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Where to Find Cheap Designer Wedding Dresses

Updated on August 29, 2016

Weddings on a Budget: Affordable Wedding Gowns

Everyone wants to have a nice wedding, so it's no surprise that weddings are big business. However, with the economy being the way it is, many couples are looking for ways to keep their nuptials elegant, but within a certain budget. With that in mind, one of the places where you can probably cut costs is the bride's wedding dress.

Let's be honest: women pay a lot of money for a dress that [hopefully] they only plan to wear once. That being the case, it seems somewhat counterintuitive to spend a small fortune on an item that you will only utilize for a few hours. In short, as you would with most other things in your life, you should try to get the most bang for your buck when it comes to wedding gowns. That said, it's more than possible to obtain a beautiful, head-turning wedding dress without mortgage your future to get it. Hopefully the information presented here will tell you where to look.


Wedding Gowns from David's Bridal

If you are searching for a designer wedding dress without the designer price tag, look no further than David's Bridal. Described by Wikipedia as "the Wal Mart of wedding gowns," David's Bridal is a no-frills shopping experience that will ultimately provide you with one thing: a normally expensive wedding dress at a surprisingly inexpensive price.

With over 300 stores nationwide, David's Bridal is the largest retailer of wedding gowns and wedding-related items. In fact aprroximately 25% of U.S. brides get their dresses here. (They also specialize in other formal attire, including prom dresses.)


Amazon Affordable Wedding Dresses

It really shouldn't come as a surprise that one of the world's largest retailers, Amazon, has an amazing collection of wedding dresses. Even better, many of them are top-notch brands - from designer's such as Vera Wang and David's Bridal - that can be had at extremely affordable prices.

You can easily obtain a gorgeous wedding gown for just a few hundred dollars. And it's almost a certainty that you can find the dress of your dreams for less than $1000. That being the case, shopping at Amazon should help you do you part in keeping costs within a reasonable - and well more than manageable - budget.

eBay: Buying Your Wedding Dress on a Budget

Shopping on eBay is, undoubtedly, another great avenue for achieving tremendous savings with respect to wedding gowns - including many top brands such as Priscilla of Boston. As with Amazon, there is a wide and varied selection of dresses available.

The issue here, of course, is the fact that it's an auction process. Thus, if you fall in love with a dress, you could still potentially lose it to a rival bidder. Moreover, the entire point of shoppin gon eBay is to obtain some cost savings, so you'll need to be wary of getting caught up in a bidding war.


Alfred Angelo, Maggie Sottero and Other Designers

Needless to say, there are plenty of other places where you can get quality wedding dresses by renowned designers, and all at an inexpensive price:

Alfred Angelo: Over the course of it's 80-year history, Alfred Angelo has garnered a reputation as a well-respected designer of wedding gowns. Alfred Angelo wedding dresses can be found in shops all around the world.

Maggie Sottero: Maggie Sottero is a well-recognized creator of bridal gowns, and has won numerous awards for wedding dress designs. This China-based retailer offers a wide range of products at very affordable prices - including cheap wedding dresses. However, since this company is relatively new (I believe it was started around 2006), it might be worthwhile to read the reviews located on the company's website before ordering. As you might expect, some are great and some are awful, but hopefully they will help you establish your own comfort level in relation to any purchases here.

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Other Good Deals

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