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Whimsical Ideas for a 1950's Style Vintage Wedding

Updated on October 28, 2013

There is nothing more elegant than fifties inspired wedding with details like classic outfits, retro decor, and grease-themed accessories. Nowadays, more and more couples want to add some old-fashioned flair to their wedding. But if you want to do that, a few details are needed like pillbox hats, birdcage veils, art deco jewellery, vintage bridal gowns, professional makeup artist, and a lot more.

For those who decide to break the usual rules by combining fifties inspired elements to attain an overall vintage effect – here are some of the whimsical ideas. Not to mention, it is easier said than done, but I can promise that the results will be glamorous, if done properly.

1950's Vintage Wedding
1950's Vintage Wedding
Hollywood Vintage Glamour
Hollywood Vintage Glamour

Follow Hollywood's Golden Age

Elizabeth Taylor, Marilyn Monroe, and Audrey Hepburn are some great icons to follow, when it comes to vintage look. These Hollywood divas have inspired several generations with their elegance and charm. You can begin your journey by studying old photos of Marilyn Monroe. Her retro hairstyles and elegant makeup looks are just exemplary to get a fair idea of vintage style.

Get the Slim and Trim Look

It is time to ditch cheese pizzas, burgers and other fatty stuff to get the shape right. Once you have seen the pictures of legends in the picture above, you will find that the chief bridal looks of the 50’s period included hourglass silhouette, fitted waists, and ballet tutu. The hourglass clothing creates a figure resembling the hourglass shape; wide top, narrow waist, and wide bottom.

Try Different, Look Different

If you are looking for a perfect vintage dress, make sure you go for three-quarter length sleeves, a boat neck, slim sloping shoulders, and tiered lace. However, don’t be afraid to try modest designs, as 50’s people preferred to wear long lace sleeves. Modern designers will ensure that you will achieve the vintage look that you are after, so feel free to try something new.

A Dress to Remember

A bride can fulfill her desire of wearing a 100-year-old dress, with a century of history and grace. But, what if it doesn’t fit her? A truly unique dress will still look dull if it doesn’t fit flawlessly. Instead of picking that, look for any renowned designer that offers vintage style collections. A true vintage obsessed will pick a dress that looks and fits well.

The premium quality fabrics, couture detailing and luxurious embroideries of wedding dresses make the bride experience truly outstanding on her big day.

Vintage Accessories
Vintage Accessories

Add Accessories

If you are opting for a vintage look, then make sure you will add vintage accessories to your dress. Pillbox hats, birdcage veils, jewelled headbands, necklaces, and exquisite lacy headpieces are some of the must-add accessories. For winters, you can opt for fur stoles that will help you keep warm while beautiful parasols are perfect to be worn as adorable spring accessories.

Pick a Professional Makeup Artist

It all depends on your makeup artist that how you would look on your wedding day. Picking a makeup artist can be overwhelming as it is difficult to gauge what he or she can do without seeing the portfolio. The most essential thing to remember while choosing an artist is the ‘trust’. Moreover, make sure he or she has past experience for performing vintage makeup and hairstyling.

Vintage Makeup Styles
Vintage Makeup Styles

Makeup Style

From the famous film The Great Gatsby to British drama television Downton Abbey, sophisticated 1950’s makeup is back in style. Matte red lipstick, dark eyebrows, and winged eyeliner are the key to the vintage appearance. For a more dramatic look, you can use a spot of blusher.

Less is More

Say goodbye to colourful candles, large centrepieces, and extravagant meals. The key of vintage wedding decoration is to keep it simple. Soft colours, greenery, and perhaps a sparkling chandelier are actually all you need to create a romantic glitz. To bring detail into your wedding theme, it is suggested to pay attention on every small aspect of your decor.

Vintage Hairstyles
Vintage Hairstyles

Stick to Graceful Hairstyles

Scarf-tied up do, side ponytail, soft set curls, and finger waves were some famous hairstyles of the 1950’s. These bold hairstyles are back again to win the hearts of beauty-conscious girls. So, try these before the style becomes history (again). In addition, a French twist is also good for those who have long hair.

Make It Sparkle

When it comes to perfect 50’s wedding, enhance the romantic glitz into your decor. To take things up a notch, use hatboxes on tables. Furthermore, a unique vintage flavour can be achieved by using some antique trunks around your reception area to make exquisite seating for guests. Old suitcases, gramophones, birdcages, and traditional flowering are some other objects that can also be added into your decor.

Vintage Wedding Food
Vintage Wedding Food

Vintage Wine and Dine

Using a vintage food menu is a perfect way to capture the feel of traditional weddings. Wedding food is one of the most important things that guests seem to remember. Fortunately, as the trend of vintage wedding becomes popular, plenty of food providers have entered the market. As far as food caterer is concerned, either search online or ask your Grandmother to pick one for you. Besides, there is no point in finding an expensive vintage caterer, if you have planned to celebrate your big day in a stylish built hotel.

Wedding Venue

For a 50’s style celebration, it is better to look for traditional buildings that are available for rent, like churches, livery halls, school buildings, courtyards, and vineyards. You can search online to browse the perfect venues for you that match your style as well as budget.

Vintage Wedding Wheels
Vintage Wedding Wheels

Arrive in Vintage Style

Add elegance and romance to your special day with a vintage pink Limousines, Cadillac, or Chevrolet. These luxurious, prestigious, and classic cars offer a uniformed service to enhance your wedding day experience. If weather allows, you can also hire an open-air limousine to travel to and from the wedding location. But, before making any booking, make sure that the car hire a company has a proven track record and holds a large fleet of cars to choose from.

All these whimsical ideas will help you to give a vintage touch to your big day. So, will you be having a 50’s vintage style wedding?


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