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Where and how to meet a woman? A few simple ways.

Updated on July 26, 2010
Meet woman
Meet woman

Today it is not difficult to meet with pleasing woman in general. There are a lot of reasons to walk up to her, the main thing - to guess the mood and act strictly from the situation.

In fact, it is not so difficult to drawn together with pritty woman. You need to know that (according to numerous allegations of psychologists), women are open to communication, it would not hurt to have one more acquaintance. However, it must be remembered that the first step must be done by you, man.

The first thing you must do, according to psychologists, is to ask yourself the question: "Why?" "What for are you trying to meet woman?" There are three full responses: a good time, something to prove to your friends or, finally, to build some relationships with a new girlfriend . In the first two cases, introduction is brief. Psychologists believe that after a couple of months you do not even remember the woman's face, with whome you made contact. Of course, there are exceptions, but it is the law of human relations.

In the last case, the situation looks much more serious and more complicated. Approaching a girl, we want to hope that we can talk to them tomorrow, and years later. Psychologists advise to answer another question: "Where can you get acquainted?" There is one answer to that question - anywhere. So...

Restaurants, cafes and bars. Imagine this scene: one man sit at the table alone, nearby - a woman, and also lonely. What? Let us say at once, it is useless to invent new items - everything is already invented long ago. To emphasize the romance, a man may give the woman a bottle of fine wine through the waiter (unless, of course, he understands this issue thoroughly). Believe me, a woman will inquire from whom such a gift. From now, assume that the introduction took place, and if a woman has a glass and salute him with the same wine, this man - had broken the wall of missunderstanding and can count on that evening they would spend together.

There is one simple way - try to sit down near the lady for her table. However, it is important to remember that in this case you must not shove like a tank at the enemy, and to impose yourself - it would not be surprising if a woman instantly pay off and go away, or worse, will call the guards.

Street. Nobody will be surprised with the dating on the street. However, it is important to know the principles of dating, or you can become a "fool" or something worse.

The situations may be different - you can ask a beautiful woman the location of your home, time, or (if it happens at the bus stop) to ask distance to the bus. Here the main thing - your imagination. But remember: everything has to happen naturally and unobtrusively. Insolence and excessive self-confidence do not always help during the meeting, and sometimes even spoil the whole process.

You can imagine another picture - one girl is sitting on a bench in the park. You come and sit on the same bench, but at some distance from the lady. Find any meaningless topic for discussion : the weather, children, strolling in the park, pets (if, for example, at her feet sits a spectacular dog).

You can learn at your favorite store. There are many cases where strangers ask about a quality of a product to each other people standing in line, whether it is tasty cookies, etc. One can say with certainty - in 9 cases out of 10 you must get a new girlfriend.

Dating interests. If you are good at art or sport - running at an exhibition or a sports section. You'll always find a pretty lady with whom you can talk about something - that's reason for dating.

Where else can you meet specifically? For example, in the library. Have you noticed that the woman chooses an impressive number of books or ask the librarian to find the work of your favorite author? Offer to help her or tell her that you have a few books of such a writer. I am sure that a woman will respond the mutual interest to you. Concerts, shows, in general, the cultural life. Excellent! You will not have problems!

In sports facilities mixed group of health have been popular. There is a reason to look in there. And suddenly there is that same one and only you are looking for?

Finally, the most favorite event, occurring in many cities - "Feast of the court". You say that you know everyone who lives in your neighborhood? It is your mistake. Remember a replica of the famous film:" They live in one doorway: she lives on the fourth floor, he - at the eighth, and met togather at our club. " However, it is not forbidden to attend "holiday yard", taking place in a completely different parts of town. Organizers will be happy to all guests , and you may get acquainted with the woman. Maybe it's your fate?

Dancing. Let's go back a few decades ago. Then there was dancing in a fashion where single men and women searched for their friends. It all started with a simple waltz. Then, the notion of "Dance" was changed to "disco", but the meaning of the event remains the same - to meet a new person. Can anybody understand a hint? In particular, this type of dating service is relevant to young people, but recently a disco popular with the middle-age. So go ahead.

Dating through a "mediator". In recent years it has become fashionable the proposition to get acquainted with some girl to his best friend, describing her dignity. Do not afraid that. And not only to future girlfriend, but also to the very friend. Why? If she is his friend, then they should be something similar.

There is another option, very, very popular today. For example, your best friend invited not only you but also other friends to his birthday party, whom you have never seen. During the celebration you become acquainted with the woman with whom one can construct at least friendly relations. There have been cases that that real family grew from such situations.

And finally, we shall understand a new kind of dating, has become popular in recent years - through advertisements and via the Internet. According to psychologists, this kind of - no more than a frivolous idea, because we do not see who wrote those ads, who is currently sitting at another computer. And very often, we take all companion for another person, and imagined it differently. And there are times when a man convinced that the Internet correspondence with a woman, but in fact his "companion" - the same man. And if we want to build a lasting relationship, until a family, then these games do not yield anything, besides disappointment. As psychologists assert, you must definitely watch into the eyes of your new girlfriend. In this case, such a possibility simply does not exists.

So you see, get acquainted with the girl is much easier than it seems, it is only a minor change in our lives. The only thing you need - a desire to learn, articulated goal, and then you will certainly get a new girlfriend, and maybe even true companion.


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