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Top Signs You Will Never Find a Great Man Ever Again - Dating Advice For Women

Updated on June 2, 2017

Your Journey To Enlightenment Begins Here

Social Retardation

Apart from all the ways I make a living, I am also a very qualified date coach, especially for people learning how to divorce. You might say I am much better as a coach than as an attractor. My clients, both male and female have all made it out of the slump. Some have gone onto find the love of their life, while others have lived the single life abundantly.

People find my services online seeking dating advice and I now understand the reasons why.

Why are my services in demand? Here it is:

The older we get, the more socially retarded we become, more prevalent in a life after divorce.

There, I said it.

And before we go on, I will not be 'politically correct'. The word retarded is an English word. I am against all forms of language control. Much of our political correctness leads to the worst divorce advice.

It's why we all have so much fun as kids, adolescents and young adults. At that age we are socially competent. We are not socially retarded at that age.

Actually, when we hit the mark of being a young adult, this is where the retardation begins.

This is when we begin to really listen to the mainstream media, fashion magazines, advice columns written by bitter and twisted others, feminist groups, angry political groups, advertisers and our own inner demons.

It begins to clog the mind and starve our brains of much needed oxygen. The oxygen is the life force. We forget that others breathe that same oxygen and we forget that we are ALL connected. If you go long enough without that connection to your life force, you become socially retarded.

Lock yourself in your home for one year, emerge and tell me I am wrong.

Stay married to the wrong person for several years, divorce, then try to get back in the field and tell me I am wrong.

Here are some signs that you have become a social retard:

  • Too many things offend you
  • You cringe at every swear word
  • You prefer to be home watching 'reality tv' than on a date
  • You don't know when you are having an inappropriate conversation for the situation (Try talking about lactation on your first date...)
  • The moment your date walks in, you judge him as not your type before he has even said hi
  • You have become a prude about sex and think a man must jump through hoops of fire to even get a first kiss
  • You see all men as the same that just want 'one thing'
  • Guys seem to have given up on giving you attention

When you begin to see the social scene as very painful, you have become socially retarded. You will seek knowledge in how to divorce, find your freedom and then eventually wish to still hide from the world. When you no longer take social, adventurous risks as you did when you were younger, you have become a social retard.

When you dress up to look amazing and then you shoot down every guy who tries to approach you, you have become completely socially retarded. Generally, after divorce, women complain about the low quality of men around them. Remember, they won't be approaching forever. If you aren't nice to men, they get to a point where they don't even bother with you. We will come back to this later.

Now, I have seen the customs of other countries, such as Saudi Arabia, where men and women are segregated everywhere. This includes no cinemas, no bars or nightclubs, not even restaurant gatherings unless you can prove that you are married and there is no public cross gender social interaction allowed.

When I see how we behave in the western world, it almost feels like the same thing. We have become so self restricting that I wonder why people bother to dress up and spend so much money on alcohol at all. When I think about it, here are my thoughts:

  • Men dress up in order to try and meet a sexy, classy woman and either find a great relationship and/or find a one night stand
  • Women dress up in order to be 'perved at' by men so that they feel validated that they are beautiful and then push the men away. They also want to dress up to impress other women and compare themselves to other women around them.

Women have a great advantage as they are validated, feel like princesses, treated to free drinks, dance freely amongst each other and some take great pleasure in shooting down men, while they are young and gorgeous.

This situation does not serve men at all. They must be smarter and perhaps look for more fulfilling entertainment than going out to bars to be shot down by women.

Over time, the more rejection men face, the more they become, not-so-great.

I will share with you what happened to chivalry.

Men have become socially retarded because they do not seem to be rewarded for doing the right things, such as buying flowers and then being put in the dreaded friendzone because of it. Imagine you punish your dog when it makes the effort to pee outside and you pat it on the head when it humps your visitor...

When a man does great things for a woman he really likes, many of my male clients explain to me that they are put in that friend zone, with no way out. They learn over time that giving flowers and gifts is a bad move that does not get them a girlfriend.

When we were young, these gestures worked because we were all open. But at some point the men asked, "What happened? Giving gifts once worked. But now treating her like I don't care seems to work even more!"

Social retardation happened...

We have forgotten the simplest of the simplest social constructs. We have made it VERY hard to co-exist. We are all walking around utterly socially retarded.

Great Men Are Giving Up On Social Rejection

You Are Paying For The Crimes of Other Women - Dating advice for women

Here is some blunt dating advice for women. Some of it may not relate to you personally, but seeks to generalize to western feminist culture.

Some of you are relationship criminals.

"Oh no! Not me, you sexist male!" some of you are saying.

Some of you are the killers of gentlemen. Men are seeking advice on how to divorce, feeling strangled. Some of you are complete emasculators. Some of you have been acting like such princesses, believing that men are fairly disposable and should be there for your financial means and your mood swings. Some of you are cold and calculating. Some of you believe that your looks will get you through life. Some of you are cursed by your beauty because you have never needed to learn social grace, manners and to be modest enough to accept compliments gracefully. Some of you have shown gentlemen that treating a woman as a special gift only gets him rejection, the friend zone and constant loneliness.

At this very moment, just some of you reading this are angry with me. "You sexist, loser male! You know nothing! Men are pigs!"

But those who are not criminals who are reading this know what I am talking about. And for the very few innocents out there, who are worthy of a great man, you are paying for the crimes of those relationship criminals.

Let's first define a relationship criminal through the eyes of men. A relationship criminal:

  • Believes a man should provide financially but should expect nothing in return except for her attention
  • Uses sex as a commodity
  • Uses the denial of sex as blackmail
  • Does not return phone calls or SMSes
  • Is not clear from the beginning about her 'friendship only' feelings for a guy, yet still accepts many gifts because it makes her feel validated
  • Does not appreciate the man she has and constantly tries to change his behaviour the way in which she tries to change her hairstyle
  • Berates her man in public
  • Believes she is the most important person in the relationship
  • Denies him access to their child (After divorce)
  • Allows him to buy her drinks and then happily walks away without a conversation
  • Feels that constant mood swings are all ok and is acceptable behaviour, because she is a woman
  • Says she is looking for a gentleman. When he shows up, she goes for the bad boy
  • Attempts to control who he is friends with
  • Complains they never do anything together, yet never bothers to plan anything, expecting him to do it
  • Fails to appreciate how hard he works and berates him for not spending enough time together
  • Complains they do not spend enough time together and when he gives up work to spend time with her, she begins complaining they don't have enough money to do anything
  • Begins giving him the attention he really wants only after he loses interest in her

Men talk. Especially guys who are seeking divorce advice or are just living a happy single life. You may not realise this, but most guys will quickly connect to other guys around them searching for a 'back up bro'. If two male strangers meet, within five minutes they will quickly become great friends based on being the victim of a relationship criminal.

Commonly, you will hear these new best bros say, "Western women are so painful! They dress up to impress and then shoot every man down once she has her beauty validated!" or, "You buy flowers for the woman you really like these days and automatically she puts you in the friend zone. When I treat 'em mean, they seem to stay keen!"

Here is one HUGE plus that I have noticed though between men and women. Men love looking at porcelain dolls. BUT men love a nice girl. We do! We would prefer to date a down-to-earth, pretty woman than a porcelain doll.

True, first impressions count. And women know this. That is why the cunning ones spend more time on their looks than on their personality. And men fall for it most times. Even the greatest ones. But this is not a reason to say men only want sex or are shallow.

When YOU see the perfect slice of chocolate cake, does it make your mouth water? We look at attractive women the same way a fat kid looks at a cup cake. But it doesn't make us shallow. We just love first impressions.

But trust me, we learn that most of these women are not worthy of spending our one life with. Beauty fades and is a curse. Most beautiful women you meet have never needed to, or have never tried to learn modesty, kindness, the art of giving more than taking and of course, feminine grace.

While you ask if chivalry is dead, men are asking if modesty and grace are dead.

And this being said, guys search for hope. They seek a woman who is fit and healthy (Natural to do so from a genetic level), but we search for a woman who looks amazing without much make up.

But MOST IMPORTANTLY, we search for a woman who is kind to everyone BUT gives clear signals to a man she is interested in. Clear signals is a very vital piece of dating advice for women.

We are open to approach you. You must be open after we approach. The relationship criminals will shut men down to a point that they either no longer approach or just embarrass themselves, using alcohol to numb their fears of rejection.

I have dated a major princess in the past.

My bad.

I was first attracted to her looks and then chose to look past her rude, princess-like, narcissistic behaviour and there was nothing I could do.

She is now happily dating a large guy with some money and she doesn't need a career or even a job. Suits me fine.

So guys are sold upfront on looks. But the relationship criminals will abuse this fact and take those men for all that they can until those men are all siphoned.

It is up to YOU to rescue them from oblivion. Be an open, caring, giving, feminine creature who is happy to talk to anyone, searching for good conversation and I promise that soon you will have the greatest men around you and you will have a greater choice.

And those relationship criminals will one day realise that their beauty was at its highest during the years they were supposed to learn to be humble. And the following years, as those looks fade, will bring great suffering.

You can work on your physical beauty. But when you have it, this is your greatest time to learn modesty and a giving, internally beautiful ethic.

Men Are Finding Amazing Women Abroad

Your Best Men Are Importing Asian and Eastern European Women

I won't spend too much laboring over this point, because importantly, this is NOT all men or ALL women. It is more of a general, statistical trend. Inside of the statsitical data are real people.

In western culture, women have the power. You know it. Congratulations. How much happier are you? I hazard a guess that you are not-so-happy because you have made it all this way to the end.

To prove who wields the power, set up an online dating profile as a man and begin trying to approach women. Be polite, kind and funny. Observe how few replies you actually get.

Then, notice how you can reply to any male and you can fill up your calendar all year with dates from lower quality men.

The best men stay off these sites now, by the way. They know the time cost vs the return is not worth it. The greatest men are finding guaranteed love somewhere else.

When you are a naughty child who doesn't share, often your toys will be taken away.

The reason why you are much less likely to find a great man, is that they now prefer to import an eastern European or Asian woman and the great men are absolutely in love with this discovery.

Men begin getting some of their power back. Nobody wishes to feel totally powerless, which my clients have all relayed to me as feeling in abundance.

Here is how it happens:

The men you want:

  • Hit the gym and are fit, strong and healthy
  • Are educated with a degree
  • Are self-sufficient
  • Love self development
  • Are great with children
  • Are kind and romantic
  • Are strong, fun and funny
  • Are adventurous

One day they meet an old friend who is married to an amazing eastern European or Asian woman who is feminine, graceful, loving and doting. His friend explains how his romantic gifts of flowers are always appreciated with love and affection, his home is welcoming, his hard work is appreciated by a woman he really wants to take care of because she takes such good care of him and how he has finally found polarity. He feels more masculine because she allows him to be a man and is feminine in return.

This great man then begins reading forums for men finding love abroad. Being forever single and remembering how much he has been burned at the bars, neglected with zero replies on western dating sites, made to jump through hoops of fire for a western woman he loves just to be put into the friend zone, or how his experiences led to relationships where he was heavily emasculated, this man buys into the hype and explores his options.

His first trip to Thailand will make him feel totally alive.

His first trip to eastern Europe will have created his greatest adventures.

Very soon, the greatest men have become convinced that they have been born in the wrong country. They question what they are doing here, when they have all of the options abroad. They are willing to commit. But remember how difficult it was made at home.

Now, whether it works out long term is an unknown, but your great men are now dropping you for foreign women and these men are leaving en-masse.

A Happier Western Man

The Solution That I Offer

Here are a list of things you can do today to ensure you still have access to a great man, whether you sought out how to divorce, wound up single and sad, or you are seeking your first true love:

  • Teach the young princesses to treat men well. Well behaved, caring, graceful women will meet well behaved men
  • If a man approaches you for conversation, never shut him down. It may be the last great approach you receive
  • Don't look for faults in your dates. Men don't like to feel judged. There is already too much hate in the world. Always look at your date with kindness, searching for things you do like in them
  • Always be affectionate, even if it is just a hug
  • If a man buys you flowers, he likes you more than a friend, unless you are his mother or sister. If a man buys you flowers, you should consider dating him. A**h*les don't buy women flowers and the flowers are a sign of great things to come
  • Reply to your online messages more, gracefully. One day men will stop messaging you. Just ask the much older women who now wish they had replied more
  • Be gracious of all positive attention
  • Hit the gym and eat healthy. But don't be so heavy on the make up. It is not so necessary
  • Give open, positive, signs, including direct words, to let him know you like him. Men do not like guessing games. That is your thing

But overall

  • Just because a man is not a challenge to you, does not mean he is not the perfect man to date. The fact is, men want life to be easier. Life is already way too chaotic than to make dating a challenge also.

If you want a complete solution, you can find my book for you by CLICKING HERE

A European Woman Explains Why Men Are Dating Women Abroad

Some books on rediscovering your attractive nature


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    • rjbatty profile image


      2 years ago from Irvine

      After two failed marriages with American women, I ended up marrying a woman from Moscow. The visa process is a complete bitch and takes about a year. I paid AT&T thousands of dollars in phone charges to keep the relationship alive (this took place before discount cards).

      You need at least $20 to or preferably $30k stashed for the whole endeavor, which includes a secondary visit, engagement ring, etc., etc. But, it was worth it in the long run.

      I had previously been dating a few women in the US, and they were either complete psychos or just couldn't stop ranting about their ex relationships. These women were not young or particularly attractive, so I was naturally intrigued by Russian women seeking male partners.

      I've been married for 17 years now. If I had the chance to change my history, would I? Probably not.

      Let's face it. Women are women. If you want to marry an educated, erudite, attractive woman, you are going to have to deal with many of the same issues regardless of her nationality.

      Women use spheres of their brain that are opposite from those of men -- and often this is a good thing. It would be wrong to dismiss a woman's intuitive abilities. They rely much more on "feeling" while men rely on "logic," and one isn't necessarily better than the other. But these different ways of thinking can only lead to conflict -- so that part is inescapable.

      On the plus side, an American male can marry someone from East Europe who is much younger than himself and far better looking than the pool available to him in the US. When I went to Russia to meet my potential fiancee and looked around, I was astonished. The young woman who cleaned up my hotel room was a knock-out. With the proper make-up, clothing and manager, she could easily be a cover girl for magazines. And there she was -- changing my bed linen.

      Ordinary young women on the streets were wearing mini-skirts and stiletto-heeled shoes. I come from Southern California where there is no style. The women here wear sweat shirts, tank tops, jogging pants, sandles. They basically don't give a shit how they look. Not so in Moscow. The women there REALLY care about fashion and looking great.

      I remember sitting in a bar with my would-be fiancee and seeing this odd couple... an incredibly gorgeous (Playboy level centerfold-level) blonde with this really old dude. I had to ask my fiance about this odd coupling. She said it was nothing unusual -- that young women would often pair up with older gents with money. Well, you can find gold diggers everywhere.

      From what I've read, marriages with foreign women end up with the same casualty figures as those in america -- about 50/50. So, you have to do your homework before launching into a fiance visa and a possible marriage -- just as you need to know as much about an american gal. Because of the distance, the job of getting to know your prospects are all the more difficult. It can be done, but it's difficult and expensive.

      You could probably pick up a Ukrainian bombshell for a dime since their country has gone to hell, but you still have to be careful... and logical. You may be 55 years of age or older and bring over someone in her 20s, but how is that going to play out in the long run? You can't make easy assumptions. Initially it may seem as if you are rescuing a damsel in distress, but what happens when the distress disappears? If you can't be a sugar daddy, the age gap may very well work against you.

      From my experience women think first about nest-building. But a very young woman also has hormones and even if they find a great sugar daddy, it doesn't mean she will be faithful.

      Russian women seek husbands outside their country because Russian men are generally abusive alcoholics. They are often nonworking and like to spend more time with their buddies -- not great nest builders. Maybe things are getting better for men in Russia. I hope so.

      All of this is geared more toward american men than american women, but my comments may be useful information to them as well -- knowing that they have competition -- tremendous competition. To american women I would just add (1) you are going to lose your bloom when you hit your 30s. (2) it isn't a sin to end up alone -- as long as you are content with this. Maybe you are just too damn smart and can look at a guy as if you had x-ray vision. You may be beautiful but if this is mixed with great intelligence ... your future may be lonely. But feeling lonely and being alone are two different things. You may not really need a man in your life (a full-time husband/partner). It's something to ponder.

    • Matt Jordan III profile image

      Matt Jordan 

      4 years ago from Gulf Coast

      Bull's eye! Bloody Bull's eye!


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