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Crucial First Date Tips

Updated on July 25, 2011

Crucial Decisions

This is the most important date of the entire relationship, you cannot afford to mess this one up. I say that because although anniversaries, special occasions, and holiday dates are quite important in the relationship, the first date can make or break you. It's that day where you really get to know that other person on a deeper level, so choosing where to go is one of the most important decisions you'll make for it. The first date can end up awkward, or having you excited out of your pants til' you see them again. Today I'll help you make the right decision to where to go so you end up happy at the end of the day.

Straight To The Meal No No

So you meet this cute guy or gal, and you think "Why not a dinner date?", and you should definitely stop right there. Dinners and other meals such as a lunch are great part two additions on a date, they should not be the main choice of activity. Meals are a great time to talk and get to know the other person, but one thing to bear in mind is that meals generally only tend to last half an hour to an hour. Of course you could sit at the restaurant for hours and talk if you really were into each other, but on a first date, that's not likely going to happen, unless for some reason you hit jackpot and the chemistry is amazing. One smart thing you could do on a first date is after the activity, suggest going out to eat by asking a simple question of "Are you hungry?", that's a good way to lengthen the date and spend more time with each other.

Movie Mistake

It's quite common these days to approach the first date in a safe manner, to suggest a movie date. But beware of this decision, movies are actually the demise of a good time on a date. Most people resort to suggesting a movie because it's simple, easy, and keeps you entertained. But the problem here is that it is easy, nothing in life that's simple will produce grand results. When you a watch a movie with that special someone you'll most likely end up not talking. That's the most critical problem to going to a movie date, the most amount of interaction you're going to get is between you and the screen; not between your date, and that's a big problem. If it's one place you're going on the first date to get to know each other, avoid the cinemas.

Plan Like A Pro

There's two ways to how you can approach the first date -- either make it a group date or be brave and play it out between you two. The number of people involved will change the situation of how you should approach the first date so bear that in mind.

For those daring the mission of two:

Aim for the places that will not make it awkward and bring you opportunities

  • Preferably a public place (don't do your homes)
  • Go to something that requires teamwork (mini golfing etc)
  • Events that are happening for a limited time (concert, festival, party)
  • Nature places (The beach, OPEN trails, parks)
  • If the weather's nice go to a famous landmark or restaurant (not a sit down but for ex: Ice cream)

You have to learn to use what you got, and take that advice literally. Sometimes during the process of a date the purpose begins to shift from "getting to know each other" to "spending time with each other. That shift is crucial and marks a new stage within the relationship. But when that shift does occur, that's when things could get rocky because it's difficult to manage a quality time together. When you go to places like I suggested above, you notice that all those places will most likely have places of interest that you can utilize as a point in a conversation. Everything is strategy and relies on your planning when it comes to making the first date successful, keep that in mind.

Ultimate Goal

Sure I could tell you all these logistical steps you could take to make sure it turns out to be a good first date; but at the end of the day there's only one true goal, and that's to have a good time. Be comfortable, be yourself most importantly, and hopefully that significant other will find you just as amazing as you find them. But then again, don't blow the first date, it can be a little uncomfortable and not as smooth, but trust me, it gets better.


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