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Whoopi Goldberg Thoughts On Domestic Violence

Updated on April 11, 2015

Whoopi's Views

In essence Whoopi Goldberg said if you hit a person you can not expect that they won't hit you back because of chilvalry. She also said that no one should put their hands on another person, man or woman.

A man should not put their hands on a woman. A woman should not put their hands on a man. If your anger or rage is out of control you should walk away. If you rage and bully frequently, it is time to speak to a professional and/or anger management coach. If you are the recipient of the anger/rage then there are organizations to help you. Kudos to and the campaigns to bring awareness to ending domestic violence.


Do we ever explore domestic violence against men at the hands of women? Never hit a woman is what men are taught. Men are more powerful than women and therefore can cause more injury to a woman than typically a woman can cause to a man. (see:Ray Rice video). But in honesty, that's not the case. Anger management and rage unleashed on others cause equal harm. What about men being abused and experiencing domestic violence at the hands of women? Those men often suffer in silence due to societal indiference, shame factor, lack of law enforcement to take a man being abused/stalked seriously. Bottom line is no one has the right to harm anyone physically, man or woman.

The second thing Whoopi Goldberg said was if a woman hits a man you can not expect him not to hit you back-depending on chilvalry. No one should put their hands on another human being. What are your thoughts?


Violence Against Men


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