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When Your Relationship Goes Bad - Pick Up The Pieces Or...

Updated on May 2, 2011

What should you do when your relationship goes bad?

What should you do when your relationship goes bad? Do you pick up the pieces and try to fix it or do you get on with your life? It's pretty easy for someone else to tell you that you should just forget about that person you love and find someone new.

Guess what. It likely was not your fault and it probably wasn't your partners fault. It simple happened. You just went in different directions. Pick up the pieces and begin fresh. It could even be a blessing. Because, your next relationship may be the one to end all relationships.

People's interest change no matter how much they believe they are compatible with one another. As time goes by your feelings and interests change. If you're not in tune with your mate you both begin to develop different interests. As distressing as it looks, this is really a healthy thing. If people stop developing and learning then they stop living. And, if you're not living then you're dead. And, that's unquestionably not a good thing.


There's not one couple who don't have at the least a couple of troubles in their relationship. Occasionally, we look at TV and trust that there are perfect relationships out there. This is definitely not the way it is in real life. There aren't  any couples that I know and probably none that you know that have not endured storms within their relationship. Every flourishing relationship has it's good and bad times.

Even I went through this. When my husband and I were first married it was all peaches and cream. We were both happy and happy with each other. But, everything was changed when we had our first child. We were both so new to being parents that we simply didn't know what to do. I was always exhausted and felt unattractive. He didn't know how to make me feel better. So, we began to slowly drift apart from one another.

I woke up one day and just realized that I could no longer go on like this. What was I going to do when my relationship went bad? We had become like common acquaintances instead of like a husband and a wife should be. This is when I knew I was in a bad relationship since I had no idea what my husband felt about me and I wasn't even sure what I felt about him. All of this got me to come alive from this crape life style we were in and do something about it!

We both wanted to pick up the pieces and start rebuilding our relationship...



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    • profile image

      downtoearth 4 years ago

      At times it's better to just end things and move on. I stayed in a relationship with my ex mainly because of the pressure from my family and friends. We met at a young age, had been together for years and had a 4 years old son when I unexpectedly met the woman of my life. That was literally love at first sight. Never in my life had I experienced such strong feelings. Only to realize few weeks later that my ex was pregnant for the second time. I was devastated but was too coward to do what I knew was best for me. I took my son and future child as an excuse to remain in that relationship because I was too scared and confused. I regreted my choice bitterly. The woman I was still in love with moved on. How could I blame her for that. Well to make long story short, years went on until I finally decided to end my relationship with my ex. Thought it was more fair for both of us and I didn't want to be such a bad example for my children. I managed to contact the love of my life, she had just ended her own relationship as well. We took things very slow but we have now been in a very healthy, happy and loving relationship for 7 years. I'm the happiest man ever, my ex also found a man that suits her so much better and our children are well balanced and happy kids. So I would advise anyone NEVER to listen to friends or family if you find yourself in my situation. Follow your heart, it will lead you to the right place. This is what I want to teach my kids. Never remain in an unfulfilling relationship because of supposed 'duties' or 'responsabilities' or because of what people might say. And if you meet the ONE never let her go. God didn't put her on your path for no reason.

    • glorgeousmom profile image

      Glo L Bernadas 6 years ago from Philippines

      Marriage is not always a bed of roses. There's a lot of hit and miss. Family responsibilities can get a toll on your marriage. But when you are totally committed to make your marriage work come hell or come shine, then your marriage will survive against all odds especially if you will put God in the center of your marriage.