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Who are you to tell her .....

Updated on March 1, 2017

Who are you to tell her..... (poem)

Who are you to tell her, if she wore that dress; she’d be glamorous,

Who are you to tell her, to wear high heels; she’d need to be taller,

Who are you to tell her, how to cut her hair; how much skin she’d show,

Who are you to tell her, what to say; and said you know,

Who are you to tell her, if she want man’s love; she’d to be better in her way,

Who are you to tell her, to wear loads of makeup; being plain is never okay,

Who are you to tell her, what she should feel; and faked about truth,

Who are you to tell her, she can’t get depressed, she is still youth,

She hated dress, can’t walk in heels,

She was above the common standards, away from ideals.

She decided not to listen anything more,

She was tired of being this, and collapsed on floor.

She never needed make-up, being herself was fine,

She wanted happiness, in a way she just can’t define.

We, women have simultaneously unique and desperately similar stories. We are all subjected to similar tests, faced similar crisis, felt similar pain; yet we have our own unique way of dealing it.

Every day when I wake up, I remind myself, these are the days I’ve fought for. Every mistake i had ever made, every laugh, every tear, and every sunrise; I’ve earned through the years of abuse and pain. I carry those memories with me as a reminder of who I am and what’s truly worth fighting for. I have fought many battles on different fronts, family, career, society; but have never given up.

No one knows what you have been through or what your pretty little eyes have seen, but I can reassure you, whatever you have conquered, it shines through your mind. It is the wisdom you hold.

A conventional women...

Always supported by a man.
Always supported by a man. | Source

Be strong... Women.... to fight for yourself

When things seem difficult and life is miserable
Everything turning away from you
Intimidated and torn out you were left
In darkness, standing at corner you look
Watching the sky as it disappears
Reminding, how you lost your beloved ones
How amazing and caring they use to be
Just walked away without saying goodbye
Shortening your life with pain and agony
And leaving you lonely and sad
Deeply you wonder
why life was unfair to you
When you have been honest and good
But last you need to let go off
And try to remake your life
And strengthen within your heart
With some good and caring friends along
Opening the new picture of happiness
Knowing almighty holds your hand
Taking you to your best life
And you know your journey has begun
In pursuit of your final destination
Slowly waking from dusk to dawn
With smiles and determination
And slowly the heart says


Oh! Women....

You are Beautiful.... Because your beauty lies in your strong thoughts.
You are Beautiful.... Because your beauty lies in your strong thoughts.

Let her fly.... Give her wings... Trusting, she will return as she belongs to you...


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    • Aanshi Raghava profile imageAUTHOR

      Rekhanshi Raghava 

      3 years ago from Navi Mumbai

      Agreeing to you totally!

      It's always going to be about yourself, caring about others and their opinion may not be always good.

    • dashingscorpio profile image


      3 years ago from Chicago

      Know yourself, Love yourself, Trust yourself!

      You will never truly be free until you stop caring what others think.


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