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Why Are Black Men Single?

Updated on February 23, 2016

Single Black Men Now Outnumber Single Black Women

I wasn't gonna make this post today but I was reading an article on Why Black women Are Still Single?, and one of the comments to that article was that “no one writes an article about why black men are single” I think that's very important topic for discussion. Today in 2016, there are an increasing number of single unmarried Black men, an even greater proportion to the number of number of single unmarried Black women.

With all the news reports regarding the shortage of single Black men, many people would be shocked if they knew how many single unmarried black men there were in the United States. These are “good” Black men, and high numbers of these single unmarried Black men are actually employed and working. I saw a statistics from the Brookings Institute which stated that there are over 170 never married black men for every 100 never married childless Black woman. If a Black male is looking for a Black female to marry that doesn't have any children he said for a world of hurt. There was a time not too long ago where single Black women who weren't virgins, and who hadn’t lost their virginity would have a difficult time finding a marriage partner. Nowadays a single Black man would have trouble finding a woman who doesn't have any children by another man. A lot of people may say that the young single Black male shouldn't have a problem with a single Black mother and for 70 men out of every 170, they're gonna have to choose a single Black woman who has children or they're not going to find a woman at all.

Essentially if a young single Black male is looking to attract a single young Black female, he's going to have to be twice as good as the next guy. That means he's going to have a car twice as nice, a house twice as nice, clothes twice is nice, a job twice as nice, swagger twice as nice, personality twice as nice, and looks twice as nice, in order to attract the limited number of young single black females.

According to the Brookings Institute if a young black male is working and he is looking for a young black female who also has a job and no children, he's looking at statistics 125 young single never married black men for every 100 single never married Black women.

Well you might say that these statistics using “never married” are incomplete and leave out the single Black women with children and the Black women that were divorced. While I agree that there are a number of Black women that are divorced that are not in the statistics, but there's also going to be a number of Black men who are divorced. I think the statistics are actually worse off for the men due to the divorced Black men. Due to child support, alimony and welfare, a lot of the women who have children are not in the dating market. A lot of the men that are divorced however are still on the dating market they are scooping up young single never married Black women who don't have children.

I have seen articles that talk about the shortage of single black men in online dating, and that online dating is difficult for single Black women. Online dating may be difficult for some Black women, but that is nothing compared to the difficulty facing the majority of single Black men who attempt to find mates on online dating websites.

The mismatch in the number of single Black men in proportion to the number of single Black women is causing discontent on the part of many Black men. I've seen many downright disturbing comments from dissatisfied young single Black men underneath articles, blogs, and videos. These comments range from many Black men giving up on Black woman entirely, giving up on American women entirely, and some even giving up on women and going their own way.

What is the solution to the rising number of never married single Black men. One solution would be to somehow find a way to get more of the divorced and women with children back into the marriage market. The problem lies in the fact that there is no easy way to do this. Women who have children and have been married previously likely have very little incentive to remarry. Because of the current state of child support and government welfare programs many women are actually better off with a man not around.

Is there a shortage of single Black men in your area?

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    • dashingscorpio profile image

      dashingscorpio 22 months ago

      "According to the Brookings Institute if a young black male is working and he is looking for a young black female who also has a job and no children, he's looking at statistics 125 young single never married black men for every 100 single never married Black women." - Interesting!

      Being a black male all of my life and knowing other black men I have yet to find any of them who wanted to get married but could not find a wife!

      The value of female virginity simply is not that high among black males.

      Go to any church and you will find single black women outnumber single black males by 7-1. With regard to black single women with children most of them got that way with the help of black single men who did NOT want to be married to them! Some of these guys have {multiple} "baby mommas".

      Last but not least when it comes to young single males of any race marriage is just not a "goal" for most of them. It's not as though they grew up pushing baby strollers around, nurturing dolls, decorating Ken & Barbie's playhouse, making cookies in an Easy-Bake Oven, reading fairytales about being the prince or knight in shining armor coming to rescue the damsel in distress. They haven't been dreaming about having the perfect wedding day and living happily ever after.

      There is no such thing as a "Groomzilla".

      The average guy in his 20s is into working, playing video games, watching sports, partying with friends, and getting laid.

      The idea of marriage, signing a 30 year mortgage, and having children is like watching their life flash before their eyes! They're in no hurry to become their parents! Very few young men want to get married period.

      Most men had numerous girlfriends over the course of their life that they knew would have accepted a marriage proposal had they given one. There is no shortage of women who want to get married.

      You couple that with the fact most black men are open to interracial dating which only increases their opportunities to find a wife.

      If a young single black man is looking for a single black woman with no children one of the best places he can venture to is colleges and universities. According to statistics black women outnumber black men in college. However as I noted most young men aren't looking to marry.

      One man's opinion!:)