives her the courage to love again, and she takes down all defense barriers.

A smart woman knows how to put up brick walls and remove them when she finds someone worth loving again. Also, an intelligent young lady will not sacrifice her liberties; she is unbreakable, and she will be the best thing that has ever happened to a man in a long, long time.

Underneath the layers of doubt and distance is a loving woman with a heart that has been devised just for the right man.

The indisputable truth about a woman getting close to a man, she gives him a part of her soul, and once she does that, the man owns her heart and holds controls; she can’t help but feel butterflies when he looks at her.

The moment things go wrong, she feels like she is going into battle with no protection and left with an overwhelming urge to run away, leaving her inexplicably empty.

The emptiness leaves her feeling as she ran over by a train, she strives to step back from that ledge, it could push her over. Most of all, it leaves her asking herself, “What do I do when there’s nothing but pain left inside.”

Remember; ‘Love’ is something that can be very complicated and it can sometimes be magic. It has a way of ripping out a woman’s heart and making it tough to gain control of her emotions.

The thing is, when ‘Love’ hit you in your heart and life knocks you down you have to figure out how to get back up to get right back on that horse that threw you hard.

Keep going, with a desire to be stronger. You must find the courage to love again and not allow the idea that your heart before affects you.

The thing is, when you hurt like no other, at that moment, you don’t know what you need. All you know, there is an awful pain, and your aching heart is screaming please, please, stop!
To find the courage to love again, you must gain control of your emotions, thoughts, and sanity, that was taken from you, but it won’t be easy.

After being injured, you left with an enormous amount of angry and hurt you don’t understand. It wound you without compassion and direction as you want to find a way out, and there no way you can function properly until the pain stops.

When a woman experiences her first love; she knows nothing about love. Nothing except she feels a secure connection to another. Consequently, to find the courage to love again; the woman who is hurt has to accept the pain she been through.

It is also essential in any aspect, to focus on the strengths and builds on them to realize her purposes. Also, know that one of the fundamental needs of all human beings is the need for love, although some people need to love more than others.

The necessity of love was formed after God created Adam, the very first man to walk the earth. When he saw he was lonely, he created a woman and called her Eve as 'Love' is the most significant gift God ever gave to a man and woman.

Some feel one should never be too attached to individuals or things of this world; they are transient. Nonetheless, when a woman finds the man of her dreams, she loves with all her heart, and the young lady cares about the man far more than anything, chances are, she is never going to find such love again, so, she had never supposed to let him go.

Although, some people heart seems to protest loudly, declaring that it doesn’t want to be anyone else’s because it is safer if it were only their own.

In conclusion, when I met my first love, my life consists of a dull colored black and white development and I was one big mess. But after meeting Him, he gave my life a beautiful color, and it became as elegant as some of the prettiest colors in the crayon carton box.

He patiently waited for me to pull myself together. It didn't happen overnight, but with his love and support, I found myself and soon after He proposed to me and, we married.

I learn the many obstacles that stand in the way are there to prevent whoever allows it from loving, but if you dare to open your heart, let go of all the pain and 'Love' it is well worth having again. Plus, when you encounter love, it helps you love yourself more and contribute to you becoming whole.

Also bear in mind, although finding that special someone is fantastic, you still have to have the courage to open your heart to start all over again, share an exceptional love by letting go of all hurt and love again; it's not easy to give someone else a piece of your heart because it is scary.

Giving someone a part of your heart is probably one of the weakest things a person can do, but it can also give you the power to make yourself whole again. However, unless you want to end up alone, you have to take that leap of faith as one day there will be someone who will genuinely catch you and love you unconditionally, giving you the courage to love again.

"Finding The Courage to Love Again.”

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The best of Love Songs Collection(1) Never lose hope, find the courage to LOVE again.

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How to Love Again After Being Hurt

Have you given up on love?
Why some people can’t find love?
Falling in love again: If you want to know how to love again and experience a better relationship, here are steps that can help you experience a happier relationship and a better life
Here is the biggest secret I can tell you about why good relationships often end: Every human being is, to some degree, intolerant of love..
You can’t find love because you’re not giving yourself the opportunity to find love.
Accept that your old relationship is history: If you want to love again someday, learn to accept that your relationship is over. Many heartbroken lovers pine and dwell over lost relationships like they’ve lost their own lives. It could feel that way, true, but it’s all in your head.
Almost all the time, many lovers who endure bad relationships and failed romances give up on ever finding true love. They just assume love doesn’t exist, and think it’s something all people call a relationship where two people put up with each other and sacrifice their happiness for the other person.
It’s really that simple. The only person stopping yourself from finding love is yourself.
Learn from where you went wrong: The breakup may have come out of the blue, or it may have been a series of little fights that led to your partner calling the relationship off and walking away. But whatever the reasons may be, even if you have no need to blame yourself, learn from the relationship.
It’s an easy way to squirm out of a situation where you may partly be at fault. Denying that love exists is a coward’s way of lying to the world that they failed or haven’t met anyone who’s worth living for.
If you’ve endured an unsuccessful relationship or have suffered a painful break up, take your time to get your own life back in order. And when you’re ready to look for that special someone, take a leap of faith and dive headfirst into love.
Enjoy your spanking new single status: It’s a case of the grass being greener on the other side, but for once, learn to enjoy the other aspect of the fence. You’re single, so start loving it!

The Courage to Love - Poem

"To Be Loved" Jackie Wilson

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2017 Pam Morris


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