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Why Women Cheat

Updated on March 28, 2017

Cheating has been part of romantic relationships since the beginning of time. It has been documented in almost all ancient writings including religious works such as the bible. Offenders have been known to develop ingenious strategies to keep their deceptions concealed. But despite these efforts, word still spreads and soon the victims discover the heart shuttering truth. Many reasons are often cited in attempt to justify the act (most of them are now cliché), but bottom line is that it leads to painful heart breaks and can potentially cause irreparable damage to relationships.

Although both men and women have equal potential to stray into an extra affair, cheating has for a long time been thought to be a thing for men. In the past it didn’t make alarming news that a woman caught her man pants down in a motel room, because society had decided to accept the vice of cheating as part of any normal man.( probably because men were thought to be too weak to control their testosterone).

Recent studies however show that trends are changing and that women are in fact cheating more than men do. Statistics indicate that about 55% of all married women get involved in some sort of extra marital affair and in my opinion these findings are correct. Although marriage is the gold standard against which relationships are measured, pre-marital relationships shouldn’t be excluded.


How many times would you forgive your partner for cheating?

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Why are more women Cheating?

Women are better liars.

The fundamental principle of cheating and sustaining an affair is lying. The more organized your story of deception is, the better you are at the game. Men fall far behind women when it comes to telling a convincing lie. Although Men lie more Frequently, Women are naturally better liars (because in the Garden of Eden the devil taught Eve first). Women have a greater ability to package their lies into believable alibies because they have stronger imagination and thus take time to organize their story. They also have the advantage of using their tears to manipulate you into believing that they are telling the truth.

Women are simply Better 'Cheaters'

Truth is that men are just not that good at the game anymore. Women have learned from their male counterparts over time and have eventually surpassed them at the trade. There is complacency among men brought about by societal beliefs that have turned cheating into part of man’s nature. Men sometimes cheat just for the sake of it and expect their women to understand them. After all it is in their nature to cheat. While men slip into this slumber, women are upping their game. Most women who cheat do so with some kind of reason. This usually allows them time to premeditate the act and therefore come up with a cover story. When the man starts to get suspicious, the woman is quick to get on the defensive and turn the story around in order to appear as the victim.

Woman Emancipation

One crucial outcome of Gender equality and women emancipation is the saying; ‘what a man can do, a woman can do too.’ In other words if he can cheat, so can she As men continue to associate their nature with infidelity, women are becoming more and more aware that they too deserve an equal share in the trade. After all, the world today is about equal opportunity for all. Unlike in the past when men were the dominant gender, women today are more learned, better exposed and smatter than ever. They are therefore more expressive of their needs, more intelligent and more competitive. So if you don’t meet her needs, she will find someone who will try.

If you’re a man out there who thinks your woman is too loyal to cheat, you are in trouble. More and more stories emerge today of men who unknowingly raise children from extra marital affairs and this has prompted an increase in paternity tests.

Can Cheating be prevented?

There is no single proven formula to help equip one with immunity against straying into an affair, because we were naturally created to crave for more and more than what we already have. In order to promote biological gene mixing, Nature dictates that animals cannot be monogamous. And humans are no exception. Attempting to promote monogamous relationships is a huge stride against natural forces, but it’s not impossible. There are a few things that can be done by both men and women to minimize chances of straying.

Affairs usually arise when one or both partners develop a sense of dissatisfaction from the current relationship. Sex, money and quality time are among the most quoted issues in stories of infidelity. It is therefore important to try to deal with these and any other challenges that arise along the way. The best way to prevent cheating is to try and have a great relationship. This requires input from both parties. Adequate Communication is key. Do things together and try to stay in touch throughout the day so as to minimize emotional gaps which can be exploited by predators. You may need occasional counseling to assist you in understanding your partner. It is important to stay away from unnecessary flirtations or environments that make you come off as available and situations that will compromise trust. Remember to read around or to seek someone else’s opinion about how to have a great relationship. You might assume that you are being a great partner yet in reality you are the total opposite.


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    • ian 12am profile imageAUTHOR

      Ian Batanda 

      4 years ago

      Mattu, patronizing who, men or women? because this post depicts both men and women to be cheats.

    • Akriti Mattu profile image

      Akriti Mattu 

      4 years ago from Shimla, India

      Quite a patronizing post. I mean i do respect the intent behind it but cheating cannot be specific. It is subjective.Has always been that way.

    • dashingscorpio profile image


      4 years ago

      Both men and women cheat about equally.

      We have TV shows here called "Cheaters", "Paternity Court", and the "Maury Povich Show" which also known as the:

      "You are NOT the father!" show.

      On all three shows women are either caught cheating or they reveal they've cheated and is some instances became pregnant while doing so.

      Even in lesbian relationships women have reported having their female partners cheat on them. Neither gender is standing on "holy ground".

      The increase of women cheating really began to rise as more women joined the workforce.

      In the U.S. the #1 place where affairs are initiated are on the job.

      No one can stop another person from cheating on them unless they lock them up and hold them as a prisoner. Both cheating and monogamy are choices each (individual) makes concerning their relationship.

      There are 3 basic reasons why people (don't cheat).

      1. Being "in love" or completely infatuated with their mate.

      2. They don't want to risk losing that "special someone"

      3. They'd be heartbroken if their mate ever cheated on them!

      When someone is (not) "in love" it's easier to cheat.


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