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Where to find marriage partner

Updated on April 18, 2015

STEP FOUR: Opportunities to Find Life Partner

The availability of several avenues to locate or find the life partner makes it a lot easier for single and searching brethren to see their dream come true. You may find it difficult to locate your life partner if you narrow down your search to one location without first checking several other opportunities that are equally good locations to meet the prospective life partner.

We could find our partners at family meetings, office/work places and market places. Opportunities abound in our churches, wherever we are visiting and in our schools and at seminars and conferences. Furthermore, a friendly disposition and hospitable character are guaranteed avenues of meeting one’s life partner.

1. THE FAMILY: Our family is our kindred. It means breed of the same kind. It means our breed of the same kind of believers. Spiritual brethren are of different breed from carnal ones. It is error for spiritual believers to seek life partners from amongst carnal believers much less people from same village or tribe that are not believers.

But thou shalt go unto my country, and to my kindred, and take a wife unto my son Isaac. (Gen 24:4)

2. PLACE OF WORSHIP: You could be sitting by your prospective life partner in your place of worship weekly unaware. Choice of life partner from outside the family of God with the intention to convert the partner after must be discouraged. Cross breeding is an unnecessary risk in marriage especially for Christians.

Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? and what communion hath light with darkness? (2Co 6:14)

God creates good and perfect marriages but Satan is the author of monstrous marriages.

It is the plan of Satan to create chaos by blind folding real believers into marriages with unbelievers just like he tried to corrupt mankind through fornication between fallen angels and daughters of men.

3. PLACE OF WORK & BUSINESS: There is great opportunity to find our life partner in our work and business locations. God sends clients daily to our work and business place not just to buy our company products and services but to meet their acquaintance. The client becomes an acquaintance that soon becomes a friend and the friend could become a life partner. A beautiful lady banker that attends to several clients daily as a teller or cashier has better opportunity to meet her life partner in the work place than the colleague that works in the administrative back office.

4. HOSPITALITY: Once a sister in her generous hospitality was buying gifts for brothers in church, some brothers thought she was desperate for a husband but few others saw that it was her character. Irrespective of the negative comments that got to her, she was not deterred.

She eventually hosted a young and vibrant minister of God who came to preach in her church and they became friends. Some years later, the man of God sought her hand in marriage. Today they are married and run a thriving global ministry with headquarters in Lagos, Nigeria.

Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares. (Heb 13:2)

5. PRESENCE: Beyond availability, you must make your “presence” felt to be connected to your life partner. Presence is defined as a personal magnetism that attracts and holds the attention of others. It is a quality of poise or distinction that enables a person to impress, or have strong effect on others. (Longman’s family dictionary)

Impact is the fruit of presence and until we positively impact those we come in contact with daily, our presence will not be felt. When we are in search of life partner we must ensure that we have presence wherever we are: office, school, market place, church, seminars, conferences and even when we are in transit by air or bus.

Wash thyself therefore, and anoint thee, and put thy raiment upon thee, and get thee down to the floor: but make not thyself known …(Ruth 3:3-4)

6. FRIENDLY DISPOSITION: Hate or hostility begets enmity as love begets friendliness. A friendly relationship predicated on the unconditional love of God will beget a godly marriage. Our presence must showcase our friendly disposition and hospitality. Marriage must be built on friendship between the partners and between each partner and the family members of the opposite sex. Marriage can only be between friends and not between enemies and it is written (prov.18:24) that anybody who needs friends must show himself friendly.

Our Lord Jesus Christ is friendly, calls us friends and not servants and eventually died for us His friends (Jn.15:13-15). As many who have been baptized into Jesus must have friendliness engraved in their DNA.



  1. Father, thank you for your mercies & keeping me alive this 2015 in Jesus Name
  2. Thank you for the privilege to embark on this marriage/fruit of the womb project in Jesus Name
  3. Father, forgive me of every act of unfriendliness in the past that is working against my marriage/child bearing desire in Jesus name.(Prov.18:24)
  4. Father, as you did for Ruth, please make my presence felt by my life partner this year in Jesus name.(Ruth.3:3-4)
  5. Father, let my enemies make mistakes that will make my heart desires come true this year in Jesus name
  6. This nonsense must stop, every evil personality manipulating my opportunities and heart desires, die in Jesus name.
  7. Lord, raise a man to recommend me for lifting (life partner, fruit of the womb, admission to tertiary institution, career promotion, etc.) this season in Jesus name. (1Sam. 16:18)
  8. Holy Spirit, provoke a divine recommendation that will connect me with my life partner this year in Jesus name.
  9. Father, destroy every evil personality limiting my seeds of generosity from yielding its harvest by the blood of Jesus
  10. Father, destroy every evil personality limiting my seeds of hospitality from yielding its harvest by the blood of Jesus
  11. I break the veil of spirit spouse over my life partner opportunities by fire, in Jesus name
  12. I decree and declare that this year 2015 is my year of transformation into my married status in Jesus name. (Job.22:28)


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