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Who is Better or Smarter: Boys or Girls? Are Girls Smarter Than Boys?

Updated on May 7, 2012

Women are not smarter than men, but they are more aware and recognizant! This has been a worldwide controversy notion since the beginning of creation.

People seem to ignore the subject in order to avoid any embarrassment. Some say that boys are smarter in a way that boys are physically stronger hence; they can learn new experiences like building a house, or cutting a tree etc. While some advocate that girls are way smarter because they are deep thinkers and imaginative! Though they are physically weaker, but they are much better than boys mentally speaking. They think before they act and they remain calm in crises.

Boys on the other hand tend to reason things out and find practical solutions to problems. They don’t waste time and they like to hit the subject right away. That’s why boys don’t like to chat for hours on the phone without a goal. While girls are more emotional and tend to share their experiences, and that’s why girls are way better than boys in art.

They tend to “split-hairs” and discuss more since they are minute about details. So, while boys consider girls talking on the phone boring, women find it very useful because they want to share their story with someone else.

Boys are more intelligent than girls in the outside world since boys spend their childhood playing around with friends. They are better in physical activities than girls are like soccer, baseball or basketball. Girls on the other hand, are planners since they tend to stay at home. They read more and talk to parents more often than boys do. However, boys can be smarter where physical action or power needed while girls are smarter in terms of learning and memory because girls after all enjoy endurance and long-lasting fortitude. They can handle the house issue perfectly all day as well as an outside job if ever exists. Boys, however, enjoy muscular and temporary endurance. They come home from work completely tired and that’s why women are givers while men are takers. The difference between the two is very clear as some scientists suggest: women are sensitive, romantic, and emotional and tend to use sentiment to deal with the outside challenges. Men are rational, realistic, and factual and tend to use reason to solve their problems. Both are unique and endowed special abilities to cope with reality each according to their own perspective. That’s why it’s weird to see a man crying or to see a women working in constructions!

Who’s smarter in the beginning?

It is a fact that man’s brain is bigger and heavier than women’s but observation proved that females achieve better results than males in school because females are more focused and stable. Moreover, females reach brain and psychological maturity faster before boys because research proved that there is a small nerve in the left side of the brain grows faster in girls. This nerve is the reason why girls are more intelligent in the early stages.

But, that doesn’t mean she is smarter! Conversely, she is more recognizant and enjoys more awareness as her brain becomes open and ready to learn. For instance, girls characterized as calmer and attentive to everything around in the outside world whether in school or at home. Girls follow the teacher while in class, pay attention and participate while boys tend to be distracted. Thus, girls excel in mathematics unlike what they say that boys are better in math because a girl’s brain is more logical and is susceptible to absorb new concepts, and when they (girls) learn, they learn quickly.

The distinction between both genders’ recognition becomes noticeable five or six months after birth when the baby girl starts to move her fingers accurately to pick up or hold objects, while boys are slower and incapable of tuning up their moves and bodily reflexes. Also, this is evident when girls observe things that go by and follow with their eyes while boys are less aware. This applies to speech and writing skills where girls write and talk in an earlier age.

Females’ brain is more developed than boys’ and the difference between them includes the neurological system as well as the ability to use that to walk, speak and write etc. But, despite all that, boys enjoy more creativity and have visionary abilities which render them unique if they are given the right environment to utilize their skills. The social environment which both genders are brought up in and the upbringing methods play crucial part in nourishing their psychological and intellectual abilities. So, parents should be mindful and offer their best to help maximize their kids’ abilities, whether boys or girls, in the very early years. Parents should also talk with their kids about important issues and never consider them as unaware creatures. They should listen to them and share their habits and play with them.

In the end, no one can be definite about this issue especially nowadays where we see more successful women than before. This proves that women are highly capable of giving while wee see many jobless men hanging around in bars doing nothing.

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    • profile image

      Sarah 3 months ago

      I'd say girls are smarter. TBH, why do us girls get a more crappy life style-HEY! Boys, don't even say, "Our lives are harder. All you do is stay at home and take care of the babies." Do you know how hard it is to take care of another human being?! I'd like to see you change the diapers, I'd like to see you feed the baby. And don't even get me started on jobs. While you men get your $10,000 paychecks, while we get our $7,000 paychecks! Women get paid less then men, even though we work the SAME JOB! Just because of our gender, we get treated differently. Also, the worst part of all, sexual assault. Every year 243,800 women are raped in a year! Did you hear about that Olympian doctor who sexually abused over 100 women/girls?! One man is able to do that to hundred women are you serious?! Plus, we'd never had a women president like what the heck?! And that's only in the U.S. What about other countries, huh?! In other countries, girls are freaking sex slaves, bro! In some parts of India, women are getting killed by their own families because they got raped! Why'd you guys have to kill the victims when you can kill the man who sexually assaulted them? Also, women are not even aloud education, because they believe men have a better chance in life! Next time you say, "Women doesn't matter," or, "Girls have a better life," Please think before you speak.

    • profile image

      ashely 8 months ago

      i think girls are smarter than boys.

    • profile image

      someone 3 years ago

      both are equal

    • profile image

      malaika 3 years ago

      Girl are smarter than boys

    • profile image

      baby doll 4 years ago

      this is not a fact yr any one can do any task both are hardwok succssesfull any one have own imortance hahaha but i think girls are smarter

    • profile image

      Tayler*girl* 4 years ago

      Lol like this is soooo funny!! There people posting are either we are equal*hugs and kisses* or they are totally *cut throat* sexist. I feel that girls and guys are equally gifted *God made us this way*, but I do have to say something to guys who think that they are stronger and us girls are sensitive and weak, the World Record book shows that the worlds strongest man was beat by the worlds strongest woman, and *this is funny* woman have 34 pain receptors per a square inch of skin and men have 17, plus women are more able to tolerate this pain *tougher*. But still I think women and men are perfectly equal.

    • profile image

      momina 4 years ago

      boys are totally better for me

    • profile image

      GSINGH 4 years ago

      You know what? I'm guessing your a girl who posted this. I'm a boy and I won every single academic achievement award, so I think guys are smarter. Did you say one good thing about a guy's BRAIN??? No. I'm also in the gifted program, so yeah. Plus, I'm in I.B.T. I'm also the star student of my class, so yeah. Got something to say to that? Well, you can kiss my ***!! And one more thing, girls can be really rude and they get all defensive. They avoid the obvious and make it way more complicated. Men have always had more power than women, and don't you think there's a reason? Think about Einstein, and Abe Lincoln. Moral:


    • profile image

      pubNeomoSpeed 5 years ago

      My spouse and i employed to receive high on existence yet recently I have built up any opposition.

    • profile image

      adil soomro 5 years ago

      men better in th e work place than women...!

    • profile image

      samuel 5 years ago

      "boy is smarter any day past or future" i agree that our society has been feminised and that teachers make things slower and easier to make things more feminine. i also would say that mothers are teaching boys to be more like girls(emotional sensitive non aggressive)and when they grow up in a skirt (figuartivley) there children do the same. you see it in schools as well (non competitve everyones a winner) it angers me, but what your saying is chauvenistic, because there are plenty of smart women. men do tend to be smarter though. more inventions are made by men too.

    • profile image

      santino 5 years ago

      i think the entire male side of my family controdicts this because my father, grandfather, and i all have phodographic memmories, are great readers and writers

    • profile image

      sammy 5 years ago

      i am a great reader, writer, and history buff so does that mean im a contradiction to science

    • profile image

      Ashton 5 years ago

      What is the point in arguing this? What do you achieve by the end of the day? A solid conclusion will never be reached, less so believed, so long as there is one constant side versus the other, just as stubborn. You will all bicker until the end of time. Get it? Because you will.

      Don't you have something more productive to do than argue on a subject so demeaning and pointless? Demeaning, yes. Whether you be male or female, you are lowering yourself to such an immature debate with statements solely geared towards tearing down the other gender's self esteem and boosting the other's pride.

      Are you so lacking in respect and care for those around you? Regardless of gender, a person may walk away from such an argument with hurt self-esteem and aggressive thoughts that do not benefit the health of their mind or others.

      Aside from that, don't ask questions that you know you won't like the answers to. Why won't you like these answers? Because there are many different ones that are solely opinions.


      Do you condone gluttonous pride, nasty words, negative mindsets? Arguing one way or the other enforces these things - yours or not - like it or not.

      Allow me to repeat: What do you achieve by the end of the day? Think it over. Think about the worth of this question. Think about your worth and the worth of others.

      Now, what is the point in arguing this?

      (My gender shall remain anonymous. Don't even try to discern it from my name as it can be either. My side is equality.)

    • profile image

      SIVAKAMI 12 years 5 years ago

      I Agree to the term that boys are physically stronger than girls but that does not mean that girls are mentally weak . the above article was nice ,But it took more on the boys side.

    • profile image

      Reverence 5 years ago

      This article is total bullshit. Intelligence is based on hard work and conviction to one's interest. Gender plays no role in this.

    • profile image

      ABC 5 years ago


    • profile image

      Jonathan 5 years ago

      Saying that men are smarter than women because "you see, all famous scientists, artists, and political figures were men" is laughable. It is obvious that males had more recognition because of gender stereotypes, religion and other aspects of culture. Guys, don't use this argument to prove you're more intelligent, it only proves you're ignorant about history and social psychology.

    • profile image

      Jonathan 5 years ago

      Men tend to have a feeling that they have to be smarter because it is considered that they are the workers of the family, while women do the housekeeping. They, therefore, try harder and tend to be more focused. Women are smarter in their own way, they make the right choices to make their lives easier and allow men to do the useful things they can do with their limited inanimate fields of study. While we, men, do the hard focused work we are obsessed with, they read more books, enjoy our precious children and interact with other people. I'd also say that women seem to be more wholesome, satisfied and generally happy than men, which makes them smart as well. I don't understand why physics and math are considered the "most intelligent subjects" . Each subject requires skill. I'm a 23 year old man and what I do in life is compose music at home, cook and look after my daughter and two sons, and you know what? I'm happy. I even feel sorry for all men who miss so much fun... My wife is a Manager in a local IT company, and she is totally obsessed with her job. Friends call us "the paradoxically happiest couple in the world". Believe it or not.

    • profile image

      lulu 5 years ago

      This is stupid anyone who works hard and tries to be smart can be intelligent it doesn't matter if you are a boy or a girl

    • profile image

      udo obot 5 years ago

      It is the environment that make them look smarter. I mean boys! Now that the effort of the entire world is geared at making the girl child smarter give them another 10-20 years and they will be on top. Already they look it in some parts of the globe, don't you see the trend? The concern of all international and national organizations and governments is on improving the girl child as if the boy child is perfect .

    • profile image

      Jose 6 years ago

      this articule is not scientific rigorous, because girls in EARLY AGES mature faster, but at age of 15 boys catch girls and starts outperform girls intelectualy. If boys are better that girls only in strenght and girls mentaly, why boys outperforme girls in I.Q. tests and general culture ?? Why ?? In last years we saw a lot of articles saying that girls have a lot of brain qualities, like reading and writing, and arts, but the best writers and artists are far the men, not woman. In schools girls do better because in last decades the education system descriminates boys, so big deal. Put a boy-friendly environement in school and you will see the results changing fast.

    • profile image

      Bharti 6 years ago

      This is nothing except time waste.

    • profile image

      margs 6 years ago

      yeah! the girls is smarter than boys

    • profile image

      SpikedYum 6 years ago

      Men are smarter than women, girls are smarter than boys.

      The education system used to not play in to anyones mind set, and now it plays in to the female mind set, which is partly why girls do better in the education system than boys, and men do better in the workplace than women.

      From an early age boys have all this piped up energy that makes them want to go crazy but instead of trying to find learning ways that we can mix education and physical activity together to get them learning while using up their energy, we force them to site down, read, write, listem, repeat. Boys grow up with this style of education that goes against their nature, and they are less motivated to jump in to their education, because from a young age it has played against their wants, so they don't want to continue doing it as much as the girls that have had their needs met by the education system to help them progress. Obviously boys growing up in such an environment that is against their nature isn't going to progress them to nearly the best they can do. The reason why I see boys as smarter is because even when they are in such an environment that is playing against their learning style, while being exactly what girls need to progress to the best they can, boys are still growing up to do nearly as well as the girls that are being taught the best way they are taught, while the boys have to work while work against their nature. Imagine if the education system turned in to an environment and learning style that best suits male progression and female progression, since the boys are nearly doing as well as the females when they aren't working with the education system helping them correctly, they will be far more greater than the opposite gender or the other males before their generation.

    • profile image

      SN 6 years ago

      I'm a girl and I think the guys are more intelligent. However, girls have the charm and beauty that makes men dumb ;)

    • profile image

      Lol 6 years ago

      I,m a guy, and look at all the boys that have commented on this topic there like 5 paragraphs long, and use good words, but the girls reason are a couple sentences, that proves something.

    • profile image

      boys are better 6 years ago

      boys is the good pearsnality

    • profile image

      A l e x i s 6 years ago

      Both. We're all humans and we should be treated equally. God created us to all have a life. No gender is better, You all need to know that. We treat others how we want to be treated.

    • profile image

      kayla 6 years ago

      you guys, come on, i mean we are all equal men can do things like sports, and maybe have a heavier mind and all, but girls have their advantages too, and whatever a boy can do, girls can do too. same goes to boys. your gender doesn't prove your personality is and how you are proves you. i know this wont change many peoples minds, but at least think about it, it doesn't matter about that or anything boys can be weaker that a girl in their class or maybe weaker than their sister just as a girl may be. you are you. that's what determines what you are and whos better and that can be proved its no one. we are all different and only god can tell. so please don't fight over something stupid like this. P.S. i am a girl and that was my response

    • profile image

      Someone 6 years ago

      Seriously people? Debating on how "much better" you gender is? Please how about we all just say we're equally great and stupid there, problem solved! Oh wait we're humans....

    • profile image

      Somone 6 years ago

      A man is not complete without a women, both men and women are equal in there own ways but a man is incomplete if the women is not present.

    • profile image

      equal 6 years ago

      I am a girl, and i have to say this:Boys becarful what you write on here you can hurt a lot of girls feelings and that's what men do. Am i right!? Girls go through a lot of things during changes of the body, they get blood coming out the things on the chest grow to feed the babies, and what do men go through NOTHING They get some hair here and there but mostly the girls go through the hard stuff! Now boy's brains are bigger and heavier after birth than girls BUT THAT DOESN'T MEAN GIRLS AREN'T SMARTER! If all the presidents were girls i can tell you EARTH WOULD BE A BETTER PLACE FOR EVERY ONE! I am in 5 gr and i want to become the first or try to become the first girl president of the usa! I want t show people that girls can be good or better at stuff! Boys are physicaly smarter but girls are smarter mentialy. Girls are good at things and that's why i am mad that most comments are saying girls don't nothing! Not true, and i just want to say the people who are saying girls are better are usually girls and people who say boys are better are usually boys. People need to figure out some day that WE ARE EQUAL BUT UNIQUE IN OUR OWN WAY! Like i bet most of these boys here are just show offs trying to prove NOTHING. I believe when we go back to heaven we come down again as another person you could be a boy in the next life i bet every boy here was a girl once and every girl here was a boy once! WITHOUT GIRLS NO ONE WOULD BE ALIVE WITHOUT BOYS NO ONE WOULD BE ALIVE i think girls are just mad that WE GIVE BIRTH and boys don't they just relaxe and scream when the baby comes out WELL I DON'T THINK THAT A BOY COULD TAKE THAT MUCH PAIN WE GO THROUGH GIRLS! I THINK WE ARE TOUGHER AS IN OUR MINDS. SO DON'T LET BOYS MAKE YOU MAD GIRLS WE HAVE A BLESSING WE CAN GIVE BIRTH AND THEY CAN'T THEY DON'T KNOW WHAT IT FEELS LIKE.

    • profile image

      Dylan J 6 years ago

      Boy's are better in sports and strength, and adventure.

      Girl's are better at shopping, complaining, and the mall.

      Im a boy, and I love sports.


      Girl's cant do sports. 'nuff said.

    • profile image

      Someone 6 years ago

      You know, I don't care.

    • profile image

      Kurt Z. 6 years ago

      I do not understand why everyone always debate on this topic. Sure, most men will say that they are smarter than women, but come on, we are all equals here. Everything depends on each individual, and gender can't determine it all. Sure, we see many men out there working in many different scientific fields, but come on, men are far more competitive. Also, a disadvantage for women in society is their children. Fathers can abandon their child/children, but mothers won't. Sure men are stronger, but women have their own abilities. The Genders are all equal, whether you believe it or not.

    • profile image

      pradeep 6 years ago

      girls have limits but boys have no limits to think and imagine

      you can see the past the mens work hard for developed the civilization

    • profile image

      SpikedYum 6 years ago

      Males are smarter. It's pure and simple. There are more dumber males than females, but there are far smarter males than females. This means that males are among the dumbest and the smartest.

      Take a look around, most of what you use to even work relies heavily on a male invention. You can say "Yeah, but women didn't have their rights", but that only becomes a good point against inventions in those times, but the counterpoint that males are still continuing to progress technology and invent more in today's world where women have rights, it just shows men are naturally smarter.

      The education system produced more educated females than males because the education system has changed in a way that best suits the female progression in learning, while at the same time makes it harder for males since the way they are best progressing is barely even used, if even used at all.

      Women would like to think they are responsible for all the greatness that men do, and that in itself shows how useless the female gender is compared to the male gender, that they have to claim male greatness as their own simply because they can't compete.

      If you wish to prove me wrong, the show me I am. Live only on things women have invented, found, and/or made, and I'll survive only on what men have invented, found, and/or made.

      Many females saying the female gender isbetter always ignores that part, and it's obious why.

      Men as a gender are better, pure and simple. Not one civilization/society that can compare with this one was built by women alone, whereas ours were built by men alone.

      Men are capable of far more than women if educated in the proper way that suis the male progression in education.

    • profile image

      Blacksnaketail 6 years ago

      This article was very heavily biased.

    • profile image

      I have both 6 years ago

      Umm actually Hermaphrodites are the best. We can a sexually reproduce with out all you faggot dikes! And we is more smarter as also

    • profile image

      Nuna 6 years ago


    • profile image

      Icecream 6 years ago

      I think girls and boys are equal, we just couldn't live with only girls or only boys. It is just a matter of view which is better.

    • profile image

      willy 6 years ago

      in my honest opinion guys are better in everyway and can be just as sensitive as girls and nurturing if they are not around.

    • profile image

      cvvcvcags 6 years ago

      theyr both eqaly stupid

    • profile image

      ggqkwergqlweri 6 years ago

      this article is so inaccurate.

    • profile image

      Someone 6 years ago

      Depends on individuality.

    • profile image

      Girls do Silent treatment, boys don't 6 years ago

      LOL It always makes me think that boys are better than girls because in this thread, ALL GIRLS boast that they are better at household keeping, someone here just said that girls are better because boys cannot carry a baby...Of course not, what if I say "if I kick you in the nuts, it would hurt right?" see? unfair question

      Although, girls excel at school in a young age but after that what happens? Nothing...It's also half funny because Girls can't live without men due to their inability to give birth...There's also 3 persons I think that said boys do nothing but drink and always care about the girls' look...Dafuq are you girls thinking? You just watche TOO MANY TV SHOWS AND MOVIES.Guess what, almost 45% of the commentators are girls that has BAD GRAMMAR. Also, just because boys do this and that in your school does not mean that girls are already better, there's this thing called EARTH where there are a population of boys and girls, not just School. I may sound annoying but I just love being right

    • profile image

      Krys 6 years ago

      To Majid

      "Marie Curie"

      PS: Hope that you would be able to ask a better question than that next time.

    • profile image

      Qin 6 years ago

      Personally, this question will never be solved. It doesn't matter if the guy is "genetically" better at a particular subject and vice versa. I have seen many of my female classmates doing relatively better in sports compared to the males and the males getting relatively better grades in humanities. It has to do with the external environments that influence the child. Many of you will argue that men are better women or women are better than men. Furthermore, when you say 'intelligence' what do you refer to? Do you refer to being knowledgeable about the outside world, in academics or something else?

      All I have to say is men and women are equal. It is just whether they choose to take the opportunities given to them in life.

    • profile image

      kukkoo 6 years ago

      Girls think they are cleverer, more successful and harder working than boys from as young as four, a study has found. Girls' performance at school may be boosted by what they perceive to be their teachers' belief that they will achieve higher results and be more conscientious than boys, the academics claim.

    • profile image

      Majed 6 years ago

      Well Name Me A girl That Did Something Useful To This Something That Develop This World And Made Him Like This

      A girl Could Be More Smarter When She's Younf But That Won't Last Forever

    • profile image

      jawad 6 years ago

      the worlds smartest man albert einstien is man beat that

    • profile image

      Lamidi sherif 6 years ago

      Either male or female,we are all created by God.And we are all equal in front of Him.We are created 4 d benefit of one another.What i know is dat a woman can not piss in a bottle without d urine pouring on d ground. Try it.

    • profile image

      misskitt 6 years ago

      i m a girl ,accordng to my observation the boys just try 2 b over smart not even though sart :)

      but as a girl i just appritiat them 4 their strong effort nhtng else hahaha !

    • profile image

      misbah 6 years ago

      girls r better than boyz it,s right!

    • profile image

      luul 6 years ago

      girls are way better cause of causes

    • profile image

      Owen 6 years ago

      Boys are far more intellectual. All of the greatest writers, philosophes, mathematicians, and scientist in the world are all men.

    • profile image

      Shining star 6 years ago

      Girls are smarter than boys. Wether u like it or not just believe it.

    • profile image

      James 6 years ago

      Girls... better than guys at maths...? where's the statistics to back that up. While I was at school there was only ever about 2 girls in the top 10 at best, all the way though school.

      A LOT more men are mathematicians or scientists... which are logic based. Girls are much more likely not to be able to use logic to see a reasonable solution, where as women tend to be rule by emotions for that sort of thing.

    • profile image

      Hayden Koh 6 years ago

      i like girls..because of their ummm. you know so thtas why girls are more intelligent than boys..honestly

    • profile image

      CC 6 years ago

      Im much better then the boys on my soccer team and im a girl! If these people had seen me play soccer they would not write this!

    • profile image

      Anon 6 years ago

      whatever happened to democracy? i thought we were all equal, and here we are debating whether either one of them is better.

      But yet, from my experience at school, high school, college, i can honestly say that men are more focused and brainy. That is from experience, not sexism.

    • profile image

      kent 6 years ago

      hehehehehe boys

    • profile image

      TheInvisableA 6 years ago

      Do we really have to debate about this obviusly boys are smarter than girls

    • profile image

      adeelshah 6 years ago

      boys are more more intelligent than girls you stupid fools

    • profile image

      sally 6 years ago

      girls are better than boys

      girls rock

    • Doc Snow profile image

      Doc Snow 6 years ago from Camden, South Carolina

      Isn't it interesting how invested many of us here seem to be in our gender identity?

      We boast about how "our side" is better in this way, or that, and seem to think it's really important somehow.

      It's probably fair to say that there are characteristic styles of thought that *tend* to align with gender--but that makes it even more ridiculous to try to make some general statement about which is 'better.'

      Would we give up Marie Curie--a double Nobel Laureate in Chemistry and Physics, and mother of two girls--for Richard Feynman--another great physicist, and one of the field's most iconic personalities? Ernest Hemingway for Jane Austen? Or how about Arhtur Ashe for Serena Williams?

      Come on, let's just celebrate human excellence and revel in the diversity with which our differences gift us.

    • profile image

      sehrish 6 years ago

      girls are intelligent

    • profile image

      Anonymous-2011 6 years ago

      Niether male nor female, in other words gender DOES NOT determine your abilities. Nothing is impossible if you put your mind to it. And achieving something never done before is an extent of that reasoning. Both genders are different yet equal. If you can't understand that statement, you might have a bigger problem. - Best wishes

    • profile image

      science proves boys rule 6 years ago

      Science rport here :)

      Men are "leaps and bounds in front when it comes ti intelligence" (and everything else). Girls just wish what they hear is true :)... They are always good at spreading rumors and being brainwashed (why do you think there are so many female oriented advertising? lol) It works!

    • profile image

      boy is smarter any day past or future 6 years ago

      The boys are infinitely smarter than girls. They are more articulate, poetic, creative and their brains are much more advanced in neuron density and synapses and speed(yes speed). It is the boys brain that has invented everything that makes today's world "modern"... and HIS brain that has made life enjoyable through great classic music and art and poetry and great literature!Oh and don't forget the great leaders and speakers! (No women were great leaders! (they (girls and women) are selected and hand fed like babies today, all just for show- don't be fooled)) The facts speak for themselves! Today's boys are victims of a system engineered to make them bored and distracted and stupid (sex industry is one major reason-online! That doesn't mean girls are not watching porn, they are more carnal than the boys!)! The people in control (men) don't want more competition! It is an engineered phenomenon that started in the 60s in primary schools! Don't fool yourself, the female brain is no match for the male (as are not their physical characteristics), in any area! Not in language or speaking ability, not in vision and artistic ability- manifested as music, mathematics, art, technology,spiritualism,architecture, rocket science, neuroscience, u name it!; You name it boys are the leaders! The only place women lead is where there are no real men leaders! Places like social engineered countries! This is not so bad as these countries will be replaced and run down by the male dominated ones! Real powerhouses and thinkers with real boys and men! So make all the stupid statistical nonsense and scientific error you like, you know the truth; so don't act dumb and hide! As a male I absolutely hated being in class with females! They are so stupid! They do not understand much, and need specific boring female analogies in order to make them understand! Can you imagine how I feel in an environment like that? I feel like ripping the "teachers" head off for being so stupid as to play this long time wasting game- and to think they call themselves "teachers"! Girls tend to bring down the education standard! Thus boys feel bored and lose interest in today's classes! (I felt like i was in kindergarten with all the silly girl oriented crap... everything has to be so emotional (because they are so emotionally sensitive (not aware)) and girl "aware" how pathetic is this system? (very is the answer)) So simple yet so many stupid solutions! Make the classes normal and fast tracked and stick the girls in a cooking class! Seriously who wants women in science or law when they are clearly not capable of performing to the male standard or as leaders? Why waste that position and training on a female when a male is waiting to lead?Because its all about "making things equal" even though they are not! Feminist crap. Cut the heads off with the feet for these silly hallucinating people that think girls are smarter than boys and you will see your boys more interested in learning and your country enjoying an era of new advancement and leadership! Enough crap! This debate is purely for confusing the truth! All one has to ask is, Who built this world and who is continuing? Then you will see where the truth lies, as does your future- In The MIND and HEART OF BOYS ALONE!

    • profile image

      Malik 6 years ago

      we should provide the resources to girls to build their confidence

    • profile image

      juju 6 years ago



      don't think about dem...........:-)

    • profile image

      jar 6 years ago

      i cant tell this isn't a good topic

    • profile image

      rozy 6 years ago

      hey i think both girls and boys need each other the whole world can go on with girl and with only boys so balance and for that both need each other....understand

    • profile image

      Rishabh 7 years ago

      This type of articles only raise feeling of gender inequality and these should be avoided. I m a boy and i m a stupid(super talented unique person in demand)

    • profile image

      ME,MYSELF AND I 7 years ago

      I don't think this is a very good topic because boy and girls are both very important and successful.Imagine the world without girls...well now,imagine the world witout boys.Im 14 and I was given this debate topic but i refuse to join it..For me,both is good even Im a girl,but every single boys and girls will get married and together we are one,theres no need to argue between sexes :)

    • profile image

      Eric 7 years ago

      Silly people, if girls are smarter then boys, then why in the history of mankind is it that boys have accomplished more. If girls were smarter it would be the opposite case. For example, at my college, there are 250 physics majors, all but 2 of them are guys. The peole with the highest grades in my classes are guys. In my high school, 3 out of the four valedictorians were guys.Im also a physics major and both of my sisters admit they cant do math to save their lives. I also have had the highest GPA of my siblings. So what about that?

    • profile image

      meagan 7 years ago

      girls are way awesome, i am way awesome

    • profile image

      Muneera 7 years ago

      Its pritty important 2 know GIRLZZZ R better than Boyzz in anything!!

    • profile image 7 years ago

      girls are better than boys because i don't think that boys can be pregnant

    • profile image

      Boys are not better 7 years ago

      Boys just care about their or a girls lookk. they dont care about anything. im in collage and these guys ovr here drink beer party all night and fail in studeis and test,..THESE ARE STUPID!

    • profile image

      Megan 7 years ago

      How do you know girls ARENT smarter than boys?.. boys dosnt have much talent like girls do. the women do the house work help kids do homeowork and tries to have nice jobs.. Boys go around drinking beer 24/7 not helping anyone. and then be stubborn. that's all they r good at!

    • profile image

      yaya 7 years ago

      IQ level is not same every person but we have to be hardworking , dare to try , determined and many more to achieve what we want. As anyone know we hard to find boys have all of them attitude.As they think they are clever so they do not work harder to get what they want.okay.just look at your school.who was got a top ranking ? obviously girls. boys more to play and not think their future correctly as their puberty come late than girls.when we look at our surrounding. who is more hardworking to make homework and comes to school earlier ? must be girls .For instance , when you look at your own house. Are you always seeing your father cook , washing clothes , sewing and many would never be . if we see that they do , maybe its only 1 or 2 times.

    • profile image

      tin 7 years ago

      ido know w/ others!

    • profile image

      andrewxz 7 years ago

      Well I do believe that the genders are equal in the end. The thing I will say is that girls will tend to become great writers, while men understand math a lot better. I have not a girl equivalent in my grade that can understand math like I can, but some girls write better.

    • profile image

      Mr Hat 7 years ago

      i agree with some of this, but some things make me think "a woman definitely wrote this"

      Im a guy and i do agree that girls are better at a lot of things, like language and art, and they have better spacial awareness. But guys (although often think rationally) think logically and with reason, and we are better in some school subjects, including maths and PE.

    • profile image

      Karthick 7 years ago

      Afterv All we r one and only of our kind don't compare....coz every one is good in dyer on ways..

    • profile image

      Lizzie 7 years ago

      i agree with some of this but mental power women are stronger where as physical power men are stronger.

    • profile image

      Lizzie 7 years ago

      I find this paragraph of actual facts i'm hoping very offensive seeing as to the fact that i am a girl and and i am way more intelligent than most guys in my class.

    • profile image

      Gentlecyrus 7 years ago

      I can say girls use what the have to get what the want while boys work for what the want

    • profile image

      your momma 7 years ago

      i am in gr 7 i am doing a science fair project with my friend your llama we are doing it on are girls smater then boys we would like a simpler answer ok losers

    • profile image

      Geronimo 7 years ago

      boys are way better and smarter in every way

    • profile image

      mohsin 7 years ago

      well.i would say girls are smarter than boys,becz in our country girls always outshine boys at the studies.

    • profile image

      ice cream lover-^0^- 7 years ago

      good debate

    • profile image

      taofiqat 7 years ago


    • profile image

      priyanka 7 years ago


    • profile image

      manavi 7 years ago

      guys, this is the universal truth........ OMG wat a silly topic......... it is useless to debate in this topic!!!!111 everyone knew that girls are far too better than boys!!!!!!

    • profile image

      ES 7 years ago


      i think that both are smart , but i think that girl are more responsibilly so they learn more in school and they have anger that make them learning and leaning and the boys they doesn't have it !!!,But they can learn too !!!

      Boys are more stronger but girls are more sensitive !!!

      We all know that the best cook are boys , the best hair cut are boys the best scientists are boys (IN THE WORLD) but the fact is that boys doesn't care about the others , maybe they doesn't care about their family too so when they have something for the purpose of carrying out definitely no matter if they hurt the others or something else,but girls are really sensitive if they hurt somebody or something else they leave all of their plans ...It should continiune but i don't have more free time...PS i liked the debat !!!!!!!!!

    • profile image

      UTSAV GARG 7 years ago




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