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Updated on August 19, 2016

Destined In Love

When Two Are Meant To Be, Mountainous Obstacles Await.

When the heart knows you are destined in love, mountainous obstacles await, when two are meant to be. Fight with all your might, never give up, and never let go. The sands of time hold the gateway into everlasting life, as well as an everlasting end. Do you seek to fight? Or do you seek to give-up? Do you run? Do you hide? Or, do you harness the reigns and defeat the enemy of separation? When you are destined in love, fight. When you are destined in love, let God work the miracle of manifestation. Dream, believe, and pray; for the works of the heart, they are the works of the Creator. Elevate your vibration and whisper not defeat. Embrace the darkness. Embrace the light. Know your Power. Know your Strength. Believe in the knowing of your Truth; for the Destiny of Love awaits you. When two are meant to be and when the mountainous obstacles present themselves, see and know the destination. Keep your eye on the outcome and tackle every goal. Be strategic and win. Win the heart of the love you seek; for that same love, seeks to win you, too. Be Love. Live in Peace. What are your thoughts?


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