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Looking for Old Friends on the Internet

Updated on September 12, 2012

Where Did Everybody Go?

It was 1:00AM as I searched the web for an old familiar face. Although I was tired, I was equally determined to track down yet another lost friend from my youth. Thank goodness for social media sites and search engines that can now help reconnect us all. As I relentlessly typed different series of names into my web browser, I could only think to myself, where the heck is everybody?

The 1980’s was a fantastic time to be young and carefree. It was the advent of many wondrous things to come. As a young man during this time I learned many new things and was exposed to some of great music that influenced me to this day.

I can often be found humming a tune from the 80’s or making a reference to a sitcom or even talking about some historical fact that occurred during that period. It is when I started my career, met my wife and bought my first home.

Though it has been many years, I vividly remember people and places associated with different songs. I sometimes joke that I am still living in the 80’s. Would that be such a bad thing? It was a simpler time without the Internet, I-Phones and all the other gadgets that we cannot seem to live without today.

During that time we didn’t think about tomorrow. We only thought about the now. Little did we realize that some of us would go on to bigger and better things and become doctors, lawyers or captains of industry. Unfortunately others would not fare as well. And some would not even be with us today.

Undeterred by my sluggish progress to find my old friends of yesteryear, I continued searching long into the wee hours of the night.


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    • jimagain profile image

      jimagain 6 years ago from Hattiesburg, Mississippi

      Agreed. The 80's were a geat time.

      I didn't have to play a cell phone bill I couldn't afford! Did we even have PC's back then? My first PC had about a meg of ram with a monitor the size of a pinto! When I get senile I plan to relive the 80's all over again!

      Seriously, a great reminisce! And I liked the part about searching for an old friend.