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Whizzing And Nagging

Updated on November 17, 2014

Being a man I can’t really speak for women but I have it on good authority that there is nothing a woman hates more than a whizzed up toilet. It may sound funny and your woman may not say anything but it is the one thing that truly makes her see red. And for men it is nagging.

A man hates nagging as much as a women hates a dirty toilet. After a while he really is tempted to just knock her on her back just to make it stop, although he rarely goes through with it. At first he gradually tunes her out, and eventually it often ends with a divorce; he bails out all together because he just can’t stand another moment of it.

Most women don’t know this and don’t want to believe it when told. But to a man it is the same thing as a whizzed up toilet is to a woman. In fact, in some mid eastern countries a man is required by law to sit on the commode whenever he uses it. If he refuses and continues to color up the tank he can literally be put in jail by the insistence of his wife.

Likewise, at one time in England, if a woman would not stop nagging she could be taken to court. If she continued to nag she could legally be forced into the dunking seat and dunked in the river so she would stop nagging. It stopped the nagging for long while but if she started up again she would simply be dunked again.

These things may sound funny but they really are very serious matters and should be seriously considered by all.How else we we ever stop whizzing and nagging on each other? Please consider it carefully for the sake of your happiness.


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