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Where's Prince Charming?

Updated on October 19, 2015

Boy meets girl, boy likes girl, girl likes boy, complication occurs, boy does something dumb, girl is hurt, boy chases after her at last minute and kisses in the rain.

But that will never happen to me because this is real life and not a stereotypical movie.


So Where is He?

The amount of times that my little twelve year old self wondered when I'd finally meet the man of my dreams is truly infinite. Of course, at the time, the man of my dreams was quite a different image than now. Now-a-days, I find a man who's vacuuming undeniably attractive; darn being a grown up. Back when, it was just someone that resembled whoever was in my favorite movie at the time.

I should clarify, I never quite wanted to be "swept off my feet". I didn't really dream of a man riding on a horse and throwing me on behind him, or a man who would grant me a royalty title- I wasn't that delusional. (I was a huge fan of the song "Cinderella" sang by the Cheetah Girls).

I should clarify even further, I don't blame movies, television shows or novels for promoting this type of content, after all, I love a good chic flick. I enjoy watching movies with a budding romance as it's initial "gotcha" moment. In fact, the most recent movie that I watched was similar to this, The Pill (2011) directed by J.C. Khoury. Although I knew right from the start exactly what was going to happen, I continued to watch.

I've always been told, "never settle for someone" and in the words of my aunt, I should be "wined and dined". As I got older, however, I lost interest in that. I don't expect anyone to pull my chair out for me, open car doors for me or pay for my meal. (In fact, on me and my boyfriend's first date, I insisted on paying). Not to say that I wouldn't be grateful or think it was super sweet if a man did any of that for me, because I would, I'm simply pointing out that I don't expect it and I feel like it would be unfair to.

This doesn't mean I don't enjoy a little romance, I just don't need it to be super fancy. Yes, going out to dinner and enjoying being waited on while I have to literally do nothing is nice- every once in a while. I don't mind staying home, cooking a nice meal and sitting down at the table. Light a scented candle or two, maybe pour some wine and it's just as romantic.


Multiple movies and novels have given us a false sense of romantic expectations over time, but we should take different lessons from them instead of becoming angry that our lives don't quite sync up. For example, leave your shoe behind and with any luck, you'll be the only person with that size shoe in the entire town and then you'll get married to the man you've met once, after he puts it on your foot.

All kidding aside, the majority of love stories taught me something greater than seeking expectations in a budding romance: that I should be happy and should make my significant other equally happy.

A note to my boyfriend:
I love you.


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