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Who's on First? I'm on Second. It's all about Us!

Updated on March 26, 2017

Rules of the Dating Game

1. Date 'em 'til it's over.

Similar to how you don't give up on your team until the clock runs out, don't give up until it's been declared and delivered that the relationship is over. Before this happens though, date through and through. Make it all bliss and red velvet cupcakes, with a side of magic. THIS IS THE BEST PART OF DATING--THE MAGIC. Walk around with grace and poise, so that others know how secure you are. If you're not secure do it anyway. Do it this way until it's over. Then, cry for a day and face the mirror until the pain dissipates. It does. All MVPs know this rule and follow it gracefully. Defeat leads to a greater motivation to be better for the next game.

2. Be two bases behind.

Well, at least pretend to be. Your partner needs to feel better in order to be better. If your "always right", then they're "always wrong". Let them know some things that you knew before you both met, because it might make all the difference. This is not an easy feat by any means, but if you want it to last more than a month, allow yourself to make mistakes. In short, "lose the battle and you may win the war." The reason is that this avoids the minor headaches and helps your partner feel important enough for you to be wrong. Sometimes it's enough.

3. Be honest with each stride.

First be honest with yourself, then with your partner. Don't start with a lie or end with a lie. Don't start a relationship to "find yourself." First, find yourself and then someone will find you in return. It's back to the magic of the game. If you cheat, you're gonna get caught. If you partner doesn't find out, you'll always know you weren't being honest. In that case, there was never a chance for a win since the start. Give in or give up.

4. Laugh all the time.

Make sure it's hard and long and for hours a day (no pun intended). Let your laughters echo and be heard across corners, rooms, floors, places. The relationships that enjoy taking the time to talk and laugh at life's simple pleasures, as well as its disastrous moments, live longer, stronger, happier lives. Cherish the splendor in it, even when tears follow. Those tears don't hurt, they're just there to make your eyes glisten.

5. Hold on to avoid being off sides.

In soccer, you're off sides when you're running so fast you pass the player in the opposing team without permission (well, it's something similar to that). When it comes to your partner you're both on at each other's side before bedtime, and hopefully when you wake up the next morning. It's important to do more than just snuggle though, which doesn't suffice. To hold on, you have to hold your partner loosely, tightly, and all over just moments before your eyes open and let light flow into them. It's the best way to start each day with a guaranteed win, and avoid a tie. It's also important to make sure the bad breath is there and fully embraced with the crust in your eyes, before you kiss and say, "Good morning". Let's be alive, together.

6. Breathe deeply.

Do it actively. Most often, unless you're heavily into yoga or other breathing activities, your breath is constant and passive. You don't need to remind yourself to breathe because it's just happening. When you're in it to win it though, the game requires intense concentration. It merits a breath of fresh air that fills your lungs with life and your brain with calm. Doing this alleviates stress and prepares you for the next pitch, whether it be a curve ball or a fast ball, you've got the breath to run the bases. You're good to go!

7. Play fair.

It's important to have and maintain balance--maintain the playing field--and in doing so you set yourself up for a nice, clean game. You don't want to just split the bill and call it even. You want to make sure that all aspects of the relationship are kept in check. This allows you to surprise your partner, not necessarily with the expectation of a surprise for yourself in return, but if you're both playing fair, wait for it...and it will come. The little delights are always the most meaningful. Like stealing second base and knowing you earned it. But also know that if you steal third you're being selfish and bound to get out then or later.

8. Be spontaneous.

You gotta keep things original. To do this you don't have to develop a master strategy that the opposing team would never think of, because that's just unnecessary. You should just keep the magic alive by trying new things in the relationship, things that others might have already been doing, but the point is that it's new to the both of you. That's new enough. Keep them simple but keep them coming and you'll just surprise yourself by how easy it is to be spontaneous.

9. Develop a routine.

Now, for the hard part, unless you're a master like Jimmy Rollins (Philadelphia Phillies) or Oscar dos Santos Emboaba (Chelsea), you have to develop a routine. Even the best of us get out of whack, have a slump, or end up on the disabled list, every once in a while. Having a routine helps you keep track of what's going on and what's going right. It's a systematic way of ensuring that you're on the right track. Now again, the track is developed according to the relationship, not all are the same. It has to meet the expectations of the two who are involved, in an effort to make yourselves feel secure. Basically, you need to know where you're gonna be daily to see past the first week, month, year, etc.

10. Keep the peace.

You're both playing on the same team so you might assume this just comes with the relationship, but then all people with significant others would be eating humble pie all the time. Arguments, misunderstandings, and those sorts of situations are normal, without them we would have to question some other things. However, there are better ways to handle the highs and lows, and the I don't knows. Think of the best coaches on the field, who are never shedding tears or screaming at the top of their lungs during the game--those are the best ones. With their silence they keep the peace. Doing that changes everything. It's a gesture that takes the relationship into the next level, in a healthy, humble, happy manner. That's all you need!

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    • Jacks A profile imageAUTHOR

      Jaclyn Arencibia 

      4 years ago from Miami

      Thank you!

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Very interesting article, informative, food for thought.


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