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How to Find a Rich Man to Marry

Updated on October 3, 2017

Wealthy Men

First of all, before I begin giving advice to women about wealthy men, I will inform you that I have not worked a single day since the age of 22, because I hooked up with a rich man, and have traveled in the circles of rich men ever since. I have dated and been supported by men who have their own private airplanes, mansions across the country and an unimaginable lifestyle for the average person. I married rich once and from that time on I have used what I learned from rich men to keep myself financially stable all on my own. I have remained friendly with girlfriends who struggle financially and have continued to give them advice. The ones who are smart, good learners, and self respecting do well with my advice, the women who are defiant, have low self esteem and insist that their man is "different" find themselves being rejected, used and poor.

I will give advice here about where to find rich men, but its up to you to be what rich men want. There are certain characteristics that rich men are attracted to, and in general, you will do well to fit into their ideal mode as well as meet them. If you are unclear about how to be attractive to wealthy men, read this article. How to Attract Quality Men and Marry the One You Want.

Get an Elite Hobby

My best advice to a single woman in search of a rich man is to have a lifestyle that creeps its way into the lifestyles of wealthy men. The reason for this is it's a natural way to meet men, and that is always the best way. Some women go to dating sites called, "Sugar Daddy" and "Seeking an Arrangement." One of the problems with this method is that you have basically put your cards on the table right from the get go. That, more often than not, does not work for anyone.

Rich men are guarded and suspicious of women who are after their money, and to get a man to let his guard down for you, its vital to put him at ease, and gain his trust. For a man of great wealth to trust you, its vital that everything about you starting from how you first met each other, be relaxed and natural. Nothing to set off any alarms, and bring up any red flags.

Generally, men respect and admire women who do their own thing and pursue their own hobbies.

One of the big mistakes that women make in life is that they depend on their relationships for happiness. That is why women more often than men, find themselves unhappy and unfulfilled in life. Men, on the other hand, seek their self worth from their businesses and careers. This often leads to a feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction that women seldom achieve.

If you genuinely become interested in a hobby that rich men are drawn to, chances are you will truly have fun, become more confident, and discover that its just as easy to hook a rich man as it is to get hooked by a poor one. The natural glow of a woman who is just having a good time pursuing a hobby is extremely attractive and cannot be substituted by a woman who seems disinterested in what she is doing while seeing to be hungry for attention.

The first sport that comes to mind when trying to figure out where to find men, is golf. Men love golf, and rich men can afford to play at some of the most extravagant courses in the world. If you have what it takes to study the sport and become good at it, by all means go out there and start taking lessons. You will need to practice at least three times per week to ever be good enough to join a country club and start playing with others, so if this seems above your head, try another sport.

Here is a short list of hobbies that are sure to keep you surrounded by rich men.




Horseback riding

Wine Tasting

Country Clubs, Places to be Seen

If you can not afford a country club, and you probably can't, try to get a part time job or do some volunteer work at the grandest one you can find.

Go to the racetrack. Many rich people own expensive race horses and attend the race track events on a regular basis. The key here is to go to the club house, or high end part of the park. Do not settle with the general admission crowd.


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    • dashingscorpio profile image

      dashingscorpio 5 years ago

      I would think it's very easy to "find" rich men or women. Just about everyone knows they fly first class, stay in the best hotels, belong to exclusive clubs, dine in the best restaurants, associate with top charitable organizations, travel to exotic destinations, and enjoy participating in expensive hobbies and sports activities.

      The bottom line is you have to (be where they are). The real trick is to be "hot" enough or have something "special" that will cause them to take notice of you. Contrary to what a lot of people think not all rich men are looking to throw away their money on "gold diggers" and "sugar babies". This may happen for a season or two. However in the end they tend to marry women that are not only good looking and smart but more often women whom they (believe) actually love them. One man's opinion! :-)